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Yeah i'm here at the airport waiting for a flight, so why not cover a little blogging while i'm here? I received the GGS View Finder from this eBay seller just last night, and I have to say i'm pretty impressed. Well of course I didn't give it a second look when it was being offered for over $120 dollars, but now at it's current price, it's a sweet little loupe.

There is a diopter for those with less than perfect vision, the flip up part (which I thought was gimmicky) is actually very functional. No need to remove the view finder, and it still provides excellent shade from external light. The frame sticks to the LCD much like the other frames, but actually locks the View Finder in place with no Magnets. In order to remove it, you push a little release tab. So it doesn't fall off as easily.

The Frame is also an LCD protector, so theres a coating of glass with the frame. If you're curious the Blue Star cushion that fits the other view finder, also works perfectly on the eye cup which makes it even more comfortable.

find-price-button GGS 3X DSLR LCD ViewFinder



First seen as the GGS Foldable ViewFinder, it looks like a number of businesses have rebranded this one. GGS is the company that designed the popular slip on LCD Glass screen Protector for the T2i. On it's first release the GGS Hoodeye view finder sold for over $120 dollars, but with all the competition on the market prices keep getting lower. This ViewFinder has 3x Optical Magnification, 3 elements in the optics and a +-3 diopter for the not so perfect vision. When not in use, the frame attached to the DSLR LCD is actually a screen protector (not just sticky frame).


Now on eBay the rebranded GGS HoodEye has fallen below $60 bucks, but this viewfinder is only available for square 3" DSLR LCDs. Found below.

find-price-button 3" LCD View Finder Loupe for DSLR

For those who are still looking for a T2i, T3i, or 60D (3:2 size LCDs), the CarrySpeedVfinder has dropped back down just a few bucks too.

find-price-button CarrySpeed VFinder for Canon T2i, T3i, 60D and other 3:2 LCDs


OK, the first part of the video is me testing out the Sony SLTA55 and it's Auto Focus and Auto Exposure features. I'm not a fan of 'Auto Exposure', but as you can see the 'Auto Focus' kicks butt and works pretty fast. Not ideal for every situation, and with lots of movement happening in front of the camera, it might be a bit distracting. If you wanted to compare, I would say that it does work very very well though (much better than Nikons Auto Focus in Video).

lcd-viewfinder (1 of 3)

Second part, which is really the main point of this video is to show the changes that Meike has undergone in it's LCD Viewfinder product. They released an updated 'look' of their popular viewfinders, but pretty much kept the same quality. If you find the original version of their LCDVF look-alike version, that might be old inventory. Here's the new stuff which they've released to address any design copy issues.

lcd-viewfinder (3 of 3)

Glass feels the same, still works great, and the body is of the same weight and aspect ratio. The eyepiece cup has changed a bit as to be slightly different from it's Evil brother, and i'm not sure if it's just me, but the magnets seem to be much stronger against the metal frames. These are the new products, a bit pricier than their first product release, but still nice to see they are cheaper than the big time stuff out there.

lcd-viewfinder (2 of 3)
find-price-button New Meike LCD View Finder for 3" DSLR LCD's


Thanks to a tip from Tim for sending this in. Here's a clever LCD View finder from Vimeo member Alan Morris. Crafted from Plexi Glass and a Child's Binocular toy for the magnification piece, this view finder looks pretty legit. Alan also throws in an interesting way to mount and release the view finder from the camera. More of the details can be found at the video description following the link: https://www.vimeo.com/15912528


RedRock Micro adds in another feature for HDMI Pass Through, and claims the estimated price (under $600) still remains. With the HDMI pass through, not only can you still retain use of your ViewFinder, but you can split the feed to external monitors. After this type of announcement with pricing and feature set, and no additional Loupes required, what more could you need in a remote EVF at a higher price? Looks like a winner that I hope to add someday to my tool list. More specs from their website below, when available find it here: https://store.redrockmicro.com/EVF


The microEVF is the first electronic viewfinder designed from the ground up specifically for HDSLR cameras. The microEVF is not just a bulky repurposed LCD monitor: It is designed specifically for the needs of HDSLR emphasizing compact lightweight design, superior power consumption, and incredible affordability.

The popularity of HDSLRs such as the Canon 5D MKII for video and motion photography has skyrocketed in recent years, but the camera body is not ideal for video. The first generation of solutions for monitoring currently available –attaching an optical viewfinder to the back of the camera’s LCD screen –severely limit placement of the viewfinder and camera body and eliminate possibility of using additional monitors for camera assistants or directors. The new Redrock microEVF is an external electronic viewfinder that connects to the camera body and can be placed anywhere for maximum comfort and stability, and can be part of a multi-monitoring solution. The microEVF uses a custom made state-of-the-art backlit LED fitted in an attractive, ergonomic housing.

The microEVF is not limited to HDSLR cameras: it can be used on any video camera that provides HDMI output.

microEVF Features

* Compact, lightweight electronic viewfinder
* High resolution full-color display – greater resolution than the rear LCD on Canon EOS camera bodies
* Fully coated optics
* Adjustable focusing diopter
* Built-in HDMI passthrough for supporting additional monitors
* Oversized soft rubber cinema-style eyecup
* standard HDMI input connector
* Industry-standard 15mm rod pin: Viewfinder positioning infinitely configurable with Redrock support accessories
* Lightweight design requires minimal support - can be mounted from lower rails, top rails, or shoe-mounted rails
* Compatible with any HDSLR or videocamera that provides HDMI out (5D MKII, 7D, T2i, 1D MKIV, Nikon D3s, Nikon D3100, Nikon D7000, Panasonic AF100, etc.)

microEVF Advanced Electronic Assist Features*

* additional features to be announced

microEVF Technical Specifications*

* HDMI connection
* 1.2m total dots
* Backlit LED, very low power requirements
* Internal battery lasts 10+ continuous hours of operation
* Weight: less than 6 ounces

Pricing and availability

* Estimated $595 for the complete EVF - unlike other solutions with hidden costs, does not require additional viewfinder loupe.
* Availability to be announced

*all pricing, specfications, and features are draft and are subject to change without notice



It's still a bit early, there may be some new things that arrive later, but here's what just came in for today's mail bag. Here's a hint. It could be the next BIG thing to keep your EYE on.... Ok that was probably a corny one liner. Would you like some butter on that corny joke? Yeah that was pretty bad too, i'll quit now. Anyone as excited as me to open the box and see what this bad boy looks like?


Update 12:18pm: I like it...I really really like it. This isn't saying much since I never bothered to spend over $180 on a viewfinder, but this is the best viewfinder "with a diopter" for under $140. This made my day.. I'll have more information later, but it's a much different design than the other loupes. Weird, but there's no plastic on it. Totally silicone, metal, and glass.


lcdvf-clone (10)
(Above) Original LCDVF vs LCDVF Clone

Here's a couple of snapshots i'm sharing with everyone LCDVF vs LCDVF Clone. One is the real, and one is the clone. You can barely tell any difference at all. Even the bag is legit! The clone fit 'perfectly' on my original LCDVF metal frame that was already mounted on my cameras. Magnetic strength was the same for both.

After each strobe fired, there was a bit of color coming off of the Replica lens. I swapped positions in the lightbox, but you could still see a bit more reflection from the LCDVF clone optics. There could be a bit of truth regarding the way the glass is designed. This would only be noticeable if light were hitting it in a certain direction, so I wouldn't even consider that a 'problem'. It's like having glare on a window, but once you got your face up to it blocking that light you can see clearly. As far as Magnification it's pretty much on point. I don't notice a difference against my LCD glass. It's about a $100 dollar price difference between the real and the clone. I'll let you guys compare the photos and read all the comments to decide which would work best for you.

Imitation is usually the best form of flattery, but this is so close to the real deal, if eBay finds there is some Infringement issues, say goodbye to these uber cheap LCD Viewfinders. If it still works, here's the link to the LCDVF Clone Viewfinders for DSLRs.

lcdvf-clone (20)
find-price-button LCD viewfinder x2,8 for Canon 5D MKII 7D 550D T2i

(below) Clone wearing the Upgraded Eyepiece found in this article
lcdvf-clone (20)

Don't forget the upgraded eyepiece can be found in this article.

click image



Whoa! Big ups to Jeff Pepito, for this awesome new product. Jeff mentions his is on it's way, and hopefully he'll do a review for us when it comes in over at https://jeffpepito.com.

Doesn't that image above look OEM and sexy? We've all been going back and forth about LCD Viewfinders falling off, and how mounting it with these sticky frames just aren't cutting it. After a period of time, the adhesion from the metal frames will eventually wear out, and umm..putting a stronger adhesive on can damage your cameras LCD (not a good thing).

Just a few days ago people shared the idea of using an LCD 'Shade', breaking off the plastic tabs, and permanently gluing the the Viewfinder. This seems to be a popular solution I continued to suggest, but there's a new product in town!

With or without an LCD Viewfinder, why would you even go without having something like this? It's glass, it protects your cameras LCD, it's not plastic like the LCD hood shades, and it's cheap! Apparently they even put alot of effort into the quality of the glass to ensure optimal clarity (there's a whole bunch of graphs and mumbo jumbo clarity tests). If you look closely at the above image, it also seems to have a cutout for the T2i / 550D 'Proximity Sensor', definitely nice crafting. Well played glass LCD protector......well played indeed...

* Manufactured from 0.5mm ultra-thin optical glass with at least 90% light transmission to ensure maximum clarity.
* explosion-proof film that ensure maximum resistance to impact damage ( up to 12kg/cm2) , preventing damage to the rear LCD.
* Specially treated to maximise hardness and durability to resist scratching.
* The durable black ABS surround is designed to blend in with the camera ensuring that the protector remains a discrete but effective accessory.
* Anti-fog and anti-dust designed viewfinder, good for your photography.
* Easy to fit, remove and re-fit at any time. Supplied with a handy storage box.

*Oh new found glass lcd protector - you had me at Scratch resistant, Anti Fog, and Explosion-Proof film.

So if you're going to rock one (two or three) of these to protect your camera(s), it will act as the 'Perfect' mount for any LCD view finder metal sticky frame permanently attached. Clear quality glass, and a quality fix to prevent those poor adhesive frames from falling off ever again. You can find the variety of these Glass LCD protectors for Canon and Nikon by clicking here.

find-price-button Glass LCD Screen Protector Available for 5D Mark II, 7D, and yes people even the 550D / T2i


click image

Alright this post is a little weird. A tip from Cheesycam reader 'Tony', pointed me out to this EXACT replica of the original LCDVF now available on eBay. I mean dead on exact, and LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE! Looks like some of those plans leaked out, and now a company in Poland is manufacturing these on their own. Wait wait wait!!! Isn't the original LCDVF from Poland and the guy who makes the LCDVF go by the name Tony too?? Don't quote me on all this, but I have a feeling it's really the LCDVF coming out of the same manufacturing plant.

Yeah i'm not sure where this is all going just yet, but this "replica" of the LCDVF is going for a ridiculously cheap price + FREE Shipping for any LCD Viewfinder, so i'm not here to complain. Everything about this unit seems to match the original. Even the 2x magnification. All of the auctions appear to be no less than 5 days old from the same seller (in Poland). From what I can tell about 17 of them have already sold in the last 5 days so it's picking up a bit of steam. The seller has an awesome reputation on sales, so maybe we're just all getting hooked up with some super cheap prices on what could be the original LCDVF?? If anyone grabs one, let us know how that turns out. Check out this LCD Viewfinder that looks like an exact replica of the LCDVF.

The kit comes with:

  • viewfinder with an eye cup and magnifying lens 
  • 2x magnetic mounting bracket
  • microfiber cloth to keep your lens clean
  • mini-strap
  • neoprene casing with a snap hook

click image