Varavon Loupe EX-Solo GH2 Support Bracket Review

It's a special bracket combined with the latest Varavon EX-Solo Loupe LCD Viewfinder to work with the GH1/GH2 cameras vari-angle LCD screens. This will allow you to still have full tilt use of your LCD screen for low angle shooting, magnify the image on screen, and provide shade if you're working in bright sunlight. Using a loupe also gives you a nice little stabilizing point of contact if you're shooting hand held or on a small rig. There certainly isn't too many LCD Loupes for the GH1/GH2 cameras, mainly because people have been happy with the mini EVF eyepiece resolution. But if you had to choose one for these M43 cameras, I feel Varavon makes the best. Of course it's also one of the priciest. Find more of Varavon products available at B&H (click here).

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6 thoughts on “Varavon Loupe EX-Solo GH2 Support Bracket Review

  1. Mark

    Great review! This looks to be exactly what I am looking for. Do you know if it works on a Canon T4i? Is it fairly light in weight? Thanks!

  2. Spencer

    What about high angle shooting? Does the bracket also tilt downward? I haven't seen any images or videos of it tilting that way.

  3. Danyyyel

    Somebody should develop a good eye piece and even loupe for the gh2 EVF. The gh2 EVF is 800 x 400 higher rez than the canon back LCD around 600 I think. On the contrary the gh2 back LCD is about 320, so no good for focusing.

  4. Tony

    I know you mentioned 60D available , but a couple weeks ago i contacted Vara and they said the 600D/T3i is compatible also. Just some info for Rebel owners.

  5. Grue

    But the real important question...

    Is the GH2's LCD screen really high enough resolution to make full use of this--i.e. can you judge critical focus?
    (Perhaps more important because the GH2 resolves more than it's soft Canon counterparts!)

    The magnified viewfinder will give you a nice large view, but if it's just enlarging a too low resolution screen, it's really not going to help you much.

    The EVF on the GH2 can be a bit awkward to use sometimes for video, but the LCD is lower resolution...

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