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ProAM USA wants to Giveaway 1 FREE TigerTilt Remote Joystick Motorized Pan Tilt Head. Complete the form below to enter. Enter once a day to increase your chances, and this offer ends March 24th. Good luck!

proam usa motorized joystick control pan tilt proam usa tiger tilt remote joystick pan tilt head proam usa tigertiltProAm USA MOTORIZED JOYSTICK REMOTE CONTROL PAN & TILT HEAD - TIGERTILT
Product Description:
TigerTilt is a full function remote controlled pan & tilt head by ProAm USA. This is an affordable motorized panhead which is controlled by a single, pressure sensitive joystick remote. The construction is strong, yet lightweight aluminum allowing it to support up to 8 lbs. We recommend that off camera audio recording be done to eliminate noise from the motors.

It's a fully portable unit, powered by the included LPE6 battery and adapter plate. For studio use, it also includes a 12V AC Adapter.

The TigerTilt uses a 10 foot, 4 pin XLR cable to transmit power through the joystick remote. The included 10' cable can be daisy chained for longer reach.


Today DJI announced the new OSMO Mobile Gimbal for Smartphones. Yes, there are already plenty of existing smartphone gimbals on the market, but what makes the OSMO Mobile different is the way the gimbal interacts with the smartphone via the DJI GO app.

dji osmo mobile gimbal

A few features are Face Tracking to automatically pan and tilt the gimbal, work as a Motorized Pan Tilt head for motion timelapse, and even Live Stream to YouTube and Facebook from within the app. As far as Smartphone Gimbals go, I think they just stole the show. There's a list of other features for the OSMO Mobile available now at the DJI Website (found here).

dji osmo mobile gimbal smartphone


Cruising the NAB Show floor this year, the CAME-TV Accordion Jib with it's odd looking design got a fair share of attention. Having sold some of these units, CAME-TV has asked me to walk through my setup process with this system in hopes that it could help some of the other Accordion users out there. It's also a good reference video for those curious about this system.

So this video walks you through my assembly of the CAME-TV Accordion Jib which is actually quite simple. The process to set it up is much faster than the length of this video (as I was trying to narrate the bits and pieces). - Note: There are no sample videos from this jib. That would be in the next video.

At first attempt, the Accordion Jib might seem a bit overwhelming with the crazy design, but there are only a few Major parts to this system with about a dozen clamp knobs or so. The tripod is made up of 3 pieces + Caster wheels, the Jib needs the motor and Front Head attached, and finally the Rear bar for the counterweights and joystick.

It's certainly not a system that would replace your lightweight carbon fiber travel jib, but could be a clever system for anyone looking to purchase a 15 foot jib. One thing is for sure, it's definitely a head-turner and conversation starter. There are additional Photos, Videos, and more information about the CAME-TV Accordion Jib at the product page (HERE).

Learn-More-sm Came-TV Motorized Accordion Jib Telescoping Video Crane


I received this motorized Pan/Tilt video head a short while back, but we finally just got around to mounting up this Senna Five Second Head up to one of our Video Cranes. Any time you can combine a motorized Pan / Tilt head to a video crane, you're going to come up with some interesting camera movements.

The name of the product comes from how quick it is to mount to your Video Jib (after you've balanced your camera). Wireless operation of the Five Second Head is an optional feature, so you don't require the communication cable. Operation is smooth, and there are many settings available to adjust your pan and tilt speeds. The ability to program up to six memory points to repeat scene and speed comes in handy to pull off consistent movements. Here's a short video we did showing some of the features along with example footage shot using the Senna Five Second Head.

Product Description:
Aimed toward the DSLR and small HD cam market, the Five Second Head weighs in at 4.4lbs (2kg), allows 360 degrees of pan/tilt, six points of memory for scene storage, speed replay, memory recalls and loop cycles. Motion Control features allow time lapse in six different speed settings and storage of 30 second head movements.

• Pan and tilt 360 degree rotations, two axes
• Wireless Range: 1640' (500m) line of sight
• Timelapse function 90 degreed – 60 minutes,
six different speeds
• Six memory points to store favorite scene and
speed replay
• Auto memory recalls and loop cycle
• Motion Control – store up to 30 seconds of
wanted head movement
• UV joystick backlight for night working mode
• Two ramp modes for smooth starting and
• Tilt and Pan joystick polarity configuration
• Power: Rechargeable 12v Battery
• Wireless Frequency: 431 / 478 MHz, frequency is
preset on 444 MHz and cannot be changed on
device, only at factory when ordering, in steps of
200 KHz (200 Channels)
• Head Weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)
• Weight Capacity: 8.8lbs (4kg)
• Head Dimension: 9"x11"x5" (23x28x12cm)
• Remote Control: 6 memory point buttons, menu
button, speed reply, pan and tilt joystick, gain
control, night mode plate
• Case: Flight Case 7.9"x15.7"x19.7" (20x40x50cm)

For more information about Senna products, you can check out their website at https://www.Senna.hr.
Senna Five Second Head Cheesycam
Senna Five Second Head - Motorized Pan Tilt Video Crane Head


Your basic Jib / Crane will give you smooth vertical (up/down) movements. With a pan head placed under the crane, you will combine both horizontal (left/right) and vertical movements. Attach a video head to the end of the crane and you'll be able to maintain a subject in frame even when the crane is panning horizontally similar to a track dolly or slider. That's quite a bit of options for a crane, but once you've added a motorized pan/tilt head, it will open up amazing camera movements that are otherwise impossible to achieve through any other tool.

Last week we decided to mount up the Servo City MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System to one of our jibs. We were able to capture smooth overhead rotating shots down to low tilt movements. The speed of the motorized Pan/Tilt system can be adjusted through the joystick, and the rotation of the motors can be reversed to the joystick movements to suit your preference. The unit can be mounted right side up, or underslung (which I prefer). It can mount to jibs with a bowl adapter or standard 1/4-20 mounts.

We will be using this new setup for an upcoming project, but as with any tool it does take quite a bit of practice. The MT1100-SS is much smoother than it appears in our first practice video (above). The system weighs only 2 pounds and can support up to a 6 pound payload. For around $649 the kit comes with everything you need to start performing motorized Pan / Tilt movements on your jib and more information about this head can be found at the ServoCity.com MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt system over at the product page (Click Here).

Servo City Pan Tilt HeadServo city Motorized Pan Tilt
find-price-button ServoCity.com MPT1100-SS Pan & Tilt System

For jibs smaller than 4ft. I don't really suggest adding an entire motorized pan/tilt setup. You will probably get best results working with at least an 8ft. or longer jib setup. For larger heavier camera equipment, you will need a stronger system than the MPT-1100SS and instead look towards the PT-2100 (found here). There is also a good number of long jib/cranes available and a small variety of motorized pan/tilt products available via eBay (click here).

crane head motorized pan tilt remote controlmotorized pan tilt crane headapan tilt head jib crane systempan tilt motorized head
find-price-button Motorized Pan Tilt Head 8-12ft Jib Cranes


find-price-button Polaroid Motorized Pan Tilt

Here's an interesting product that was linked to from Venga. The idea was to use it on the Pico Flex Dolly. What you see above is an inexpensive motorized Pan / Tilt head with wireless remote. Previous popular inexpensive motorized pan heads were from Bescor, but this is a new version from Polaroid which says it's designed to support a full SLR camera up to 7lbs. That's quite a bit. It looks like it's using infrared for it's wireless remote, but says it comes with a 20ft sensor cord + another 20ft extension cord, so no worries about line of sight. Can be powered with (5) AA batteries or DC in. Could be a fun addition to some DIY projects out there. Anyone try this out yet? I'm thinking GoPro HD camera, or maybe my Sony HX9V mounted outside a car with controlled pan / tilt...



  • Panning Angle - 120 Degrees
  • Pan Speed - 6 Degrees Per Second
  • Tilt Angle - 30 Degrees
  • Tilt Speed - 4 Degrees Per Second
  • Maximum Load - 7 lbs
  • Power Sources - Remote= 1 CR2032, Head= 5 AA or DC Converter
  • Remote Transmitter Distance - 30'
  • Remote Sensor Cable - 20ft
  • Remote Sensor Extension Cable - 20ft
  • While the Bescor Motorized heads ran over $130-200 dollars, these Polaroid Motorized heads are listing for about $94 dollars on eBay (check prices here).

    Over on Amazon, the same Polaroid motorized Pan / Tilt head for SLR cameras runs just over $64 dollars and ships free for Prime members.


    find-price-button Polaroid Automatic Motorized Pan Head With Wireless Remote Control For SLR Cameras & Camcorders

    [Update] Thanks to Steven for writing in. There may be an even cheaper price, but only a few in stock (Click Here)
    for Polaroid Wireless Motorized Pan Tilt Head