VF Prime LCD ViewFinder Review

YouTube member Bandticker gives a tour on the recent View Finder to hit the market called the VF Prime. This view finder has a large eyecup and -/+ 4 diopter which most lower end view finders lack. It's been featured on a few different websites, has received some excellent reviews. In this video there's a mention of it fitting a T2i, but with a different sized LCD you may have a 1mm crop on each side. Something people are more than willing to accept for a decent view finder. Should fit Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and Nikon DSLR's with 3" LCD perfectly. Can be found on eBay here: VF Prime LCD View Finder for 3" Canon Nikon DSLR

Or via Amazon Below

VF Prime
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  1. Randy

    I ended up buying the Seagull brand. I do, however, like Zacuto's new mounting system using a gorilla plate and frame instead of the sticky frame. They want about $180 for the plate and frame for use with a battery-grip equipped t2i. Beyond my budget. Anyone know of another alternative?

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  3. Billt

    It does fit! I tired it out at my local Video shop two weeks ago. (I have the Seagull version)

  4. JWatts

    Hey, M Matusky, any news on the VF Prime/Z-Finder compatibility front? Because if the VF Prime/Seagull fits the Zacuto frmaes, that means it fits the Zacuto EVF as well, which is good news!

  5. Patrick

    @bruce, don't know if you'll see this reply, but was wondering, how bad is the cropping with this vf on your t2i?

  6. bruce

    Yep i love this little thing it works great on my t2i planning to grab another one once my second camera comes in and its an awesome price and vie used a zfinder and to be honest your paying for the name for some of there products not trashing them but for a film maker on a budget its worth

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @P-Gitty - I don't think this is for a 3:2 LCD size, but it should still work with some slight 1mm cropping of view on each side. Just don't try to use the VF while the lcd is swung out. The swivel joint might snap. Keep it flipped against the body.

  8. P-Gitty

    Emm, I saw your hotshoe rig for the 60D/T3i VF but I would like to skip that step and mount this directly onto my T3i swivel screen. Will this Seagull(or VF-Prime)fit properly onto the articulating screen or do I need something other than a 3" frame?

    Also, I'm assuming that the swivel screen will no longer fully close once I stick the mounting frame on - are there any other drawbacks that I should be aware of if I choose to mount directly to a swivel?


  9. Just looked on Amazon for the viewfinder, Unavailable, glad I ordered mine, the seagull version on e-bay is available as of 3/31/11 for a few $ less. I paid $119 on Amazon, the indieprotools site still lists it for $220, might as well by the Z-finder jr. for that price. For just over $100 this product is worth it. I do hope the frame becomes available separately, if anyone finds one, please post ordering info.

  10. Just received the VF Prime in the mail. AMAZING!
    I have been using a hoodman with a DIY bracket on the hot shoe of my 7D, it worked, but I had the chance to use a friend's Zacuto recently, no comparison, the Z-finder is ultra-pro gear.

    The VF-Prime is close enough for me though. Not willing to pay Z prices, as I have to impress no one but myself with my gear and I don't rent (the Z equipment is a bargain if you rent gear as people will destroy lesser equipment)

    A second glue on frame should be included with the finder, but I wrote the company and asked to buy another when available.

    This is an excellent product and EMM has done it again, finding the best gear for the $$.

  11. Vilkam Chatterjee

    Any chance someone can show me a product like this which also flexes at a right angle? I'm not always running and gunning and would like an enlarged view from top down when i have my cam mounted on a tripod (but can't deal witht he bright sun hitting the LCD).

  12. Derek

    Yeah I am interested how this compares with Zacuto. I have been using a Hoodman 3X for the past year and am ready to take a step up as it's too flimsy and fogs constantly. I was seriously considering picking up a Zfinder or Letus but if I can get a knockoff of the same quality I can use that money elsewhere.

    I want to see someone review this that has been using the high end gear instead of just saying "This is great for shooting outside." A viewfinder makes a huge difference but I want to know how this stacks up to the others

  13. Cinesota

    I'm with Alex. Prefer a VF without the baseplate. As I mentioned earlier, I own one too (Seagull). Solid build quality (thick plastic with no flex) and good clear optics, only complaint is that it pincushions slightly. Doubt the Z-Finder is much better. Both are 3X. Remember not much to an LCD viewfinder aka a loupe. It's just a tube with a magnifying glass at one end. Crazy to charge what Zacuto charges for theirs. Fogging? Just buy some anti-fog solution, but fogging hasn't been an issue on mine yet. Using a Blue Star chamois helps.

  14. alex

    I bought this viewfinder while on an assignment in Shanghai earlier this year. Cost me about US$60. Quite frankly, its fantastic. I use it daily and will buy a second one. Its built just exactly like the big brand and the focus is smooth, glass is great. I live in one of the most humid cities in the world (Singapore) and have had no problems with fogging. I don't like the newer style viewfinders with the base plate so I like this one with the plate that you stick on to the viewfinder much better. Works for me. I have no need for one with a red tag and a price tag to match.

  15. Lensdude

    That looks like a blatant-direct-backwards-engineered knockoff the Zacuto Z-Finder. One wonders what the construction is like? How good is the actual glass? And how smooth is is the diopter adjustment wheel?

    I am sure some will respond that the real Z-Finder is more expensive. But this knockoff had no R&D costs...

  16. It'd be cool if someone did a review of filming through the viewfinder. I have seen Emm do this on a few of his video reviews. For now I'll continue to pull focus on my Ikan 5.6 monitor. But if there is more thorough review I would love to see it.

  17. Serge

    @Emm, You're right the body does not look as solid but I think it could beat the other cheaper knock offs out there.

    @Edin, I think this is the first Zacuto knock off, the others have been more in the style of the LCDVF.

    Regardless, gets the job done and money to spare.

    I just might get one to test out.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - I don't think it would as professionally made as Zacuto, but there's always a market for people who want something and will be happy with less quality and less pricing.

  19. Chris Wilmshurst

    Does it have an anti fog coating? and a connecting base plate like Zacuto? (i'd assume it would as it looks like a direct rip off)

  20. Cinesota

    That is just a re-badged Seagull LCD Viewfinder II. Can be had a bit cheaper on ebay or Amazon from GoShot Camera. IndiPro Tools have substantially dropped their price since earlier this year when they were trying to get over $200 for the same VF. More info on this unit from the Chinese distributor available here:


    They sell them for about $50-$60 wholesale. I own one and it's well built and works great. Trying to get GoShot Camera to start selling spare frames.

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