New DJI Mobile Smartphone Gimbal with App Control

Today DJI announced the new OSMO Mobile Gimbal for Smartphones. Yes, there are already plenty of existing smartphone gimbals on the market, but what makes the OSMO Mobile different is the way the gimbal interacts with the smartphone via the DJI GO app.

dji osmo mobile gimbal

A few features are Face Tracking to automatically pan and tilt the gimbal, work as a Motorized Pan Tilt head for motion timelapse, and even Live Stream to YouTube and Facebook from within the app. As far as Smartphone Gimbals go, I think they just stole the show. There's a list of other features for the OSMO Mobile available now at the DJI Website (found here).

dji osmo mobile gimbal smartphone

10 thoughts on “New DJI Mobile Smartphone Gimbal with App Control

  1. Hey Emm;)

    Yes Moondog Labs/Gimbal with this one would be nice to see done and tested by You !..i bought the Z1 zhiyun gimbal Smooth version 2, and am in heaven with my iphone 6s and that Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter lens, it works like a charm, and with one counterweight from them is almost balanced perfectly.The rest is taken care of by the strong motors from zhiyun's gimbal. i wonder also if a wide angel lens put on an iphone or android would see the rolling motor on the DJI handheld cell phone gimbal... on the right siide iof the filmed clip area?

  2. stephen shepherd

    I had it for a day...returning it. hard to balance with iPhone 6s, not NEARLY the manual controls or options of the regular osmo, it was wandering all over the place for me. Also, it's really hard to see/control whats going on when the camera IS the monitor. i really liked controlling the x3 osmo from a different room, where i could actually see/hold/control the phone. No LUTS or LOG setting.
    It would be good for a single Vlogger shooting themselves, but thats about it.

  3. Hogo

    Some YouTube reviews of this unit are just great. The tracking is also a useful feature. I'm thinking of getting one just to try with the lens adapter systems that are phone compatible.

  4. Jonathan Jett

    Hey Mr Cheesycam.. long time reader, first time poster here... I'm wondering if you can be talked into updating your previous Moondog Labs/Gimbal review to include this one. Between the new FilmicPro updates plus advances in gimbal tech (encoders especially) much has changed and I can't imagine I'm the only regular reader who is interested in your thoughts -- particularly because the moondog labs lens throws the balance off. Thanks, Jonathan Jett

  5. Edward Chew

    I looked on the website and it gives very small dimensions 58.6mm-84.8mm long and up to 8.4mm thick for the phones it works with then it says that it works with the iPhone 6s+ which is 158.1x77.8x7.1 or similar android phones I have a note 4 which is 153.5x 78.6x 8.5 Will it work with it? I tried to contact them but the girl I got just read off the website that is misleading. Do you know?

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