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I received this motorized Pan/Tilt video head a short while back, but we finally just got around to mounting up this Senna Five Second Head up to one of our Video Cranes. Any time you can combine a motorized Pan / Tilt head to a video crane, you're going to come up with some interesting camera movements.

The name of the product comes from how quick it is to mount to your Video Jib (after you've balanced your camera). Wireless operation of the Five Second Head is an optional feature, so you don't require the communication cable. Operation is smooth, and there are many settings available to adjust your pan and tilt speeds. The ability to program up to six memory points to repeat scene and speed comes in handy to pull off consistent movements. Here's a short video we did showing some of the features along with example footage shot using the Senna Five Second Head.

Product Description:
Aimed toward the DSLR and small HD cam market, the Five Second Head weighs in at 4.4lbs (2kg), allows 360 degrees of pan/tilt, six points of memory for scene storage, speed replay, memory recalls and loop cycles. Motion Control features allow time lapse in six different speed settings and storage of 30 second head movements.

• Pan and tilt 360 degree rotations, two axes
• Wireless Range: 1640' (500m) line of sight
• Timelapse function 90 degreed – 60 minutes,
six different speeds
• Six memory points to store favorite scene and
speed replay
• Auto memory recalls and loop cycle
• Motion Control – store up to 30 seconds of
wanted head movement
• UV joystick backlight for night working mode
• Two ramp modes for smooth starting and
• Tilt and Pan joystick polarity configuration
• Power: Rechargeable 12v Battery
• Wireless Frequency: 431 / 478 MHz, frequency is
preset on 444 MHz and cannot be changed on
device, only at factory when ordering, in steps of
200 KHz (200 Channels)
• Head Weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)
• Weight Capacity: 8.8lbs (4kg)
• Head Dimension: 9"x11"x5" (23x28x12cm)
• Remote Control: 6 memory point buttons, menu
button, speed reply, pan and tilt joystick, gain
control, night mode plate
• Case: Flight Case 7.9"x15.7"x19.7" (20x40x50cm)

For more information about Senna products, you can check out their website at
Senna Five Second Head Cheesycam
Senna Five Second Head - Motorized Pan Tilt Video Crane Head


Looks like already has a short video review of that Portable Telescoping Aluminum Mini Jib / Crane posted on this blog a few days ago.

Results in the video look pretty good, and besides not including enough weights to support a Canon 5D Mark III at full extension, it's seems like a decent jib for the price.

You can find the jib on Amazon (link here)

Portable DSLR Video Jib Mini Crane
find-price-button Amazon - Portable Telescoping Mini Aluminum Video Crane Jib

You can also find this same version on eBay (found here).

Portable DSLR Video Jib Mini Crane
find-price-button eBay - Portable Telescoping Mini Aluminum Video Crane Jib


The online store that carries the Wieldy Vest Stabilizer system recently posted up a new crane / jib that uses a cable driven tilt head.

tilt head jib

This allows the operator to adjust the angle of the camera by tilting the angle of a Video Fluid Head (much like the Varavon Tilt Found Here). The total telescoped length is 10.5' (feet) but can be adjusted to operate shorter. Check it out from the eBay seller following the link (here).

tilt head jibportable crane tilt head
wire cable tilt head cranetilt head crane
find-price-button 10.5 Portable Telescoping Tilt Head Video Crane / Jib


Here's a fun little video a few friends of mine came up with to showcase basic dynamic camera movements using one of those new Carbon Fiber Mini Cranes (a.k.a Micro Video Jibs). This version breaks down into two pieces to about 30" inches, but can telescope to a full 6.5' Feet long.

In this video you can see that the crane was not used at full extension. Unlike a fixed length crane, these telescoping versions are handy when the project doesn't require as much travel, or if you're in tight spaces. It also helps to use it at shorter lengths so you can work with less counterweights. You can find these Carbon Fiber Mini Video Jibs following the link via eBay (Click Here).

Carbon Fiber Crane-Mini-Jib
find-price-button Carbon Fiber Telescoping Mini Video Crane/Jib Overview of Avaiator

The next product i'll be working with is the new Aviator Travel Jib (seen above) which is a one piece (not two) design, and collapses to an amazing 24"! It can still be telescoped out to a full 6' Feet and comes with a fluid base installed. This not only saves you money from buying a strong video head, but it also means you don't need to pack a bulky video head for panning. You really have to see it in person to appreciate the convenience of traveling with this little jib. The Aviator also has bearings at each pivot point for smoother vertical operation. The one piece design allows you to setup very quickly and break down just as fast.

Nice Industries Aviator JibAviator Travel Jib Crane Mini
find-price-button The Aviator Travel Jib

I liked everything about the Aviator, but at a $500+ dollar price tag (seen here), I feel it will really target those who specifically need the convenience of traveling with a high quality uber-compact crane. If your goal is to get smooth Jib footage, of course that can be achieved by many different and less expensive products. If you are looking for a mini crane that is easy to travel with, can be set up quickly, and folds down to just 24" inches this may be the only current option. I will publish a video using the Aviator pretty soon. The Aviator is available in Mag Alloy or a lightweight Carbon Fiber version. More about the Aviator Jib can be found via Amazon (click here)

Avaiator JibAviator Travel Jib
find-price-button The Aviator Travel Jib

Live Feed Mini Jibs Available Now - via eBay


Demo video of Zolinger's new 18ft. Camera Boom Spider Crane. The Spider Crane lists for an almost $1800 dollar price tag (too rich for most), but there's currently one on auction that looks to have no reserve. Even generic cranes at this length will still run over $800 dollars, so it might be worth watching this $1800 retail priced item to see where it ends up at. Check it out at their eBay store front (click here).

zolinger pan tilt spider cranezolinger spider crane 18ft
find-price-button Zolinger Spider Crane Camera Book 18ft.

11 Comments posted a recent video showcasing the movement of it's latest MPT1100-SS Open Looop Pan & Tilt System. The $650 Dollar unit is designed to mount to camera Jibs / Cranes to remotely control the movement of the camera through a simple Joystick. I have a small video insight of this unit in action and the parts breakdown in an earlier article (seen here), and you can already find the new MPT1100-SS Motorized Pan & Tilt system available at (click here).

MPT1100 Motorized Pan Head Tilt VideoMPT1100 Servo City Pan Head
find-price-button MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System


Here's a very quick introduction on the parts that come with the new Servo City MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System. The complete kit is already assemebled for approx $650 US dollars. To start operating, you plug in a 12V DC power supply into a joystick remote. Either use the included AC wall adapter, or use your own battery. All power and controls are sent over a single CAT6 cabling to the head unit - couldn't be easier. From the remote you can adjust max speed for the Pan and Tilt individually. The Joystick remote can also control speed depending on how far you maneuver the joystick. There is some noise at the highest speed, but when slowing down the movements the noise is greatly reduced.

MPT1100 Motorized Pan Head Tilt VideoMPT1100 Servo City Pan Head

Right now the design supports mounting to a 90mm bowl found on some jibs. I'll have to ask them about some of the more common smaller jibs that mount 1/4-20 direct to cameras or 3/8" Fluid heads. If you didn't catch the second 'auxiliary' input on the controller, this will support future upgrades to control other items. I believe they are working on motorized remote Zoom and Focus controls through this system. There's also a link on the product page to the User Manual PDF File. I suggest taking a look at this also. You can find out more about the MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt system over at the product page (Click Here).

Servo City Pan Tilt HeadServo city Motorized Pan Tilt
find-price-button MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System

find-price-button Tekkeon MP3450i 5-12V Battery Pack


Not long ago I quickly showed a new motorized Joystick controlled Pan & Tilt head from This was a product they were working on for a little while and I know many of you were already communicating with about this. At the time I only had a prototype here and they were only a few days away from a final product. So I decided to wait until I received the final unit before mounting it to my Jib and testing everything out. The final product should arrive (maybe this week), but in the meantime they have already listed the unit on their website as the MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System and it looks like it includes everything you need to power up and control the head (found here).

find-price-button ServoCity Pan & Tilt System MPT1100-SS


Light Craft Workshop, well known for their Variable ND Fader Filters has released a new Portable Mini Jib called the Trapezist. They list a special price for early bird adopters, but even when it goes to full retail price, it's reasonable for such a product (compared to other mini-jibs). You can find more information following the link to their product page