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After my recent posts on the Flycam Nano, there's been quite a lot of interest in budget stabilizers. Of course they aren't built as well as the Glidecam stabilizers, nor can they carry the amount of weight. If you've got a big camera, the Glidecam HD stabilizers are well worth the bucks. For those who are on a budget and want something larger than the Flycam Nano, you can always find some good deals on some used Glidecam Pro systems. There is usually 2000's and even 4000 Pro models available and sure does beat paying full price.

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I've been getting alot of comments and questions regarding these new Canon 550D / T2i battery grips that are now available from eBay overseas starting at only $36 dollars!!. With so many readers following this blog, I felt a responsibility to do an official review on these things. I placed my order with an eBay seller from China, so hopefully i'll see this item in the next week or so (if it's not a scam). Once I receive the item, i'll get something online to let you know the build quality and if it works well. Or if you're the daring to type to dish out $36.00 dollars and can't wait for the review, you'll find them at this link. Stay tuned!

I'm not sure if I got the best price, I opted to purchase a grip with 2 weird labeled batteries. I wanted to test these weird batteries to see if they too are compatible without issues. Follow this link to the exact seller I purchased my 550D Battery Grip + 2 batteries from.

Wow, the T2i is really blowing up the market. Who knew? Ok, i'm lying...I knew it. Which is the reason why I ordered mine as quickly as possible. Once these things hit the streets and actually proved itself worthy enough to hang with some of the big boys (at a great price), then the demand for the T2i just exploded. Well if you can't find it in the stores, chances are it's on eBay. A slight $50.00 markup over cost is probably what you're looking to pay if you really really really want one. Grab an Available Canon 550D T2i.