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Many single hand gimbal systems require their handles to operate, but because the Optimus has relocated their batteries outside of the handle, you have more versatile mounting options. This new adapter opens up even more possibilities to creatively mount the CAME-TV Optimus Gimbal Frame (without handles) to keep a low profile. For example you can now easily mount the Optimus to Monopod, Jib, or even Car Mount. Visit CAME-TV.com for more info.

Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Optimus Gimbal 1/4" 3/8" QR Adapter


Here's a time saving tip if you have to constantly mount and dismount accessories like Portable Audio Recorders, LED Lights, or Wireless Mic Receivers from your rig. The Tamrac Zipshot Quick Release System was designed to work with one of their tripods, and it comes with two different sized quick release plates.

Quick release system

The larger is rated at 3 lbs. (that's plenty for an accessory). It can be mounted to a ball head, friction arm, or be creative to mount it on your cage. It just needs enough clearance to pinch the tabs to release the plate. These are handy when you need to pull gear out of the bag for a quick shoot, or when it's time to pack stuff away at the end of the day. The mini quick release adapters (found here).

Tamrac Zipshot Quick Release System
find-price-button Tamrac Zipshot Quick Release Accessory Kit


Ed shares this 323 style mini quick release adapter find. This small version states to be a replica based on the Manfrotto 323 mini quick release adapter (found here), but comes in at less than half the price.

This mini black 323 replica made mostly of Aluminum-alloy could be a cheap solution for getting your cameras in and out of cages, jibs, sliders, etc. [Thanks Ed]. The adapter specs state it has a 3/8" threaded hole, but can be stepped down using a 3/8-1/4 reducer bushing.

[Update] Here's a review that shows the auction details were improperly listed. http://cheesycam.com/323-style-mini-quick-release-fail/. Might want to to contact the seller if you grabbed a few about this to see how you can resolve the problem.

You can find these 323 Replicas following the link (click here).

find-price-button 323 Replica Style Mini Quick Release Adapter


Serious note here. Last time I posted this article about a compatible Manfrotto Quick Release adapter on the cheap, it sold out around the world. Yes this includes Europe as well. The hype died down when prices went upwards and the item was rarely in stock. You can say that the stars are aligned once again, because not only are they listed as 'in stock', but there's also a nice little discount going on too making it a great buy again. Perfect to stay compatible with your Manfrotto tripods, these QR adapters are great for your new Jibs/Cranes, Sliders, Steadicams, etc. Before they run out of stock again (I'm positive they will be out of stock again), you might want to check out the current price and inventory (below).

find-price-button Quick Release Adapter + Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

If you're just in need of the plate itself, they have that available too (again not stating Manfrotto Compatible)
find-price-button Sliding Plate (not Manfrotto branded)


Looks like a Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter w/Sliding Mounting Plate right? It sure could be, but guess what - it's not Manfrotto. On sale right now this QR adapter sells for about 40% of the Manfrotto price. The specs over at the Calumet website doesn't state anything about being Manfrotto compatible or as a Manfrotto replacement part. I called the store and they weren't even sure if it was.

I don't know why they don't state it anywhere on the specs of the product, but it does look to be the exact same QR adapter and Plate design. The question I had was 'Is it really compatible?'. So I just put this quick release through the tests and it sure is compatible in every means. If you're looking for a QR adapter for all your Glidecam, Flycam, Sliders, or Jibs, it's a bonus that this inexpensive one is Manfrotto compatible. Right now it's on sale and there's only a limited supply in every store. If you were wondering too, here's the answer..

find-price-button Quick Release Adapter + Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

If you're just in need of the plate itself, they have that available too (again not stating Manfrotto Compatible)
find-price-button Sliding Plate (not Manfrotto branded)


Quick release adapter questions are always coming in, and I really have no answer except for the Manfrotto RC2, 357, or 577. They aren't cheap, but if you're already using a ton of Manfrotto products these adapters might work into your workflow.

find-price-button Manfrotto 323 RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter with 200PL-14 Quick Release Plate - Replaces 3299 (Black)

find-price-button Manfrotto 357 Rapid Connect Adapter with Sliding Mounting Plate 357PL - Replaces 3273

find-price-button Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter w/Sliding Mounting Plate (3433PL)

Ok, so I did some additional searching and found this new QR adapter. I actually ordered it a while back, but it took it's time getting here. I didn't wanna talk about it until I knew the real build quality. Oh how many items go unsaid on this blog, you have no idea. Now that it's in my hands, it's actually very nice, and i'm ready to share this one to you guys. It's a solid metal build all the way around with two bubble levels. The whole adapter is a fairly thin profile and comes with a snappy spring loaded release clip. Careful, when you lock the plate in place, that clip snaps back pretty quick. I caught my finger on it and it's pretty strong. It's a wide base, and I use it to cover the entire base of my battery grip. I find it feels like a more solid mount this way, but if you're not using a battery grip, you may want to use it the long direction to get to your battery compartment. It's a very nice and cheaper solution than those Manfrotto adapters, especially for all the stabilizers and other DIY projects you might be working on.

find-price-button Cheap Quick Release Adapter + Quick Release Plate