10.5 Foot Scaleable Tilt Head Jib Crane

The online store that carries the Wieldy Vest Stabilizer system recently posted up a new crane / jib that uses a cable driven tilt head.

tilt head jib

This allows the operator to adjust the angle of the camera by tilting the angle of a Video Fluid Head (much like the Varavon Tilt Found Here). The total telescoped length is 10.5' (feet) but can be adjusted to operate shorter. Check it out from the eBay seller following the link (here).

tilt head jibportable crane tilt head
wire cable tilt head cranetilt head crane
find-price-button 10.5 Portable Telescoping Tilt Head Video Crane / Jib

6 thoughts on “10.5 Foot Scaleable Tilt Head Jib Crane

  1. Advice

    For those that missed it...

    There is a video on the ebay page. It's actually the first thing in the description so is pretty hard to miss.

  2. icaro

    I asked for a demo video and the seller post a broken link that aparently must contain that demo video, but, and this is funny, he increase the price. When I asked, price was $299, now is $368!

  3. yeah, exactly. no video = no buy. how hard would it be for the makers/distributors of this jib to film a 30 sec clip to show off that smoothness? or is the price too good to be true?

  4. OldCorpse

    Jibs/cranes and the like are useless if you can't see them in action - or preferably be able to try out yourself. You can't really tell a thing from photos. That is because many of these designs in real life wobble or shake even if you try to be very careful, and any wobble or shake completely disqualifies it in use.

    I would never buy a jib/crane without either trying one myself or having detailed reports I trust (like if Emm tested them).

    So who can tell anything from these photos?

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