Carbon Fiber Mini Crane Micro Jib Video Samples

Here's a fun little video a few friends of mine came up with to showcase basic dynamic camera movements using one of those new Carbon Fiber Mini Cranes (a.k.a Micro Video Jibs). This version breaks down into two pieces to about 30" inches, but can telescope to a full 6.5' Feet long.

In this video you can see that the crane was not used at full extension. Unlike a fixed length crane, these telescoping versions are handy when the project doesn't require as much travel, or if you're in tight spaces. It also helps to use it at shorter lengths so you can work with less counterweights. You can find these Carbon Fiber Mini Video Jibs following the link via eBay (Click Here).

Carbon Fiber Crane-Mini-Jib
find-price-button Carbon Fiber Telescoping Mini Video Crane/Jib Overview of Avaiator

The next product i'll be working with is the new Aviator Travel Jib (seen above) which is a one piece (not two) design, and collapses to an amazing 24"! It can still be telescoped out to a full 6' Feet and comes with a fluid base installed. This not only saves you money from buying a strong video head, but it also means you don't need to pack a bulky video head for panning. You really have to see it in person to appreciate the convenience of traveling with this little jib. The Aviator also has bearings at each pivot point for smoother vertical operation. The one piece design allows you to setup very quickly and break down just as fast.

Nice Industries Aviator JibAviator Travel Jib Crane Mini
find-price-button The Aviator Travel Jib

I liked everything about the Aviator, but at a $500+ dollar price tag (seen here), I feel it will really target those who specifically need the convenience of traveling with a high quality uber-compact crane. If your goal is to get smooth Jib footage, of course that can be achieved by many different and less expensive products. If you are looking for a mini crane that is easy to travel with, can be set up quickly, and folds down to just 24" inches this may be the only current option. I will publish a video using the Aviator pretty soon. The Aviator is available in Mag Alloy or a lightweight Carbon Fiber version. More about the Aviator Jib can be found via Amazon (click here)

Avaiator JibAviator Travel Jib
find-price-button The Aviator Travel Jib

Live Feed Mini Jibs Available Now - via eBay

29 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber Mini Crane Micro Jib Video Samples

  1. Ben Scott

    Hi all,

    These lkook lovely but just that tiny bit too lightweight for my needs. I'm trying to find the most inexpensive travel jib that could hold a Red Scarlet + Stills lense.

    Any thoughts? It would be great if all these producers did a + version that could handle 7-10kg

    Thanks in advance...

  2. @Steven, it is the VC version that I have, mainly used for videos and is really a great inexpensive run n gun lens. Even though I now mostly use a 16-35 and 70-200 IS II 2.8 the Tamron 17-50 still have a place in my bag:)

    @pixcanfly: Can't say much about the 'vibration dampening qualities' as I don't have an alloy version of it but I upgraded my initial Kickstarter order from alloy to CF just for the other specs you mentioned. Very glad that I did.

  3. Steven

    @jayhas- do you have the VC version of the tamrom 17-50mm?

    Either way, do you like it?
    Do you usually use it for videos or stills?

    I'm trying to look for a good run and gun video lens that won't kill my wallet.

  4. pixcanfly

    I'm putting my money down for the Aviator but not sure to go with the alloy or cf version. The weight, length and max camera loading weight is not of a concern to me However, the Aviator website claim that the "Carbon fiber's vibration dampening qualities can't be beat"

    Does the "vibration dampening qualities" worth the upgrade?

  5. The CF Aviator Jib packs incredibly small plus very light that it lives in one small bag with my CX190 tripod. Just today I tested it carrying a MK3 with 16-35mm with no problem at all. I've yet to find a way to mount my Merlin head on it.

    Here's an earlier video (with a 60D mounted) I made soon after receiving it while also testing a Genus Eclipse variable ND.

  6. Chris Bernard

    I have the carbon fiber aviator, it's a very well made product. You can really get a nice traveling solution with this setup and a decent mid-size tripod like a Manfrotto 055 or 190. It can fly a Canon Mark III but also works quite well with smaller mirrorless cameras too.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Sigmund - It will fly a 5D Mark III with 16-35mm with ease. The BlackMagic is much heavier.

  8. Sigmund

    Anyone have tried this on 5d iii and 16-35? I have not seen a blackmagic camera yet hopefully its heavier than 5d and 1635?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @pixcanfly - Here's a few things where the Aviator is different.

    (1) The Aviator comes with a panning base. The other Jib requires you to purchase a fluid head that can support at least 15+ lbs, which may run you at least another $140+ dollars. (2) The Aviator is 6" smaller when packed up. (3) The Aviator is a one piece design so it's faster to setup and breakdown. (4) The Aviator has bearings in each pivot point. (5) I'm sure the Aviator has better customer service.

    These are all things that one would expect to pay a bit more for a product, but whether or not it's everything you need is up to you. In the end they are both excellent products for their listing price. They both go up and down very smoothly, and i'm confident to use either one for professional DSLR Video projects.

  10. pixcanfly


    how would you rate the Carbon Fiber Telescoping Mini Video Crane/Jib against the aviator jib. The aviator is almost double the price, is it twice as good?

  11. We used the aviator jib earlier this month on a shoot and we put out a BTS with it:

    and we also filmed a quick little video about the jib

    Its a cool little jib when you cant bring a full sized one into the field. We have shot snowboarding, kayaking, horse riding, etc with it and its perfect for that sort of situation.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @David - I agree, i'm also fond of the Aviator design and how compact the system is. I'll have a video around the product out soon. Knowing how some of these tools are out of reach for beginner budgets, it's great to see other quality options available.

  13. David

    I have the carbon fiber aviator and I am very pleased with it. Super easy to setup and use. Light weight and compact. Yes it's a bit pricey compared to others but I feel it's worth it. Also worth mentioning is the customer service is awesome. I had a few questions about the jib shortly after it arrived and got responses almost immediately. I would recommend the aviator to anyone who is thinking about adding a jib to their arsenal.

  14. Yeah I've been happy with mine - got the ~$300 one without the markings. It was making some crunching noise when I first tried it so I took it apart and smoothed out where the holes are drilled. (bits of carbon fiber still there) Its a lot more smooth after that and loosening the bolts a little.

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