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Vimeo member Just Basl Productions gives us his opinion on the VF Prime LCD view finder. This is a 3" LCD View Finder, so it will crop a bit on a T2i, T3i, or Canon 60D if you choose to use it. It's not the cheapest LCD Viewfinder solution, but it's also not the most expensive. This one has received excellent reviews so far. The mount is the typical stick on plastic frame type, and optional frames can be purchased seperately.

find-price-button Mounting Frame for VF Prime

You can find this under a few different names like 'VF Prime' or Seagull View Finder. Can be found on eBay here: VF Prime LCD View Finder for 3" Canon Nikon DSLR

Or also Available on Amazon here:
VF Prime
find-price-button VF Prime DSLR Camera LCD Viewfinder for 3" LCD


BlueStar-Eyepiece (2)

BlueStar Eyecushion upgrades for your view finder loupes are definitely high quality stuff for an inexpensive price. I just received two in this morning, in colors Red and in Tan, with a Microfiber finish. If you're looking for the type to fit onto the LCDVF or LCDVF clone perfectly, you'll want to go with the Oval Small and the Microfiber version was the original one that shipped with the LCDVF. Other types of finish offered by BlueStar Viewfinder Eyecushion's are available in Cotton and Fleece. There are also a ton of colors available too. A definite must have for a more comfortable fit for these ViewFinder loupes. These guys know their stuff, and if you're looking for a perfect fit on any type of camera, give them a holla over at https://www.bluestarproducts.ca/ with your questions.

Reminder that these LCD viewfinder loupes aren't just for videographers. These LCD viewfinder loupes are perfect for outdoor photographers who have to fight the bright daylight when reviewing their LCD for proper exposure and focus. I've noticed the prices already going up on these uber cheap LCD Viewfinders from my earlier posts, and there's still talk of discontinuation due to possible infringment issues.

Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com
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Ok, there's only been a few players for DSLR viewfinders namely Hoodman, Zacuto, and LCDVF. Here's almost an exact replica of an LCDVF, but not sure how much effort was put into the optics. The mounting uses a metal frame, much like the original LCDVF. It looks like this fake LCDVF through some forums, say the quality is fairly nice. Now this auction is running just a bit high maybe because of recent demand, but still cheaper than the original LCDVF. This eBay LCDVF item ships from USA (free shipping), not too shabby. Apparently though this is only a copy of the original 3" LCDVF, and not the 3:2 version for the T2i / 550D. On a good day, you can find these for around $69.00 dollars which makes it the cheapest LCDVF with frame mount ever. Hopefully we'll see more of these soon. Check out the eBay LCDVF copy, sometimes less than half the price of a real LCDVF by clicking here.

Update: If you want the LCDVF 3/2 for the Canon 550D / T2i, they are now available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com

Update: You can now buy the LCDVF 3/2 from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com.
Grab yourself the LCDVF 3/2 from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com