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I've preached about Drop-In style Video Heads in the past, but what about Quick Release Baseplates? There's a couple of reasons why you may prefer this Smallrig Drop Over Quick Release Base for Manfrotto 501PL Plates instead of traditional slide in plates.

Close to $50 for the SmallRig QR Base alone, it certainly is not cheap. But you can see that using a drop-in style system does solve a lot of frustrations involved with slide-in plates when working with certain setups.

smallrig small rig quick release manfrotto 501pl qr base
Learn-More-sm SmallRig 501PL QR Base: https://cheesycam.tv/SmallRigQR


I've built a few rigs over the last few months, and I got tired of swapping my 501PL plates around. Frustrated, today I decided to grab a few more spares so I don't need to rotate them (and I always seem to lose them). Here's a listing for generic 501PL plates for just $9 dollars + FREE SHIPPING in case you guys need some.

manfrotto 501 PL replacement platecheesycam cheap manfrotto generic 501pl replacement quick release plate
VIEW-ITEM Manfrotto 501PL Compatible Quick Release Plates

Here's another overview of inexpensive and unique equipment by HDSLRnow. The extra long Manfrotto compatible quick release plate will allow you to better position your camera for balance, and the inexpensive Shoulder Pad with 15mm Rail Block is a great option for shoulder rigs.

Thanks again to HDSLRnow for a well executed introduction to these products, and make sure to follow via twitter @HDSLRnow. For more information about the products in this article, jump over to the website (click here).

SmallRig-quick-dovetail-1460-Manfrotto SmallRig-shoulder-pad-1485-15mm-railblock
find-price-button Manfrotto 9" Inch Dovetail Plate & Shoulder Pad 15mm Rail Block


Earlier this week I received an email asking for advice on an inexpensive quick release system to move a video rig from a slider to a stabilizer. Simply because I would have to first suggest going with a Manfrotto 577 Quick Release system, especially if you're already working with a compatible Manfrotto tripod head. Unfortunately the OEM Manfrotto 577 Quick Release base plate + qr plate system runs anywhere from $50-$60 dollars each (seen here).

find-price-button Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter with Sliding Mounting Plate (501PL)

Here's an old video showing you the alternative from Calumetphoto. The Calumet branded QR system looks exactly and works exactly like the Manfrotto 577, except that it only runs $35 dollars full retail.

If you're ever lucky as i've been in the past, you can apply a Calumet discount code bringing the price down for as low as $25 dollars (complete base + plate). Unfortunately I don't have a discount code available now, but it's still much cheaper than the OEM Manfrotto 577.


The last few times i've checked these quick release systems were out of stock. Today i've found that the Calumet Quick Release base plate is available again (found here).

Calumet Quick Release Manfrotto Compatible160x160
find-price-button Calumet Quick-release Video Head Adapter


Serious note here. Last time I posted this article about a compatible Manfrotto Quick Release adapter on the cheap, it sold out around the world. Yes this includes Europe as well. The hype died down when prices went upwards and the item was rarely in stock. You can say that the stars are aligned once again, because not only are they listed as 'in stock', but there's also a nice little discount going on too making it a great buy again. Perfect to stay compatible with your Manfrotto tripods, these QR adapters are great for your new Jibs/Cranes, Sliders, Steadicams, etc. Before they run out of stock again (I'm positive they will be out of stock again), you might want to check out the current price and inventory (below).

find-price-button Quick Release Adapter + Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

If you're just in need of the plate itself, they have that available too (again not stating Manfrotto Compatible)
find-price-button Sliding Plate (not Manfrotto branded)