Manfrotto 577 501PL Plate on New Manfrotto MVH500AH

Now that Manfrotto has released a new and slightly different MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, there's been a few questions about compatibility - especially for those who want to pick up or upgrade to this new video head and have invested in a bunch of QR plates. For a bit more information on the actual video head, check out this earlier article on the MVH500AH (here).

First, Does the Manfrotto quick release plate from the 577 QR Adapter or common 501PL plate fit on the new Manfrotto MVH500AH video fluid head? Secondly, Does the new Manfrotto MVH500AH quick release plate fit on the older 701HDV, 501, 502HD Video Fluid heads? Hopefully the video below answers some of those questions.

So the new MVH500AH seems to accept the 501PL plates or the quick release plates from the 577 adapter (with 501PL) pretty easily, but it will not be compatible with the 504 plates. Also, the MVH500AH quick release plate will not work with the older Manfrotto Video fluid heads such as the 701HDV or the 502HD.

IMG_310567Manfrotto 500 Fluid HeadManfrotto Bridging Technology Fluid Head
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Manfrotto 755 Aluminum TripodManfrotto 755 Carbon Fiber
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The Manfrotto MVH500AH will also be available as the MVH500A which will be a 60mm half bowl fluid head (found here).

MVH500A Fluid Head 60mm Half BallManfrotto Fluid Head MVH500A
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14 thoughts on “Manfrotto 577 501PL Plate on New Manfrotto MVH500AH

  1. Pau

    Of course, if you buy a sachtler ace system your 501 old plates will work fine and vice versa.

    i never heard of a 501 or 701 failing by releasing the plate, so why the redesign? planned obselesance.

    If you are buying a 500 or 502 0with video legs, have a look at the ace ms instead.... far better counterbalance and drag control, miles better, and only a few quid more.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @yves75 - I don't think that plate will work. I'm not exactly sure, but I don't think it would work.

  3. Rob S.

    Just a warning to anybody that tries to use the older plate in this head or any Sachtler side loading head. The older plates seemingly snap in and slide but they can still be lifted off without pushing the knob. Don't trust an older plate until you tighten it down.

    That's what the channel in the new plate does. It keeps the plate and camera from being lifted back off. In fact, I've found that older plates can sometimes not seat, and when you tighten the knob, the camera can possibly fall off. I almost had that happen the other day. Best to eyeball that the plate is really locked in and wiggle the camera before leaving it unattended.

  4. Mike C

    Emm, I just received my 500AH head. The plate provided indeed fits perfectly fine with the 577 adapter that I also use with my rig. It slides right in and locks down without a hitch.

  5. AustrianGeek

    @Joel & all: Have a look at the Benro S6 head. (For me personally) The one and only alternative actually which is reasonable priced, has no sitback / is VERY fluid and offers the needed features.

    And here´s the MVH500 again VERY limited. No seperate dampening control and locking mechanism (so you can STAY at the dampening you need for your shots), no adjustable counter balance system and a little bit too pricey actually (especially if it should replace the 701HDV for example). And the QR plate isn´t even compatible to the older 577 QR Systems or the older heads ...

    The only (yes - HUGE) positives are the new "clip on" quick release system and the dampening / fluid cartridges from the bigger bridge-heads. But is that really enough? I don´t know.

  6. Rick Gates

    Emm, this is just what I needed to know. Sounds like I should just junk the plate that comes with the MVH500AH and pick up one of the more traditional plates. Then everything will work with everything else. Thanks!

  7. Joel

    But is it a good head...? I'm still using a 701HDV and I absolutely hate it. Totally worthless for any serious work Dying for an upgrade to my 'compact' kit, but don't have the money to spend on anything too expensive.

  8. Rob S.

    I wonder if they'll just sell this quick release block alone. I'd like to put it on my non-Manfrotto tripods so I can have compatibility with the rest of my gear and that drop in feature. It's the best of all worlds.

  9. Dean

    aahhhhh.. now we have to worry about side clearance when tilting over to snap in place!

    How much of an angle would you say is needed, Emm?

  10. editwizard

    Sigh... Manfrotto, why do you continue to swap things from side to side on your tripod heads??? I really like the concept of this - especially that the QR lever and friction lock are the same lever. BUT, for goodness sakes couldn't it be on the LEFT side of the head?

    I use all 394 plates and QR's (even on my video monopod) because I find it SO much faster to have my right hand where 100% of camera grips are located... on the RIGHT of the camera and then hit the QR lock release on the left as I remove the camera. Tilt. OFF.

    I love that you can slide a 577 plate forward and back for balancing lens/body but have always hated the loosen knob on right... then push safety release on left... slide the camera out. So. Slow!

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Squeezy - Good question. The 577 adapter will have a plate to fit the MVH500AH, but the MVH500A plate will now work in the 577 adapter. My guess is they need to come out with a new drop in type adapter.

  12. Sqweezy

    If I am new to quick releases, but plan on buying the new 500-series fluid head, what quick release adapter should I be buying? Are they planning on making adapters specific for the 500 plate?

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