Mini Ball Head with Quick Release 484RC2

Mini Ball Head 484RC2 Quick Release

A few online stores are now selling a 3/8" thread mount Mini Ball Head with Quick Release plate styled after the discontinued Manfrotto 484RC2. The 484RC2 is replaced by the 494RC2 which goes for around $60+ dollars.

This 484RC2 inspired Mini Ball Head mounts to a larger 3/8" thread, but you could easily step it down to fit 1/4" threads with these little adapters (click here). So, If you're in need of just a random mini ball head for your projects with a quick release plate, here's another cheaper option.

Mini 484RC2 Style Ball Head Quick Release
find-price-button Mini Ball Head 484RC2 Style Quick Release 3/8" Thread

6 thoughts on “Mini Ball Head with Quick Release 484RC2

  1. Rob S.

    I just noticed the weight rating of this. It's only 3 kilograms which is about 6.6 pounds. My 5D with battery grip and flash would be about that or a bit over. The 494 looks to be an 8 pound max load so would work better for me.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Claude Lee Sadik - I haven't tried that exact one, but everything looks very close to the larger one in this video. The quick release plate looks almost the same too. httpss://

  3. Rob S.

    I actually need a ballhead for my monopod. Anybody have the 494 and can comment? Anybody have this one?

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