Aftermarket 550D / T2i Battery Grip Review

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I've been getting alot of comments and questions regarding these new Canon 550D / T2i battery grips that are now available from eBay overseas starting at only $36 dollars!!. With so many readers following this blog, I felt a responsibility to do an official review on these things. I placed my order with an eBay seller from China, so hopefully i'll see this item in the next week or so (if it's not a scam). Once I receive the item, i'll get something online to let you know the build quality and if it works well. Or if you're the daring to type to dish out $36.00 dollars and can't wait for the review, you'll find them at this link. Stay tuned!

I'm not sure if I got the best price, I opted to purchase a grip with 2 weird labeled batteries. I wanted to test these weird batteries to see if they too are compatible without issues. Follow this link to the exact seller I purchased my 550D Battery Grip + 2 batteries from.

10 thoughts on “Aftermarket 550D / T2i Battery Grip Review

  1. admin

    Post author

    Hi, I just updated my post with a new paragraph and a link to the exact seller I've purchased mine from. As of today, I still have not received it but that's expected from overseas sellers. Shipping can be slow at times.

  2. admin

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    I'm still waiting on mine to come in. I'll get something online as soon as I get it. Keep checking back.

  3. timbatec

    c'mon guys I need some good review compared with the original battery grip from Canon 🙂

  4. i just recieved mine today and i love it already! unfortunately ive never shot/ played with a camera with a canon grip so i cant compare it to anything. but so far its working great. and in my opinion doesnt feel cheap at all.

  5. ben

    i ordered mine a week and a half ago for $69.99, hopefully its here sometime this week, cant wait to add some bulk to this little camera

  6. were these $36 grips an auction or a bin? i noticed they raised/ added a reserve price to them. awesome blog btw!

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