Very Clever DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Dolly

YouTube member dinthisane shares his first DIY video, and it's pretty clever. Using some ready made inexpensive 'Skate Buds' available online, he was able to create a very effective rotating video dolly. All you'll need is a flat base plate and a Tripod Head or Fluid head. It's a very simple way to go about mounting wheels without creating axles. As you can see these things are designed to carry a bit of weight too. You can find these little Skate Buds below.

find-price-button Roller Skate Wheel Skate Buds via eBay

find-price-button Roller Skate Wheel Skate Buds via Amazon

For a cheap sturdy head, you can should check out the one that we used on the Korean Clone of the SpiderTrax dolly found here:

find-price-button Professional Heavy Duty Ball Head Quick Release

4 thoughts on “Very Clever DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Dolly

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - Yeah a flat plank of wood and a jigsaw should get you a custom baseplate. Some jigsaws can even cut thin sheets of metal too.

  2. HD-tography

    The spidertrax dolly is going to look so awesome in the dark now that its wheels light up in a fantastic light show on every shot! Thanks Emm!

    But seriously, the wheel base doesn't look very wide, even when extended all the way, so you couldn't use a standard cheese plate like the glidecam weight plate, but you would need to craft something like the reviewer did, in the shape of the FLYCAM Nano baseplate such as on other DIY builds, in order for the wheel assembly to attain a usable radius without running into the plate/base.

  3. Slick.
    I made my out of Skateboad wheels/carriage and a cheeseplate with a bolt in the center to mount the tripod head (elevated by about 20 washers.)

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