Quick release Adapter – It is Compatible with Manfrotto

Looks like a Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter w/Sliding Mounting Plate right? It sure could be, but guess what - it's not Manfrotto. On sale right now this QR adapter sells for about 40% of the Manfrotto price. The specs over at the Calumet website doesn't state anything about being Manfrotto compatible or as a Manfrotto replacement part. I called the store and they weren't even sure if it was.

I don't know why they don't state it anywhere on the specs of the product, but it does look to be the exact same QR adapter and Plate design. The question I had was 'Is it really compatible?'. So I just put this quick release through the tests and it sure is compatible in every means. If you're looking for a QR adapter for all your Glidecam, Flycam, Sliders, or Jibs, it's a bonus that this inexpensive one is Manfrotto compatible. Right now it's on sale and there's only a limited supply in every store. If you were wondering too, here's the answer..

find-price-button Quick Release Adapter + Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

If you're just in need of the plate itself, they have that available too (again not stating Manfrotto Compatible)
find-price-button Sliding Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had had any luck trying to ship these into Australia?
    Ive had a few email conversations back and forth with Calumet, I've given them my shipping information and they have said they can do it but im still waiting for a quote to give them my money and I haven't heard anything for days.
    Love the site Emm!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Juan Martinez - Yes it does have a flat bottom. One thing you may run into is the QR locking knob under the camera could be hard to get to. You could remove the knob, and replace it with a longer bolt so that you can tighten the QR plate without reaching under the camera. I forget the bolt size and thread pitch, but just bring the knob in to the hardware store to compare.

  3. Hey I was wondering if this calumet quick release has a flat bottom and how well it would work on a GlideCam. I have another calumet quick release that is small black/gray. And its horrible. I always rotates, as it has a screw size adapter, and it takes 3 washers to clear the uneven bottom.

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  5. Jim H

    Have the same question as Moreo.

    From all accounts it appears to fit the 501.

    Looking to use this with my 501 and the 577 Quick release base that I have on my hand rig.

    Looking at putting the base on the end of the 4 foot Jib from httpss://cheesycam.com/4-ft-camera-video-crane-jib/

    Makes my whole system "manfrotto plate" compatible.

  6. Moreo

    Just talked to Calumet in the Netherlands...They say: "We've tried it on a 501 HDV and 701 HDV, but it did NOT fit".
    Is that a different version they're selling here, did they changed (or had to change) the dimensions in latest productions? Or are they not allowed to say it fits...

    I can see in this movie it DOES fit...

    Odd all this. And why does Manfrotto has to ask such a high price for a relative simple product as this. TO make money OK, I get that 😉

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  8. sam

    Anyone have any time on shipping? I ordered mine on the 19th last month, and their website only says "To be shipped" for the status.

  9. Aaron B

    just bought one of these from my local Calumet last night. nice find! good construction and they actually have it for $29.99 in the store. going to buy more tonight!!

  10. John Griffin

    "what are all of you doing about changing batteries while using the quick release with your SLR?"

    I use a battery grip on my T2i which makes this possible, plus doubles battery life and makes the camera more ergonomic. I don't know if there are any after-market battery grips out for the 60D yet, but I'm sure there will be soon!

  11. David McCann

    I got the Calumet quick releases 2 weeks ago. I had called Calumet previously about compatibility with the Manfrotto 577 and luckilly the employee told me it worked, so I ordered 2 of em. They work perfectly... 1 issue I had was that I stripped one of em out while tightening it to a shoulder rig. So be careful! I dont think they are as solid as the Manfrotto, but for half the price it is still a great deal!!! 1 question, what are all of you doing about changing batteries while using the quick release with your SLR? I have a 60D and the knob is where the battery cover need to open... I can possibly shoot without the battery cover on but would prefer a better work around...

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @JayK - Its spring loaded. Pull it out to reposition and then it springs back to continue locking the plate. its not fixed in that position seen in the video.

  13. JayK

    Hey guys,
    at the pictures it looks like the big screw on the side could get in conflict with a DSLR mountet on the plate. Could anyone upload a photo of this QR adapter with a DSLR mountet on it? Or is there no reason to be nervous about?

    greets from germany

  14. srb

    Does anyone know where i can get an extra "Quick Release Adapter" for the WF 717 tripod head? There are several sellers on ebay selling the camera plate but no one has the Adapter.
    It feels stupid using one camera plate for a 717 fluid head on dolly, the same on a 717 tripod and a complete different plate for a Steadycam Rig.... i need an adapter for the rig.

  15. danilo

    thank god I check your site every day (or multiple times a day!)
    I was a bit upset that the site didnt ship to germany, then I saw @Chris' comment so I tried out the german domain and guess what? there is a german site + free shipping!!

    so for all the germans here looking to buy it:



    (still wondering how I can order that awesome Video Fluid Head and let it ship to germany, all the ways I calculated the prices for shipping to germany it said the final price for the video head + shipping would be way over 100$..If you've got some nice advice, let me hear it,please!
    you can mail me, too!
    [email protected])


  16. Alfonso

    These are great quick release adapters. I use it on my weifeng 717 head. I believed there were no good solution to an affordable quality quick release adapter til I found these. Before it was either expensive Manfrotto ones, or cheapo hockey puck style adapters.

  17. yes, great! I actually almost ordered some a while back, but backed down when I asked them if they'd work with a Manfrotto 501 fluid head and they said that they had no idea (strange way to answer, they obviously know, must be some kind of legal battle going on there).

    Now I have confirmation, I'll be getting two!

    thanks emm

  18. We us those quick release plates on all our equipment and they work great! we use these tripod heads which are awesome and use the same plate(also never mention in descriptions). I like them better than the 717ah. mostly because I dont have to change plates to got from sticks to shoulder mounts or the jib. But they are super smooth, not that expensive and great quality. I will probably make a little video of one soon.

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