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If you are considering building a rig and you work mostly with Manfrotto (or Benro) Fluid heads, you may want to start with a base that incorporates compatibility with these quick release plates. In this product overview HDSLRNOW offers a look at a Manfrotto Dovetail compatible dual 15mm baseplate, optional dovetail, and cage system.

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SmallRig-Quick-dovetail-manfrotto-577-standard SmallRig-DSLR-Baseplate-quick-release SmallRig-DSLR-Cage-w-baseplate-1298
find-price-button 15mm Baseplate Manfrotto Dovetail Compatible


Earlier this week I received an email asking for advice on an inexpensive quick release system to move a video rig from a slider to a stabilizer. Simply because I would have to first suggest going with a Manfrotto 577 Quick Release system, especially if you're already working with a compatible Manfrotto tripod head. Unfortunately the OEM Manfrotto 577 Quick Release base plate + qr plate system runs anywhere from $50-$60 dollars each (seen here).

find-price-button Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter with Sliding Mounting Plate (501PL)

Here's an old video showing you the alternative from Calumetphoto. The Calumet branded QR system looks exactly and works exactly like the Manfrotto 577, except that it only runs $35 dollars full retail.

If you're ever lucky as i've been in the past, you can apply a Calumet discount code bringing the price down for as low as $25 dollars (complete base + plate). Unfortunately I don't have a discount code available now, but it's still much cheaper than the OEM Manfrotto 577.


The last few times i've checked these quick release systems were out of stock. Today i've found that the Calumet Quick Release base plate is available again (found here).

Calumet Quick Release Manfrotto Compatible160x160
find-price-button Calumet Quick-release Video Head Adapter


Now that Manfrotto has released a new and slightly different MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, there's been a few questions about compatibility - especially for those who want to pick up or upgrade to this new video head and have invested in a bunch of QR plates. For a bit more information on the actual video head, check out this earlier article on the MVH500AH (here).

First, Does the Manfrotto quick release plate from the 577 QR Adapter or common 501PL plate fit on the new Manfrotto MVH500AH video fluid head? Secondly, Does the new Manfrotto MVH500AH quick release plate fit on the older 701HDV, 501, 502HD Video Fluid heads? Hopefully the video below answers some of those questions.

So the new MVH500AH seems to accept the 501PL plates or the quick release plates from the 577 adapter (with 501PL) pretty easily, but it will not be compatible with the 504 plates. Also, the MVH500AH quick release plate will not work with the older Manfrotto Video fluid heads such as the 701HDV or the 502HD.

IMG_310567Manfrotto 500 Fluid HeadManfrotto Bridging Technology Fluid Head
find-price-button Manfrotto MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, Tripod, Monopod - Amazon

Manfrotto 755 Aluminum TripodManfrotto 755 Carbon Fiber
find-price-button Manfrotto MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, Tripod, Monopod - B&HPhotoVideo

The Manfrotto MVH500AH will also be available as the MVH500A which will be a 60mm half bowl fluid head (found here).

MVH500A Fluid Head 60mm Half BallManfrotto Fluid Head MVH500A
find-price-button Manfrotto MVH500A 60mm Half Ball Fluid Head