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Here's a deal that everyone can instantly benefit from. It's a 72 hour promotion starting today (just 3 days) for up to $60 dollars off the Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder or QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit.

Product Description:

The QV-1 LCD View Finder will magnify your lcd screen image by 2.5x so that you can easily focus on your subject, and will also offer a true view of your image when working outdoors in bright daylight. An adjustable diopter ring moves the primary lens forward or back if your image does not appear focused. This is especially helpful for those who have less than perfect vision. The innovative magnetic quick release design allows the QV-1 to be inserted and removed from a solid metal quick release baseplate attached to the bottom of your camera.


The QV-1 baseplate shares a similar shape to the Manfrotto 501PL quick release plate. Once the QV-1 baseplate is attached to your camera, you can mount directly to supported Manfrotto video fluid heads. If you are using a different system, you can still attach your proprietary tripod plate under the QV-1 baseplate by accessing the available 1/4" threads. The QV-1 Kit includes a quick release baseplate and a set of industry standard 15mm rails.

This is a very recent product release, and possibly a few of you may already have one in your hands. There is one online review I could find from this website by TechGuyEric (found here), and could be a good read to see what he has to say about the equipment.

You can register to retrieve the coupon codes following the link to the Swivex promotional page (found here).
Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder / QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit - 72 Hour Promotion


Maybe you've had your eye on this, maybe not. In any case, the Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View Finder is available for $99.99 for the next 48 hours. More about the VF-3 product can be found at the product page (Click Here).

Carry Speed Swivi LCD View Finder
find-price-button Carry Speed VF-3 DSLR LCD View Finder with Quick Release


Multi Finder Varavon DSLR

Varavon has released a new Multi Finder that is more compatible than their early versions which were very model specific. The new Multi Finder has more adjustments side to side, forward and back, as well as up and down to fit DSLRs from Canon and Nikon. The entire loupe can be removed to leave behind a sunshade, or remove the entire LCD Multi Finder with the quick release baseplate.

LCD View Finder DSLR VaravonVaravon LCD View Finder

Check out the new Varavon Multi Finder LCD View Finder for DSLRs via eBay (Click Here).

Varavon Multi Finder Nikon Canon DSLR VideoVaravon New Multi Finder LCD View Finder DSLR Video Canon Nikon
find-price-button Varavon LCD View Finder Multi Finder Canon Nikon



Anyone catch the new CarrySpeed non-permanent NeoPrene swivel LCD mount to hold a View Finder? If you're not digging the Sticky Frame solutions, or the Quick Release Frame solution, then another option is this Swi-View. It slides in place over the LCD and held snug with a bit of velcro. Shown on a Canon 60D, but pretty much the same LCD as on the Canon T3i, so it should be compatible. Found via Amazon (click here) or via eBay (click here)

swi-view-lcdswi-view viewfinderScreen shot 2011-09-25 at 10.13.07 AM
find-price-button CarrySpeed Swi-View LCD ViewFinder Neoprene Adapter


I have to say this was a hard camera to track down. It's pretty much sold out and on back-order everywhere you look. Luckily, a good guy over in Berkley, CA ended up with 1 too many from pre-orders and sold it to me. Quality is great for something this small and definitely the menu's were easier to figure out than the Sony A55. I love all the manual controls, buttons, and dials that make setting up shots fast. I'm not big on Follow Focus stuff as you can tell from all my old videos, but this thing takes a while to get the lens in focus. You end up spinning the focus ring around a bit more than a Canon lens, so having a Follow Focus system mounted is a huge help to ease those many rotations. Maybe it's just the stock 14-42mm lens I have with it, and i'll try out some different ones soon.

First few minutes out of the box, and it got fitted onto a set of Cinevate rails, with Cinevate Follow Focus, and Cinevate Cyclops LCD View Finder. Couldn't plug in the Rode Videomic directly as Panasonic decided to use a 2.5mm instead of standard 3.5mm wth? The Cyclops View Finder was an excellent way for me to magnify the LCD without having to place sticky metal frames and keeping the ability to swing the LCD around. All still in experimental phase people.....i'm learning...

find-price-button Panasonic GH2 w/14-42mm


OK, the first part of the video is me testing out the Sony SLTA55 and it's Auto Focus and Auto Exposure features. I'm not a fan of 'Auto Exposure', but as you can see the 'Auto Focus' kicks butt and works pretty fast. Not ideal for every situation, and with lots of movement happening in front of the camera, it might be a bit distracting. If you wanted to compare, I would say that it does work very very well though (much better than Nikons Auto Focus in Video).

lcd-viewfinder (1 of 3)

Second part, which is really the main point of this video is to show the changes that Meike has undergone in it's LCD Viewfinder product. They released an updated 'look' of their popular viewfinders, but pretty much kept the same quality. If you find the original version of their LCDVF look-alike version, that might be old inventory. Here's the new stuff which they've released to address any design copy issues.

lcd-viewfinder (3 of 3)

Glass feels the same, still works great, and the body is of the same weight and aspect ratio. The eyepiece cup has changed a bit as to be slightly different from it's Evil brother, and i'm not sure if it's just me, but the magnets seem to be much stronger against the metal frames. These are the new products, a bit pricier than their first product release, but still nice to see they are cheaper than the big time stuff out there.

lcd-viewfinder (2 of 3)
find-price-button New Meike LCD View Finder for 3" DSLR LCD's



Lightcraft workshop, probably best known recently for it's Fader ND Variable Neutral Density Filters, but also produces high quality optics for other types of filters is entering the Loupe Game. The new 'BiGeye' LCD Viewfinder for DSLR's is coming in under $140 for the complete setup. Yes, it's weird but they are selling parts of the loupe individually possibly if you happen to damage it, you can cheaply replace small pieces. Cheaper than the Original LCDVF viewfinder, but offering a 'diopter' I think it's priced very nicely. It's not the most beautiful design and I'm not a fan of the name nor the product images they display in their store, but I'm sure they've got the whole optics thing down and that's really what counts. Thanks to Paul Kondo for this tip, you can find the new LCW BiGeye LCD Viewfinder at this link.



Thanks to a reader submission, here's an unusual LCD View Finder for DSLR's that's even viewable at an angle. Through the description it says it's also magnified. It looks to be similar in design as the Zacuto Z-Finder, but doesn't look to be quite the build quality. Prices are pretty steep, and I haven't seen anyone else talking about this or using it, but it's great to share this information I guess. You can find the unusual Angle Viewfinder for DSLR's at this link.


click image

Ok, there's only been a few players for DSLR viewfinders namely Hoodman, Zacuto, and LCDVF. Here's almost an exact replica of an LCDVF, but not sure how much effort was put into the optics. The mounting uses a metal frame, much like the original LCDVF. It looks like this fake LCDVF through some forums, say the quality is fairly nice. Now this auction is running just a bit high maybe because of recent demand, but still cheaper than the original LCDVF. This eBay LCDVF item ships from USA (free shipping), not too shabby. Apparently though this is only a copy of the original 3" LCDVF, and not the 3:2 version for the T2i / 550D. On a good day, you can find these for around $69.00 dollars which makes it the cheapest LCDVF with frame mount ever. Hopefully we'll see more of these soon. Check out the eBay LCDVF copy, sometimes less than half the price of a real LCDVF by clicking here.

Update: If you want the LCDVF 3/2 for the Canon 550D / T2i, they are now available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com

Update: You can now buy the LCDVF 3/2 from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com.
Grab yourself the LCDVF 3/2 from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com