Portable Aluminum Mini Telescoping Video Crane Jib

Looks like ProCinemaTools.com already has a short video review of that Portable Telescoping Aluminum Mini Jib / Crane posted on this blog a few days ago.

Results in the video look pretty good, and besides not including enough weights to support a Canon 5D Mark III at full extension, it's seems like a decent jib for the price.

You can find the jib on Amazon (link here)

Portable DSLR Video Jib Mini Crane
find-price-button Amazon - Portable Telescoping Mini Aluminum Video Crane Jib

You can also find this same version on eBay (found here).

Portable DSLR Video Jib Mini Crane
find-price-button eBay - Portable Telescoping Mini Aluminum Video Crane Jib

16 thoughts on “Portable Aluminum Mini Telescoping Video Crane Jib

  1. Graham

    Actually, easiest way to add more weight is to just place normal 2.5 lb weight plates in between the threaded weights that come with the jib. Super easy. Probably best not to add more than around 7.5 lbs though, with the weight arm not extended very much.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Fute - I think the aluminum version would be stronger. The carbon fiber would just be lighter.

  3. I was one of the last ones that was able to get it on Amazon. I used it on a shoot Saturday and was pleasantly pleased with the performance. Unfortunately I could not use my Manfrotto 502 head with it due to the weight limitations, but used my 65mm light weight Fancier ball head and it seemed to work fine.I have 2.5 pound weights that have the perfect size opening to slide it on the shaft and sandwich it between the weights that came with it, however with a 5D markIII the ball head and added weights the unit does struggle a bit and you have to be careful of the unit wobbling. Overall this a cool light weight portable cost effective solution to run and gun shoots.

  4. Fute

    How do you think this fairs against the carbon fiber one you tested Mr. Cheesycan? I saw some bending in this video, do you think the carbon fiber one is sturdier? Thanks!

  5. Christian O. Petersen

    I am wondering if there is anyone who has any experience and pros/cons with the difference between this aluminum jib and the carbon fiber one previously feature here?

  6. I bought a light kit from this seller (ePhotoInc) and the dimmers on them got so hot it was a real fire hazard. I contacted them through eBay and directly by email and NEVER got any reply to my concerns. So don't expect any help from them if you run into trouble, their customer service is a joke.

  7. Derek

    I was fortunate to get one and the quality is great, with the exception of the bag and the weights. The only issue with the bag is the inside pocket for the weights, only one fits well. The thread that separates the 3 "pockets" can be removed to make it one big pocket and it's fine, just throw a piece of cloth on the middle one and it won't rattle.

    The weights themselves I have a problem with. I've tried to get the seller to replace the weights because they are so crooked screwing on that they wobble and when they meet up with each other there are large gaps. Communication has been lacking.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Hans - Thanks, still available on eBay and eventually back on Amazon i'm sure.

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