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Finally! The 550D / T2i aftermarket battery grip + 2 batteries is sitting here at my desk, and i'll have more photos and full review later when I get back home. There are many sellers, but the boxes seem to be the same packaging. Does anyone have a different box? Send in your photos and comments, i'll do an awesome review for everyone when I get back home. Click the image above if you want to buy one from the same eBay seller I purchased mine from.


click image

I've been getting alot of comments and questions regarding these new Canon 550D / T2i battery grips that are now available from eBay overseas starting at only $36 dollars!!. With so many readers following this blog, I felt a responsibility to do an official review on these things. I placed my order with an eBay seller from China, so hopefully i'll see this item in the next week or so (if it's not a scam). Once I receive the item, i'll get something online to let you know the build quality and if it works well. Or if you're the daring to type to dish out $36.00 dollars and can't wait for the review, you'll find them at this link. Stay tuned!

I'm not sure if I got the best price, I opted to purchase a grip with 2 weird labeled batteries. I wanted to test these weird batteries to see if they too are compatible without issues. Follow this link to the exact seller I purchased my 550D Battery Grip + 2 batteries from.



Originally the battery grips for the 550D and T2i were very hard to come by. There were no aftermarket ones available. There were of course aftermarket batteries, which I was able to purchase and they work great, but I had to special order an OEM canon grip from Calumet in San Diego. I just got a comment on my last post about the aftermarket batteries for the T2i / 550D, stating that the Aftermarket grips are now available for as low as $69.00 dollars and they come with x2 batteries + Free Shipping. You can find a list of these grips following this link.

Below are some images i've grabbed from an eBay seller, and they look pretty spot on to the real thing.

Click here to buy Aftermarket Battery Grips + Batteries from eBay for the Canon EOS 550D T2i
If anyone has already received these items, holla back, comment on this post, or share it through the Share widget below.


Wow, it's been a struggle trying to get a hold of one of these Battery Grips for the Canon EOS 550D a.k.a. T2i. This is the OEM Canon BG-E8 part number which I could not find in stock on Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo Video. Much props to the guys at Calumet San Francisco for tracking one down in their San Diego store and having it shipped. This grip definitely makes holding the Canon EOS 550D alot easier, especially since it's front heavy from a lens.

A must have piece of equipment if you own a T2i, not just for double the battery life, not just for the flexibility of using Eneloop batteries, but for the stability it can add to your shots. (Not to mention making it look a bit more like it's bigger siblings...). The problem is even on eBay you won't find USA sellers carrying this item. The best bet on eBay is to order the OEM versions from overseas. You can find the BG-E8 battery grip for the Canon EOS 550D / T2i available through this link - Click Here.

Canon EOS 550D T2i Battery Grip BG-E8


Props for Vimeo member Daniel Bochenski for rigging up his own version of the ' BodyPod DSLR stabilizer ' I posted up here::::
His video (Above) shows some fine examples of how a monopod, when used correctly, can support your camera weight and give you some super steady footage.

Well the T2i came in for me last week, and I really haven't had the chance to play around with it. Right off the bat, you'll get yourself stuck if you don't have Class 6 (speed) SDHC card required to shoot videos with it. Having the 5DM2 and 7D already those both only use Compact Flash. So get yourself stocked up on some Class 6 rated SDHC cards. Hopefully i'll get some video samples online for others to see soon.

Another problem I had with the camera was the weight. It's super light which could be an advantage in certain situations, but sometimes you need that extra bulk for better handling. I suggest that you pick definitely pick up the Battery Grip by Canon. Not only will it add more grip, it will add more available power, and increase the 'looks per hour' rating on your DSLR.