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Here's some footage shot with the Aviator Travel Jib. As far as mini video jibs / cranes go, this is THE MOST Compact Crane i've ever personally had the chance to use. The aluminum version (available in carbon fiber also) is very lightweight and sets up very quickly. No nonsense, and no fiddling around when it's time to set up for a shot. It is just as fast to break it down when it's time to move. I really feel these mini jibs will appeal to the event videographer who needs to travel light and work in confined areas, or to the traveling videographer who wants to recreate these specialty camera movements on location. There's nothing to complain about as far as build quality for this price, and the built in panning base of the Aviator is a HUGE advantage over other systems that require you to bring a strong fluid head.

Filling an empty bag is a good option when you don't want to travel with an extra 4-5lbs of weight, and you can easily fill it up with extra camera gear, or even water bottles. The telescoping poles can be adjusted so that you don't have to use the full 6 feet of extension. As with any tool, the Aviator Jib moves very smoothly but still requires perfect balance with your counter weight, and practice to get the best no-wobble results. The Aviator is one of the more pricier mini jibs available on the market, but it's compact folding design is unique allowing to be extremely compact and fast. The Aviator Jib can be found in both Carbon Fiber and in Aluminum (click here).

Travel Jib Carbon Fiber Aluminum Aviator Mini CraneCarbon Fiber Aviator Travel Jib
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Here's a fun little video a few friends of mine came up with to showcase basic dynamic camera movements using one of those new Carbon Fiber Mini Cranes (a.k.a Micro Video Jibs). This version breaks down into two pieces to about 30" inches, but can telescope to a full 6.5' Feet long.

In this video you can see that the crane was not used at full extension. Unlike a fixed length crane, these telescoping versions are handy when the project doesn't require as much travel, or if you're in tight spaces. It also helps to use it at shorter lengths so you can work with less counterweights. You can find these Carbon Fiber Mini Video Jibs following the link via eBay (Click Here).

Carbon Fiber Crane-Mini-Jib
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WideOpenCamera.com Overview of Avaiator

The next product i'll be working with is the new Aviator Travel Jib (seen above) which is a one piece (not two) design, and collapses to an amazing 24"! It can still be telescoped out to a full 6' Feet and comes with a fluid base installed. This not only saves you money from buying a strong video head, but it also means you don't need to pack a bulky video head for panning. You really have to see it in person to appreciate the convenience of traveling with this little jib. The Aviator also has bearings at each pivot point for smoother vertical operation. The one piece design allows you to setup very quickly and break down just as fast.

Nice Industries Aviator JibAviator Travel Jib Crane Mini
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I liked everything about the Aviator, but at a $500+ dollar price tag (seen here), I feel it will really target those who specifically need the convenience of traveling with a high quality uber-compact crane. If your goal is to get smooth Jib footage, of course that can be achieved by many different and less expensive products. If you are looking for a mini crane that is easy to travel with, can be set up quickly, and folds down to just 24" inches this may be the only current option. I will publish a video using the Aviator pretty soon. The Aviator is available in Mag Alloy or a lightweight Carbon Fiber version. More about the Aviator Jib can be found via Amazon (click here)

Avaiator JibAviator Travel Jib
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Live Feed Mini Jibs Available Now - via eBay