323 Replica Mini Quick Release Adapter

Ed shares this 323 style mini quick release adapter find. This small version states to be a replica based on the Manfrotto 323 mini quick release adapter (found here), but comes in at less than half the price.

This mini black 323 replica made mostly of Aluminum-alloy could be a cheap solution for getting your cameras in and out of cages, jibs, sliders, etc. [Thanks Ed]. The adapter specs state it has a 3/8" threaded hole, but can be stepped down using a 3/8-1/4 reducer bushing.

[Update] Here's a review that shows the auction details were improperly listed. http://cheesycam.com/323-style-mini-quick-release-fail/. Might want to to contact the seller if you grabbed a few about this to see how you can resolve the problem.

You can find these 323 Replicas following the link (click here).

find-price-button 323 Replica Style Mini Quick Release Adapter

22 thoughts on “323 Replica Mini Quick Release Adapter

  1. SkunkWorks

    ...from the pictures it looks like it's only a 1/4" hole. If they hadn't put that taper around the hole and left some meat there you could just drill that 1/4" hole out to 5/16" and then tap it with a 3/8-16 tap. Done. Same as the Manfrotto.

  2. SkunkWorks


    But what kind of bushings? Is that a 3/8 non threaded hole? (i.e. does a 3/8 bolt slide freely through it with almost no play?)

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  4. Riggz

    Just got mine. So what's the consensus with these? How many people have been able to easily salvage their purchase?

    Another disheartening thing I noticed was that these don't seem to be exact replicas in that they don't fit into my, already owned, 323 QR adapters. I'd love to hear a follow up on this. Anyone contacted the seller regarding their "description"?

  5. pecX

    Just got mine in the mail without threads. Lucky me just order 1.
    Anybody try Calumet Quick-Release? (the smaller one)
    Look like it will fit but can anybody confirm?

  6. SkunkWorks


    Just to add to what I just wrote above... if that hole is actually a 3/8 non threaded hole then you'd have to tap it to something even larger and get an approprite threaded reducer bushing to bring back down to 3/8-16 threads.

    Aluminum taps like butter by the way 😉

  7. SkunkWorks


    Can't really blame Emm if he was just going by the product description which clearly says "A 3/8"-16 threaded socket with a 1/4"-20 reducer bushing makes it compatible with any tripod head." That line is ripped word for word directly from the product description of the genuine Manfrotto 323 at places like B&H Photo. If that's not so, then the sellers are misrepresenting the product (lying)and it is not a true replica of the Manfrotto product. I would take issue with the seller.


    Even if you could hammer in a bushing would you trust it with your valuable gear on it? I would tap it out so you would have proper 3/8 threads and, if you need 1/4-20 instead, could put a proper threaded bushing into it like the 3/8" to 1/4" reducer bushing that actually does come with the genuine Manfrotto this is copied from (can get those bushings anywhere... your local camera shop probably has them). I don't know how big the hole is in this replica, but you need a 5/16" hole to tap it for 3/8-16 threads so you might have to drill it out a bit if it's a 1/4" non threaded hole (find a way to measure it so you know... maybe it's already 5/16 in which case you only need to tap it with a 3/8 tap). Doing this will give you exactly what the actual Manfrotto version gives you... a 3/8-16 thread that you can also screw a 3/8 to 1/4 reducer bushing into to give you 1/4-20 threads if you need that instead.

    I can deal with the hole, but I can't deal with the bottom not being flat which is why I changed my mind at the last minute and just bit the bullet and spent the dough on 3 Manfrotto 394 off amazon (cheapest price). They have a flat bottom... will use them on my Flycam, jib, shoulder mount, slider etc.)

  8. Slavik

    Okay, not Totally useless. Camera attachment still works, and I might be able to hammer in a threaded bushing. Still, I appreciate the find!

  9. Same here. I ordered three if theses guys and they all came unthreaded! Completely useless. Come one Cheesycam...you guys are pretty spot on with stuff...but this is just a brick with a plate on it. $40 bucks out the window.

  10. John Lee

    I've purchased one, and realized that it doesn't sit flat on the surface. Also it came with the hole without the thread! I don't know if it is the defect one. just wasted $11...

  11. SkunkWorks

    Meh, changed my mind. If these are a true copy of the Manfrotto I'm seeing mention of them not being able to sit flat under the entire bottom surface because the safety latch extends below the base of the plate... no good for Flycams then and other things I want to flush mount onto.

    Just ordered a couple of the Manfrotto 394 RC4 off amazon instead.

  12. Hey Emm, I actually bought these on ebay. it won't fit my tripod, nor my cowboy studio.
    So do you think the solution is to get the 3/8-1/4 reducer bushing?

    If you say yes I'll immediately buy it!


  13. J Toha

    Great share, Ed and Emm. Since its a replica, I assume the plates are compatible with the existing Manfrotto 323 quick release adapters or the Calumet equivalent?

  14. SkunkWorks

    Thanks, Emm... I need a bunch of these. Not too worried about quality... I mean, I'm even happy with plastic one that came with my Flycam Nano and this one's got to be better than that one if it's any kind of metal at all 😉

  15. Neutrino_Master

    Thanks Emm ... although I enjoy a good deal, this
    sounds too good to be true ... wouldn't be surprise
    if it's made of anodised chewing gum ..

  16. Nice found, thank you. I ordered.. and only after few minutes noticed that they not shipping to my country (Lithuania). Too bad that I'm not in UK right now :/

    I'm using Manfrotto 394 quick release system, but I paid for it ~30-40 pounds (50-60usd)! Its much bigger and heavier. Problem, that I need more than one, and this one is great solution.

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