Cheaper Padded Travel Bags – Speaker Stands

Tripods, long Light Stands, or even Cranes / Jibs that break down into 4 ft. sections, there's always a need for a good travel bag. One good tip comes in talking about inexpensive Nylon Speaker Stand bags. Professional Speaker Stands are like massive light stands, and you'll often find these stands being used for DIY Cranes / Jibs since they support a good amount of weight. Some of these speaker stand travel bags come padded and at about 40" in length for under $25 bucks. Good deal for a solid travel bag to carry odd length gear. In fact, if you take the time to create sections it should fit most of the Glidecam stabilizers as well. I'm stoked to buy more...

Heavy Duty Speaker Stand Padded Nylon Bags

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Elliot - It fits in the bag, except for about 2 inches. You can zip up the bag almost al the way.

  2. Do you think that the glideshot 4ft crane that you, or was it olivia, reviewed would fit in this? I have to measure how long it is sometime, but do you happen to know if it will fit?

    I saw a few videos on cheesycam about the 4ft jib, so i figure that you are familiar with the size.
    If this doesn't work, then the keyboard stand idea sounds good.

  3. jonty

    For run n gun events where i can trolley my hardcase around, i put everything into a hockey bag.

    I use a grays brand, fits my tripod, sliders, monopods, so i can run around an event. These are not padded however.

    if you want a crane bag, snowboard bags are usually larger and some come with trolley wheels

  4. I pulled the trigger on one of these. Very please, $25 Bucks including shipping for a great bag for my light stands, highly recommended. Cheesycam is like Groupon for the DSLR crowd.

  5. HD-tography

    Yeah this one is a great bag for light stands but doesn't fit the cranes (especially the 12 footers like I have) but I found something that does... Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bags! And the really nice ones can be had for $60-$80, with the cheaper ones at about $45... Make sure if you are getting one for a 8 foot or 12 foot crane they are at minimum 54 inches long (Emm's bag above is only 50 inches long and you can see the result)... I think the required height is about 6-7 inches high and the width will depend if you want to put a 8 footer, a 12 footer, or even a 12 footer WITH the 36 inch fold up support stand... so 6-10 inches wide depending on your needs...

  6. Justin

    This is great! Have been looking for a crane case solution forever. Looked at snowboard bags, ski bags, everything. Never thought about speaker stand cases. Would work for a tripod too I assume. Good find!

  7. HD-tography

    Wow amazing... I was looking for something for my 12 foot crane, and I just found it once again on Cheesycam!

    Thanks Emm! You just saved me a bundle!

    Kinda makes up for how much money your blog has cost me... well not really but a few dollars closer to being even (I buy way more than I should, you should put a disclaimer upon site entry, "entering may damage your saving's account" lol)

    Save more = BUY more!

  8. titom666


    I've found an other cool product for traveling.
    Kiteboard bag

    I use the matrix board bag. He have wheel.
    You can put in 3 led panel 600 and here stand.


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