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I've been getting alot of comments and questions regarding these new Canon 550D / T2i battery grips that are now available from eBay overseas starting at only $36 dollars!!. With so many readers following this blog, I felt a responsibility to do an official review on these things. I placed my order with an eBay seller from China, so hopefully i'll see this item in the next week or so (if it's not a scam). Once I receive the item, i'll get something online to let you know the build quality and if it works well. Or if you're the daring to type to dish out $36.00 dollars and can't wait for the review, you'll find them at this link. Stay tuned!

I'm not sure if I got the best price, I opted to purchase a grip with 2 weird labeled batteries. I wanted to test these weird batteries to see if they too are compatible without issues. Follow this link to the exact seller I purchased my 550D Battery Grip + 2 batteries from.



Originally the battery grips for the 550D and T2i were very hard to come by. There were no aftermarket ones available. There were of course aftermarket batteries, which I was able to purchase and they work great, but I had to special order an OEM canon grip from Calumet in San Diego. I just got a comment on my last post about the aftermarket batteries for the T2i / 550D, stating that the Aftermarket grips are now available for as low as $69.00 dollars and they come with x2 batteries + Free Shipping. You can find a list of these grips following this link.

Below are some images i've grabbed from an eBay seller, and they look pretty spot on to the real thing.

Click here to buy Aftermarket Battery Grips + Batteries from eBay for the Canon EOS 550D T2i
If anyone has already received these items, holla back, comment on this post, or share it through the Share widget below.



Yeah everything that guy Midas touched turned to gold. Sounds great, but didn't work out too well. Lately everything the Cheesycam blog talks about inflates like prices of Gold. I just got a comment regarding the aftermarket 550D / T2i batteries from an eBay seller. I won't mention any names, but i'll embed a JPEG!

hi-etech-ebay<<<Here's the updated link to a Seller who has the same batteries as I use, and for cheap.

What can you do? Comment, Feedback, Share! I do my best to review the items I buy, and post information from other readers, to share those savings with others in the DSLR community. I can't always keep track of these items, so if you have any news, feedback, or comments on anything Holla Back! It helps everyone. Thanks.


I thought this was old news and everyone was already using these. I purchased these batteries just weeks after the Canon 5D Mark II was announced! Yeah they are pretty old, but still rocking and rollin'. Apparently after posting my aftermarket battery video for the 550D & T2i, I received many questions on the 5DM2 / 7D aftermarket batteries.

So these batteries work differently. They don't charge on OEM canon chargers, and they don't display battery life. Other than that they are dirt cheap and work just as long (i think so). I'm also using aftermarket China 'battery grips' on both my 5D Mark II & 7D. Prices have gone up a bit. I purchased mine for about $10.00 dollars. The Canon 5D Mark II and 7D use the same type of batteries. I purchased mine from this seller. It's going for about $14.00 dollars. Click this link to purchase.

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