Name The New PNC Video Dolly – Contest


To be clear, PNC ( is a company I design for and you'll see me blog about those products periodically. Today i'm giving you some inside information that PNC will be releasing a new full size rotating video dolly very soon. The wider platform on the new rotating video dolly will be able to support much larger and heavier cameras like the RED Scarlet, FS100, AF100, mount larger video fluid heads, and hold more accessories. It's a very interesting design, which I think you'll all love, but so far we can't come up with a name. I actually have less than 24 hours to come up with something clever, so i'm crowd sourcing for ideas in a contest sort of fashion.

We need suggestions for a name, and if PNC decides to use it, you'll be one of the first to recieve this new Full Size Rotating Video Dolly - FREE. This includes International countries too! If it helps, the new Dolly will be mostly black with red accents, still have four wheels, and two unusually designed axles to adjust for rotation. Leave those suggestions in the comments, and make sure you're using your real email address to get notified. Don't forget to Tweet about this contest!

331 thoughts on “Name The New PNC Video Dolly – Contest

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  2. Arian

    1) Cinetech
    2) Rollit
    3) Ptrack
    4) PNC pro
    5) Pico Pro
    6) Heavy Roll
    7) Pico X2
    8) TICO FLEX
    9) RFL Dolly
    10) HEAVY D

  3. Chris S

    How could it be named anything but the "Salvador Dolly"?
    Salvador had a love for everything that was gilded and excessive. Being a bigger dolly would fit the bill on that.

    Can't wait to see the new dolly on the market.


  4. Nick R

    May be a little late but here are a few i thought of

    Roto-Flex Pro
    black Widow
    RotoX Dolly
    RotoX Pro
    Mini Mammoth
    Roto-Glide Pro
    Roto-Glide x
    Actuator pro

  5. Muhammed

    picolava slider
    due to red and black colors
    P-lava slider
    or novuo slider or novuo-lava slider

  6. Roll-amite
    Pico paco
    delaire glide
    Sugar glyder
    Black diamond
    Rip tide
    Bearing strait
    The mule
    Pico mover
    Axel folley
    The rototate
    The rotator

  7. Erik

    Rotoflex (HD)
    Rotaflex (HD)
    Rotoglide (HD)
    Rotaglide (HD)
    Roto-slide (HD)
    Rota-slide (HD)
    Dually (think pick up truck with four wheels across the back)
    Dooly (same as above but spelled like dolly)
    DP HD (Dolly Phlex or Dolly PNC)
    DP Slide
    DP Glide
    PNC Spree (like spree wheel or shooting spree [the good kind])
    Slide Roll

  8. hansd35

    I ran through ALL the suggestions and here are my favorites.
    It's interesting that almost all come from guys who only posted one name - they obviously gave thought about it instead of spitting out names randomly.

    - Chuck Norris Dolly (my favorite, not possible though of course 🙂 )

    - Kilo (2 syllables like Pico, immidiately suggests that it's the 'heavy duty' dolly version)

    - Kawa (2 syllables like Pico, nice meaning of the Japanese word, 'stream/good story'; like the sound of it)

    - Tera (2 syllables like Pico, opposite meaning of Pico, makes sense for product line context)

    - Komodo (although Komodo is the name of the island and not the varan, if it's called 'Komodo Dolly' it instantly brings up the picture of the animal, which is the biggest living reptile and thus makes sense as the dolly will be the 'heavy duty' version; also like the sound of it)

    Could be that I forget another nice one. if you can't make Chuck Norris allow you to use his name, I'd vote for one of these.

  9. Darius

    The PNC Arachnid.

    The PNC Helix Dolly

    That Dolly Parton joke is getting a lot of run, I can't wait to see what the actual name ends up being.

  10. Bernie H.

    Hi Emm,
    I would suggest the following:

    Dolly Parton


    kidding aside...

    Dolly be good
    Hercules dolly
    Superflex dolly

  11. Kirk

    Here are a few names for the contest. I wanted to make sure the name was something that was strong and professional. The name needs to inspire confidence in the quality and build of the dolly. It also needs to be something simple and easy to remember/brand. Here are my 3 submissions.

    PNC's *** PILOT *** (FLEX) DOLLY (PILOT)

    PNC's *** TANGO *** (FLEX) DOLLY (TANGO)


  12. Tomosh

    *Culuri (Curuli)
    *Kuluri (Kuruli)
    (a casual japanese word for "to rotate")

    Itoco Dolly
    ("iitolo dori" is a phrase in Japanese that represents "all greatness in one", or "focusing on only the good") thought it matches this Dolly

  13. Robert T

    Pico Flex CinePro Dolly

    Pico Flex ProCam Dolly

    The ideea is to add to the original name who is already a little famous. So it's a product from the same line, only for bigger pro cameras.

  14. Sébastien

    - Ultimo Dolly
    - Aireo Dolly
    - Apollo Dolly
    - Astro Dolly
    - Cosmo Dolly

    - Bela Dolly
    - Bullet Dolly

  15. Raymundo

    Are you using differential gears perhaps? Perhaps a play on that.

    Differential Dolly?
    Pinion Flex Dolly? (a pinion is a type of gear arrangement)

    Or perhaps a play on how it adjusts for rotation, using words like orbit or revolution (as in a rotation).

    Flex Revolution Dolly?
    Revo Flex Dolly? <------THIS ONE

    Add a "pro" in there?

  16. Michel


    It's Japanese and means 'River/Stream' but can also mean 'Good Story'.
    4 letters, 2 syllables like 'Pico'

  17. Darius

    The PNC Voodoo Dolly.

    The Oscillator.

    The Hedgehog.

    The Samurai Dolly.

    The Ninja Dolly.

    The Circumnavigator.

    The Navigator.

    The Widow Maker.

    I at least want an A for effort!

  18. Dave Appy

    *PNC Cine-TWIST dolly*

    *PNC MANDRELA dolly*

    *PNC- The UFO Dolly*

    PNC GEOM dolly

    ** PNC COMPASS dolly**

    PNC PI-COIL dolly or Coil Dolly

    PNC- THE HALO dolly

    PNC NIMBUS dolly

    PNC WHIRL dolly

  19. David

    You obviously have more than enough suggestions and after reading them all I can't think of one to give you that already been said... So my chances of you picking the name I give you are very could you just send me one for free please?. BTW I'm the one that came up with the idea of using Skate Buds remember? 🙂

  20. svem

    I think the main attraction to this dolly product is the cool 360 degree shots you can get with it. That's the money shot.


    360 Moneyshot Dolly/Money Shot Dolly 360/360 Moneyshot/Moneyshot360/Dolly Moneyshot

    "A money shot is a moving or stationary visual element of a film, video, television broadcast, print publication, etc., that is disproportionately expensive to produce and/or is perceived as essential to the overall importance or revenue-generating potential of the work"


    Cool360 Dolly/cool360shots dolly/coolshots 360 dolly/coolshots 360 degree dolly

  21. Darius

    The gazelle.

    The Stalker.

    The Inferno.

    The Fill in the Blank Dolly.

    The Sling Shot.

    The Land Shark.

  22. Rad


  23. radames_e


  24. Condor (FLEX) Dolly
    Hawk (FLEX) Dolly
    Eagle (FLEX) Dolly
    Falcon (FLEX) Dolly
    Albatross (FLEX) Dolly
    Genghis (FLEX) Dolly
    Flying Squirrel (FLEX) Dolly
    Flying Snake (FLEX) Dolly
    Beyonder (FLEX) Dolly
    FREE (FLEX) Dolly
    Soarer (FLEX) Dolly
    Land Soarer (FLEX) Dolly
    Range Soarer (FLEX) Dolly
    Space Soarer (FLEX) Dolly
    Sojourner (FLEX) Dolly
    Dyson (FLEX) Dolly
    Brutus (FLEX) Dolly

  25. ilias60d

    Pro pico skater,
    cinetrack dolly
    cinetrack skater
    cinetrack skater dolly
    cinered track dolly
    cinered pico dolly

  26. Jed Darlington-Roberts

    Pico Cine Flex

    Pico Cine Tracker

    P.I.Cine O Flex Dolly

    Table Dolly Pro

    Pico Table Dolly Pro

    Red Roller

  27. Rolling dolly
    Freestyle dolly
    Multi dolly
    4 wheels dolly
    4 wheels skater dolly
    The skater dolly
    Move your camera dolly

  28. Hi Emm

    I've already submitted my suggestion for the names. But may i also suggest to consider when picking the name to:
    1. Stay true to your product name line, the Pico Dolly was a big hit.
    2. If you do pick out a totally new name. It should be easily related and undertood what it stands for.
    3. Keep it simple, catchy but fresh and pro all at the same time.


  29. The first thing that came to in to my head was...

    The Humpty Dumpty

    I don't need a cool torqued name, if the gear itself is cooler than any name.
    it rolls around and stuff

  30. I like the animal names people are listing. The name should be quick to say and distinct enough to be used as set jargon. My idea is:

    The Mamba Dolly

    I can't wait to see it!

  31. Justin

    Power Flex Dolly

    Exa Flex Dolly



    Phantom Roller

    Super Sport Dolly

    Exa Sport Dolly

    Cinesport Dolly

  32. Eric covello

    Since you guys made the spider trax, and your description is black with red accents you should definitely call this one the Black Widow!

  33. Rich

    The Centurion
    Auteur Deluxe

    The Bird of Prey
    The Bulldog
    The Rhino
    Thr Hippo
    The Pachyderm

    Innovative Movement Dolly
    Titan 3D Dolly
    Action Capture HD Dolly
    ProGrade 3-axis dolly

    and finally...
    W2NBI-1000 (Wife will not be impressed)

  34. svem

    Drift Wheel Dolly

    Dolly Drifter

    Nimbus Dolly or Dolly Nimbus or Rotating Nimbus Dolly

    Dolly Hulk or Hulk Dolly

    Red Giant Dolly

    Titan Dolly or Dolly Titan

    Orbital dolly or dolly orbit or Dorbit

    Cyclone Dolly

    Corona Dolly

    Pico Plus Dolly

    Super Pico Dolly

    Bronco Dolly or Dolly Bronco

    Roto Dolly

    Roto Flex Dolly

    Workhorse Dolly or dolly workhorse

    Draft Horse Dolly

  35. Darius

    The Vertigo.

    The Nightcrawler.

    The Wolverine Dolly.

    The Badger.

    The Gila Dolly.

    The PNC Black Goblin.

  36. Chico Dolly (Still a boy, but not a baby. And rhymes with Pico.)
    Mega Dolly
    Bico Dolly (For my Filipino brothers and sisters. Though it should be with a k)
    Super Dolly
    Vico Dolly
    Tico Dolly

    Add Flex in the middle if you need to

    Chico Flex Dolly
    Mega Flex Dolly
    Bico Flex Dolly
    Super Flex Dolly
    Vico Flex Dolly
    Tico Flex Dolly

    I do like someone's suggestion the Emm Series Dolly. But as a sort of tongue in cheek reference.

  37. grace

    how about:

    dolly llama

    *suggests it's the grand daddy of them all
    *llamas are reliable strong pack animals.

  38. Pete

    1) Hello Dolly
    2) The Mighty Widget
    3) Chick Magnet
    4) Personal Waterloo
    5) Subsonic Camera Mover
    6) Sommelier du Fromage
    7) Cats Pajamas Dolly
    8) Ready Set Dolly
    9) Go Go Dancer

  39. RODEO Dolly (PRO)
    ROVER Dolly (PRO)
    ROVE Dolly (PRO)
    ROVI Dolly (PRO)
    ROVID Dolly (PRO)
    ROTO Dolly (PRO)
    ROTATO Dolly (PRO)

    All a play on Rotating + Video

    Or perhaps add a P to the front of all of them:


    P = PNC and also "PRO" = professional

    Good luck!

  40. Joan-Carles


    Some ideas for the marketing guys. Hope could help.

    3XL Dolly
    Action Flex Dolly
    Alligator Dolly
    Big Pico Flex
    Buggy Dolly
    Dynamo Flex Dolly
    Fuzzy Dolly
    Happy End Dolly
    iDolly (or i-Dolly)
    Iron Flex Dolly
    iFlex Dolly
    Kinetik Dolly
    Kinoflex Dolly
    Magnum Flex Dolly
    Martian Dolly
    Oktopus Dolly
    Orangutan Dolly
    Pico Flex XXL
    Pico Flex +
    Reddy Flex
    Roller Doller
    Snake Dolly
    Surfer dolly
    The-End dolly
    Wheely dolly
    XXL Pico Flex

  41. I may as well put my input in. From reading the post, it sounds like it is a larger model of the pico flex dolly, so I will come up with some names which include similar words.

    Mego Flex Dolly
    Maga Flexi Dolly
    Pico Red Dolly
    Pico Lava Dolly
    Mega Glide PNC
    PNC Mega Dolly
    Pico Flex Mega
    Pico Flex Pro
    Pico Flex 2.0

  42. David O'Shea

    The first word of these signifys a rotating dolly.
    Cyclo Dual-Axle Dolly
    Piroet Duo-Axle Dolly
    Piro Twin-Axle Dolly
    Orbi Demi-Axle Dolly
    Revo Two-Axle Dolly
    Pyri Dos-Axle Dolly


  43. The CircCam Dolly. Circ for both Circle (of course!) and also for circus -- which describes all the cool shots you'll be able to design with this baby!!

  44. Sam Jordan-Richardson

    Here's my suggestions:
    Sticking with the whole idea of being used with heavy high end cameras.

    Cinedoll (pro)-maybe
    Cine-Doll (pro)-maybe
    Cine-Dolly (pro)-maybe
    Cinesmooth Dolly (pro)-maybe
    Cine-Smooth Dolly (pro)-maybe


  45. Mech System Dolly
    Mech Rover Dolly
    Mecha System Dolly
    Mecha Rover Dolly
    Pico Studio System Dolly
    Pico Rover Dolly
    Holly Molly Golly Dolly Jolly

  46. Chris Liao

    black widow

    ebony crawler

    stingray 360

    Smooth 360

    Digital Mule 360


    DSLR Mule


  47. David O'Shea

    There's a lot of camera stuff out there with the color black and red so here's hoping the unusual double axle design is the main selling point. 🙂 The colors may change over time as the product evolves. And thus the two axle design reflect my attempts to name it.

    Axis is latin for Axle.
    PNC Dual-Axis Dolly
    PNC Duo-Axis Dolly
    PNC Axis-Duo Dolly
    PNC Twin-Axis Dolly
    PNC Demi-Axis Dolly
    PNC Two-Axis Dolly
    PNC Dos-Axle Dolly

    Axis sounds better than Axle to me, but I suppose you could swap Axis for Axle in the names.
    PNC Dual-Axle Dolly
    PNC Duo-Axle Dolly
    PNC Twin-Axle Dolly
    PNC Demi-Axle Dolly
    PNC Two-Axle Dolly
    PNC Dos-Axle Dolly


  48. Denis

    Quatro Dolly
    Solar Dolly
    Red Planet Dolly
    Mars Dolly
    Space Dolly
    Explorer Dolly
    Circus Dolly
    Orbital Dolly
    Orb Dolly
    Orbit Dolly
    Nascar Dolly
    Race Track Dolly
    Track Dolly
    Tracer Dolly
    Pathfinder Dolly

    Words like Pico, PRO, II, Edition, Red can be added to each option.

  49. pepe

    4K cine dolly

    PS: when you send me the prize can you add
    a cheesycam t-shirt for my niece ???


  50. Matt

    The video dolly should be called:

    "The Mother" or "Mother" (Named after the British tank.)

    Because the tank "Mark I, nicknamed Mother, was much longer than the first tank they made. This kept the centre of gravity low and the extra length helped the tank grip the ground. Sponsons were also fitted to the sides to accommodate two naval 6-pound guns."

    SO: In a simular way the new PNC Video Dolly will have a "wider platform on the new rotating video dolly will be able to support much larger and heavier cameras like the RED Scarlet, FS100, AF100, mount larger video fluid heads, and hold more accessories."

    And like the tank it will accommodate much larger and heavier items - hence the name "the Mother"

  51. Pete

    1) Vainglorious Creeper
    2) That-black-thing-with-wheels-no-the-other-thing
    3) Reginald C. Cavandish
    4) Black Mamba
    5) The Devout Priapist
    6) Sugar Monkey
    7) The Mobile Versatile Prosthetic Prehensile Vestigial Appendage
    8) Chowder Router
    9) My New Girlfriend

  52. Lui

    Maybe something on the lines of linking it with a prehistoric powerful animal

    Considering everyones going with 'flex'

    The T flex Dolly? (t-rex) 😛

  53. Tim Douglas

    P&C Pro Motion Dolly
    P&C Pro Revolution Dolly
    P&C Infinite Motion Dolly
    P&C Insta-Flow Dolly
    P&C Pro Flow Dolly
    P&C CineSmoother
    P&C Fluid Motion Dolly
    P&C Heavy Duty Pro Skater

    And just for fun:
    FG212 3rd Edition Ver 2.76

  54. Here are my ideas.

    Proquad Dolly

    Quadpro Dolly

    MegaFlex Dolly

    FlexDolly Pro

    EzzyDolly Pro

    ProWheel Dolly

    PNC Dolly Pro

    HeavyDuty QuadPro Dolly

  55. Ground Control
    Ground Control dolly
    Ground king dolly
    Ground control king dolly
    Free dolly
    Free skater dolly
    Freedom dolly
    360º dolly
    360 dolly
    360º skater dolly
    360 skater dolly
    Rec and fun dolly
    Rec&fun dolly
    Rec n' fun dolly

  56. Rick Salisbury

    Why not a nod to classic cinema?

    Introducing the PNC Rosebud.

    Fits the color scheme and Rosebud was a sled after all.

  57. Tarantula Dolly

    Red Tarantula Dolly

    Black Widow (Black with red accents, eh? Eh? Eh?)

    Orb Dolly
    Orb Dolly PRO (Golden Orb spiders are huge)

    Shelob Skater (LOTR)

    Black Goliath

    Acromantula (might be trademarked)

    PNC GigaPro
    GigaRed PRO

  58. Eric R

    Here are my top three:

    Or Achille's (due to the fact the footage is on wheels and "speeds" up the dolly footage and it's supporting the camera like a "heel")

  59. Helge

    It should have a classic and easy to remember name. Like Rolly. Who wouldn't want a Rolly? Sounds like a cute dog!

  60. Paolo Bernardini

    Here are my entries:

    - Cam Flex Dolly
    - Digicam Flex Dolly

    These names are brand coherent and points to bigger cameras rather than DSLRs.

    - Cam Dolly
    - Digicam Dolly
    - Dollycam
    - Flex Dolly Cam
    - RotoCam Dolly
    - RotoCam Flex Dolly
    - Camera Flex Dolly
    - Videocam Dolly

  61. Anthony

    Use either PNC or Pico at start if you like.

    PNC Strike
    PNC Crimson
    PNC Mandrel
    PNC Axle
    PNC Redback
    PNC Red Belly

  62. chriswatts

    Since it's a larger version of the Pico Flex it would be good to keep a similar name, good for people linking the products together in their minds and good for SEO.
    How about Cine Flex or Pro Flex. Nothing world changing but it links it to the original pico flex.

  63. Hi, nice contest heres my submition:

    PNC Tornado

    PNC Musclerig

    PNC smooth titan

    PNC wheel of pane cine dolly

    PNC whirlpool rotating cine dolly

    PNC Rotaton master

  64. Navigoon

    Pico Pro Dolly
    Pico Flex Pro Dolly
    Pico Skater Dolly
    Pico Pro Skater Dolly
    Pico Flex Pro Skater Dolly

  65. Arcangelo


    [One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art

    — Oscar Wilde]


    Too intellectual ;-p

  66. D.S.

    Hi Emm.

    From the colours to judge I would give it one of this names:

    Devil (Dolly)-optinal

    Teufel (Dolly)-optinal

    Gothic (Dolly)-optinal

    Punk (Dolly)-optinal

    Metal (Dolly)-optinal

    Black Mamba (Dolly)-optinal

    Red Mamba (Dolly)-optinal

    Pirate (Dolly)-optinal

    Salamander (Dolly)-optinal

    And please no Spam on my e-mail adress.

  67. A couple more I just thought of:

    - Barracuda (sleek, deadly, circles it's prey relentlessly, then strikes. The dolly just gives that predatory appearance. It's also a hella cool detroit muscle car. =>)
    - Dark Star, Dark Satellite, or Dark Sun (Watching the early videos, it has the appearance of something sci-fi, almost menacing in appearance.)
    - Techno Dolly (It gives off a bit of a techno, club type vibe.)

    Enjoy! I also Laughed Out Loud with the "Dolly Green Giant" good one. =>

  68. Eric

    1. PodRunner
    2. Glide-iator
    3. Heavy Butterfly
    4. Bazilisk Motion [from name of a lizard that can run on water]

    Go PnC!!! Hope I win.

  69. PNC HDolly (or PNC H Dolly) / Pico HDolly (or Pico H Dolly).

    Simple, elegant and playful. And I think the "HD" is quickly associated with positive things; and you always have a chance to come up with a higher-quality product called the PNC 4K Dolly, ;).

  70. Sotirios Seryiannis

    Hi, it's a Dolly, with Flexible movement and 4 wheels.

    Tetra is a numerical prefix of Greek origin that refers to four.

    Tetra Flex Dolly

    I think it's catchy and in-line with Pico Flex Dolly 🙂

  71. J Toha

    Lots of creative people out there lol.

    My entry:

    - Pico Sensei Dolly
    - Pico Master Dolly
    - The Rotator-Nator (a cue from Phineas & Ferb)

  72. Jelmertje

    mucho flex dolly
    grande flex dolly
    The thing
    off-axle flex dolly
    tavolo flex dolly
    mesa flex dolly

  73. Andy

    To go with the Pico Dolly line, it should be something that references its size

    Kilo Dolly
    Mega Dolly
    Giga Dolly
    Tera Dolly or
    Terra Dolly (it has a double meaning: size and earth, since it will be used on the ground)

  74. Daniel H.

    Black and red makes me think of cool snakes:

    Cobra Dolly

    Viper Dolly

    Or to go with your other dolly name:

    Cobra Trax Dolly

    Viper Trax Dolly

  75. Bill

    My vote goes to Tera Dolly. From reading the previous post, sucks that someone already beat me to it. If Tera gets chosen. PNC can keep their product name and future product name inlined with the metric system.

  76. Emin Sertac Apanay

    i would like this one 🙂 even the music would fit with a tracking shot for the commercial 🙂

    The PnC Axel F Dolly
    The Axel PnC Dolly

  77. Simon

    I suggest:

    "Roll Board PRO"

    needs PRO in it to signify full sized heads and justify price IMHO.


  78. Jordan Oliver

    You need to keep it in pace with the other Spanish names!

    Papa Pico Dolly

    Pico Grande Dolly

    Guapo Dolly

    Guapo Grande Dolly

    My favorite though: Volar = Fly

    Volar Dolly

    Volar Roller Dolly

    Volar HD Dolly

  79. My top suggestion is Pico 360X Dolly. You could drop the X but I like how it rhymes with your current "Flex" and implies that it is BIGGER. Plus if you make a smaller model down the road you could call it the 360s Dolly.

    Other ideas are:
    Pico Cine360 Dolly
    Pico FlexPro Dolly
    Pico Roundabout Dolly (aka "The Roundabout")
    Pico DD360 (aka "The Double D" ... a nod to another top-heavy Dolly that manages to move around just fine. Seriously though, the DD is because it's double the dolly any one else makes.)

  80. Land Glider (FLEX) Dolly
    Range Glider (FLEX) Dolly
    Space Glider (FLEX) Dolly
    Glide Craft (FLEX) Dolly
    Space Craft (FLEX) Dolly
    Land Craft (FLEX) Dolly
    Hover Craft (FLEX) Dolly
    Land Cruiser (FLEX) Dolly
    Space Cruiser (FLEX) Dolly
    Cruiser (FLEX) Dolly
    Rover (FLEX) Dolly
    Glider (FLEX) Dolly
    Range Rover (FLEX) Dolly
    Land Rover (FLEX) Dolly
    Space Rover (FLEX) Dolly

  81. Bill

    Pico - (symbol p) is a prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10−12 or 0.000000000001.

    Tera - (symbol: T) is a prefix in the metric system denoting 1012 or 1000000000000.

    Since Tera is on the opposite side of pico. It should be called Tera Dolly.

  82. Navigator (FLEX) Dolly
    Highlander (FLEX) Dolly
    Leviathan (FLEX) Dolly
    Armada (FLEX) Dolly
    Magnus (FLEX) Dolly
    Gambit (FLEX) Dolly
    Beast (FLEX) Dolly
    Gargantua (FLEX) Dolly
    Gigantor (FLEX) Dolly
    Mechazilla (FLEX) Dolly
    Flexzilla Dolly
    Flowzilla (FLEX) Dolly
    Mongoose (FLEX) Dolly
    Cobra (FLEX) Dolly
    Black Adder (FLEX) Dolly
    Boa (FLEX) Dolly
    Python (FLEX) Dolly
    Anaconda (FLEX) Dolly
    Wolverine (FLEX) Dolly
    Rhino (FLEX) Dolly
    Mantis (FLEX) Dolly
    Scorpion (FLEX) Dolly
    Wolf Spider (Trax/Flex) Dolly
    Wolf (FLEX) Dolly
    Dominus (FLEX) Dolly
    Dominant (FLEX) Dolly
    Domino (FLEX) Dolly
    Dominion (FLEX) Dolly
    Minion (FLEX) Dolly
    Minotaur (FLEX) Dolly
    Centaur (FLEX) Dolly
    Centaurus (FLEX) Dolly
    Centurion (FLEX) Dolly
    Medusa (FLEX) Dolly
    Cyclops (FLEX) Dolly
    Orion (FLEX) Dolly
    Odin (FLEX) Dolly
    Zeus (FLEX) Dolly
    Oracle (FLEX) Dolly
    Olympus (FLEX) Dolly
    Orbit (FLEX) Dolly
    Juggernaut (FLEX) Dolly
    Titan (FLEX) Dolly
    Titanic (FLEX) Dolly
    Colossus (FLEX) Dolly
    Gladiator (FLEX) Dolly
    Spartacus (FLEX) Dolly
    Emperor (FLEX) Dolly
    Wraith (FLEX) Dolly
    Legion (FLEX) Dolly
    Spectre (FLEX) Dolly
    Maven (FLEX) Dolly
    Vader (FLEX) Dolly
    Force (FLEX) Dolly
    Zen (FLEX) Dolly
    Onyx (FLEX) Dolly

  83. King Dolly
    Cinema Glider
    The Python
    The Mustang
    Cinema Smooth Dolly

  84. Ok, here's my name in the hat.

    - The M (M for mobility, and also Emm like your namesake)
    - Infinity Dolly (just like your demo video panning around a subject)
    - Hoverboard (glides, slides slices and dices. Also gets away from all the "dolly" names)
    - Smooth Operator (yeah, some Sade influence now. => Sexy, silky, and OOHH SOO SMOOTH!)
    - Glideboard (another variant of hoverboard)
    - Smooth Board (again another variant)
    - Nano Dolly (it's big, but not as big as some of the dollys, tracks, and industry sliders. A bit bigger than the Pico Dolly)
    - Micro Dolly (just a step up from Nano, and a couple more than Pico)

    Hope you like the suggestions Emm!

  85. VillageBoi


    Black Orchid Pro

    Black Diamond Pro

    Black Fire Dolly

    Ruby Dolly Pro

    Pico Pro HD

    UltraPico Pro

    Pico-Tron Dolly

    Pico-Xtreme Dolly

    Picosaurus Dolly

    PhotoCine Dolly

    PNC Pro Dolly

    Carrier Dolly Pro

    Kokino Pro (kokino = Greek for ‘red’)

  86. A unique selling point of such a system is its ability to provide smooth movement. So a combination of the words give you smove.

    Smove dolly pro
    Smove dolly extreme
    Smove dx
    Smove pro

    Just build something around smove. Now can I send the shipping adress?

  87. The PNC Edge (Dolly) - As in the edge of innovation
    The PNC Nano (Dolly) - next step up from Pico
    The PNC Nano Pro (Dolly) - Give it a little extra kick with the Pro

  88. Pegasus Dolly

    Pega Dolly

    Pega Max Dolly

    Pegasus Max Dolly

    Pega Flex Dolly

    Pegasus Flex Dolly

    Maxim Dolly

    Maximus Dolly

    Maximum Dolly

    Max Dolly

    Maxim Flex Dolly

    Maximus Flex Dolly

    Maximum Flex Dolly

    Max Flex Dolly

  89. The Atlas-Flex, because it's carrying the weight on it's back

    Atlas was a Titan, so maybe even the

    Lastly, if you don't want it in the "-flex" family, what about just calling it the "Big Rig"?

  90. Tony

    Sell an insane amount of units:

    iDolly & iDolly Pro =)

    Motus Pro Dolly (motus is latin for "motion")

  91. Justin Leyba

    How about:

    1. The PNC Pro Dolly (simple but yet, says it all)
    2. Pico Flex Master (since it holds more pro cameras like the RED, and its like a brother to the Pico dollies)
    3. Tiger Dolly (since it has four legs and this dolly has four wheels. also they're both very fierce and SMOOTH... =}
    4. The Black Jaguar or the PNC Black Jaguar (instead of the tiger dolly you can call it the black jaguar since the dolly is black)
    5. The Cinema Dolly (got it from the PNC name and since it can hold cameras like the RED)
    6. the PNC Dolly Pro 360 or simply, the PNC 360 Pro

    Lastly, the PNC Dolly Parton' cuz it's BIG and it's a dolly. lol. I understand if you guys won't choose that one. Haha!
    Hope I helped!

  92. Since the * key difference * to the other ones is the amount/size/weight it can carry, a great idea would be for the dolly's name to carry its function. Historic and iconic translations that exemplify such an idea are:

    1. The Camel / The Camel Dolly: Camels have the amazing ability to carry large amounts of equipment, they are wildly known for their resistance (Specially famous in the army for being exceedingly strong, and can move quickly across terrains which horses find difficult) ; the word camel signifies "beauty" which also appeals to the nature of the dolly's design.

    2.The Donkey / The Donkey Dolly: Just as the camel, the Donkey is famous for being able to carry large amounts of equipment, specially over tough terrain.

    3. The Red Ant: Inspired by the red African ant, which is famous for its tough nature (Also adds to its working/soldier behavior) and obviously for the fame they have of being able to carry 100x times their own weight. This name would also appeal to the colors of the dolly's design.

    4. Rocky: As Rocky from the movie, an icon for strength.

    5. Black Belt: Appeals to the highest rank of skill in martial arts...& maybe Red Belt could be used as a new standard.

    Essence words:

    6. Vires Dolly: Vires is the latin word for strenght

    7. Firmitas Dolly: Firmitas is the latin word for resistance/firmness.

    8. Fortiori: Lating word for The Strongest

  93. Habez

    Call it the Emm Not-So-Pocket Dolly (lol) jk.

    But i do like the idea of slapping your brand on the dolly though.

    Like the cheesy dolly pro. Or something like that. Lol. Heaven knows you deserve some kind of credit eh! 😀

  94. dave

    • FS Crawler (Full Size Crawler)

    • FS Low Roller (Full Size LowRoller)

    • 360 Runner

    • TR360 (Table Runner 360)

  95. Emm it is very simple. What is the most important part of any slider? The movement, soft, glide like movement. So for that FLOW is a great description, also movement is the word that describe the actual action, so if you feel like combining i am giving you a couple of options:





    Thanks in advance for the price, I will be waiting for it here in México, if shipping is expensive send it to my warehowse in Orlando and I will pick it up from there.

    Thanks a lot for teh gift, hehe, I am sure I have the best names. We have worked for branding for over 12 years now at our design studio.

    Waiting for the Slider

  96. Tiko

    Rotastic dolly
    The beast
    Kraken 😀
    DD - Diverse dolly
    The cinevitable
    Power dolly

  97. My suggestions

    Pico Dolly+
    Pico HD Dolly
    Pico Dolly Plus+
    Pro Pico HD
    Pro Pico Plus+
    Pro Pico Dolly Plus+
    Pro Pico+
    Pico Pro Dolly+
    Pro HD Dolly
    Pico Hybrid Dolly

    Being this dolly is suited for larger cameras, a "+" or "HD" to the name signifies more and pro use.

    Good luck Emm

  98. D

    I was gonna say the T-Rex but it looks like someone grabbed that gemofaname already... My entry is "The Big Round".

  99. Diego

    Here are some names I came up with:

    1: Tarantula Dolly
    2: Bowser Dolly
    3: Bulldog Dolly
    4: Bulli Dolly

  100. The Origin. or the The Origin dolly pro.

    The reason I use the word origin, is that it derives right from 3d design.

    The origin is the center of all the movement when designing an 3d object. You rotate around the origin and you dolly in and out of the origin.

    Or maybe.

    The Target or The Target dolly pro.

    Back to 3D design. A target camera is a camera that focus right on a single object.

    Much like how these dollies are primarily used for rotating around a single object.

    Or just call it the Black fire haha. Black with the burning red accents.

  101. Base X Dolly System

    4 Trax Pro

    Pico Pro

    Pivot Pro

    The Orbitron - LOL, Ya never know 🙂

    Cross Fader

    Flex O Dolly: O for Orbit

    Eye Rider

    Sky Rider


    Focal Flex

    Flex X Dolly

    R2P2 -R ROLLER, P - Progressive

  102. Gary

    This might be too left field, but for some reason after reading the description I thought of the Odessa stairs sequence (baby carriage down the stairs) from The Battleship Potempkin. Carriages and dollies have a lot in common, and it would be a sick geek reference to one of the most well known film sequences of all time.

    1) Potemkin
    2) The Carriage
    3) The Odessa

    Geek rant over.

  103. I think you should stray away from the typical names.

    Atlas (From greek mythology, held the world up)

    The Secualar Dolly

    Lead Husky

    The albatross

    The Pillar

    The Royal cushion

    Dolly 12-12-12

  104. 1) Dectus Dolly (based on Latrodectus, which is a genus of spiders, one of which is the black widow, which has the famous red hourglass shape).

    2) Buteo Dolly (Buteo is the genus for hawks in North America, one of which is the red-tailed hawk)

  105. IAmProductions

    Chuck Norris Dolly 🙂 Nah, But I was thinking:

    PNC Cine-Pro Dolly

    PNC Spider Dolly

    PNC Motion Pro

    PNC Extreme Motion Dolly

  106. Wayne

    Correction for my first entry

    Über Flex Dolly; Ü not U 🙂


    1) Über Flex Dolly

    2) Cine Flex Dolly

    3) Accel Flex Dolly

    4) Dollzilla

  107. @Eric Reyes I Think that is cool because it also goes in hand with the spider trax. But it would have to either be just The Black Widow because dolly at the end sounds funky. Or maybe a more creative word at the end.

  108. @Kerry Garvey, I think Komodo is actually a great name and it fits well with their current line up in my opinion.

    If I had to take a crack at it, I might say something like, Python Dolly, Hydro Flex Dolly.

    Or maybe Peta/Deca if you wanna keep with the math thing they did with the Pico Dolly.

    Good luck!

  109. Alejandro


    because these dollies can circle their subjects almost like a shark circles it's prey but it isn't limited to just that one motion, it can be smooth and fast when its moving straight, also this is a bigger dolly. That's why SHARK DOLLY OR PICO HUNTER DOLLY can be good names.

  110. Didn't realize that you guys made the spider trax. So I'd modify mine to Terra Trax. Keeps in line with the spider trax but BIGGER

  111. Emm

    Post author

    @Arminus - Thanks for the suggestions. Very cool to have some different languages / translations.

  112. Rico Flex Dolly
    Dolly Quad
    The Reflex
    Blade Runner
    Pico Flex Master Dolly
    Pico Pro
    Ninja Flex Dolly
    Quad Flex Dolly
    Quad Cinematic Dolly
    Flow Flex
    Flow Four
    Velvet Dolly
    Fluid Flex Dolly

  113. 4xles Rotating Dolly
    Buigsaam (wich means flex)
    Mayros(black in greek) Axles Dolly

    Hope you like the suggestions.

    Good luck with your name quest.

  114. So far I have these 2:

    The DSLideR because it spells out DSLR

    or maybe since it is bigger and for bigger cameras it could be the DSLideR HD or plus or something.

    The second name I came up with is CineTracker or IndieTracker

    Hope that helps,
    Brennan Robideaux

  115. your description reminds me of some kind of robotic lizard crawling around, and the first idea that came to mind was the Komodo dolly sound a bit more fierce than the gecko dolly 😉

    good lucck

  116. Trax Dolly PRO

    I was thinking of Pico Dolly PRO since it would be a direct upgrade to the Pico Flex Dolly, but then again, I thought I might go a step back when you designed Pico from the SpiderTraxDolly design, hence Trax Dolly. But the PRO is there to let people know that it's really a dolly for Professional cameras such as the RED Scarlet, FS100, AF100 and even the C300.

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