EdelKrone SliderPlus+ NAB2013

Edelkrone's SliderPlus+ is a slider that adds a long slide in a smaller compact size for travel. The design allows you to achieve a 2ft slide on a 1ft slider. At NAB2013, they were also showcasing an auto targeting pan head that will maintain a subject in frame while the slider is in motion. This unit can also be combined with their future motorized time-lapse controller for more interesting dynamic camera movements.

Up close, the SliderPlus+ has an amazing build quality and offers very smooth fluid movement. It can be used on a single tripod (or stand) if you can provide a wide enough stance to maintain support as the slider travels towards the end. Edelkrone SliderPlus+ sliders on eBay can be (Found Here).

Edelkrone SliderPlus NAB2013 Motorized Motor Pan Head copy
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  1. Max

    Thanks, I thought this was iPad related. I know this may or may not be an issue for folks. I am/was a major moderator on a film making site and was approached with free kit on occasion. So long as the site owners or authors are speeking freely and openly then the input is welcomed. Back alley "arrangements" for glowing reviews is of course criminal and a major disservice to the readers. Phillip himself got tons of flak with his cozy relationship with Zacuto. Tech site owners need sponsors but the relationships can be filled with land mines...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Max - You're getting auto flagged as spam for some reason. Looks like your trying to submit the same comments several times.

  3. David

    @sara - IMHO Olivia and PB attempt to offer reviews without bias. They point out the pro's and con's of each product. Sometime the pro's outweigh the con's, sometimes its in reverse. Olivia goes out of her way to (again IMHO) to be impartial. I would want that type of review and not have a "fanboy" review of a product that skews the strengths(or weaknesses).

    As for the EdelKrone slider, I think it is a great concept and especially handy if you travel allot. I always carry a good pair of sticks capable of a wide stance (Tribec carbon fiber) so the con pointed out with this slider is really of no concern to me. My big question is should I get the 2 or 3 foot version?

  4. Max

    If you think Phillip and Olivia get lots of expensive gear for free then a logical question is how does Emm get the amazing amount of gear featured on this site?

    Tech & gear sites owned by these familiar names blur the lines between editorial, journalism, opinion, and outright commercialism. Even Olivia has her brand of sponsored gear. Emm also promotes his own stuff. This is ok if it's all out in the open. What are readers to think when she reviews a slider made by another company?

    Readers just need to have open eyes to all this. If a film maker or photographer with a name goes on and on about the latest brand of high tech expensive time lapse slider then don't be surprised if the manufacturer gave him/her that gear. Its cheap advertising after all.

    I sort of cringed watching Olivia in that video: she seemed really put out that Philip got a freebie and she did not. She then went out of her way to fawn all over the Edlekrone guy, maybe hoping to get a free slider herself? Philip also looked a little uncomfortable which you hardly ever see...

  5. @sara - It's funny that you say that because the camera sitting on the first slider in this video is one that Philip Bloom absolutely shredded. He may have even referred to it is "useless" at one point on his blog. Granted, he's not going to make a 15 minute video review of how terrible it is because it is irrelevant. His reviews are useful and functional for people who can think beyond "good vs bad" and evaluate the usefulness of gear in different situations. That being said, I have never seen a really negative review from Olivia.

  6. sara

    Well ther you have. Proof positive of how this game works. No critical questions. Just commercials for products so the Olivias and Blooms can get free stuff. Thats why Bloom never ever crosses the line of being really critical of a product. His reviews are always, always similar to ' X product has some things I don't like but if you need what X product has to offer you should get X product.' Thats how you play both sides and offer nothing.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @kevin - Correct, you will need a stable platform either weighted, or has a decently wide stance.

  8. kevin

    Great product and design, but the advantage of it being smaller is really deceiving, because you always need a very weighted or large tripod in order to stop the slider from tipping over. Unless I am missing something?

  9. I have a Konova slider and love it, but this is a very tempting upgrade. Just want to know if you'll be reviewing this product in the near future. Cheers.

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