Rotating Video Shot with Model

I happened across a small forum over at where they were wondering how this rotating shot was done above. They seem to be going more towards large circular dolly tracks huge sets, with rotating backgrounds. All too complicated.

I'm not a registered forum guy, but hopefully someone will see this and answer their questions about how it was done. I worked on a very similar shot before using a green screen background, and that's the reason I came up with this little doo-hickey here:

The fan was placed in front of the model and also on the rotating lazy susan to keep the hair blowing away from her face as she rotates. Look closely at the catch light in her eyes (reflection) and you can see the lights don't rotate with her. She's definitely on a rotating lazy susan platform. Hope this helps guys...

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  1. terry

    @ Kim Guanzon Thanks! I see I wasn't the only person who couldn't get this song out of their head. (I don't if that's good or bad. LOL) It went well with the commercial though!

  2. Nathan Peterson

    I had to do this same thing just last week (minus the hair blowing part). We just had the model kneel on an office chair and had somebody spin the chair manually while laying on the floor.

  3. Doug

    We're trying to figure out how this could be done in real life, right? Just curious: the video is CG, the girl is CG... Serious.

  4. Hi Emm,

    Yes to green screen and Lazy Susan. The fan is also turned off when ramping speed. Her hair lays flat, in order to hide fast flying follicles. Say that three times. 😉 The light does not track her eye, but move to the left. Representing a stationary light. Compositing with After Effects.

    Long time follower,

  5. -=W=-

    It doesn't look like a green screen shot to me. I was on a recent film shoot where the DP mounted an Arri Alexa to a motorized, trackless dolly. The wheels were angled so that the camera made a continuous sweep around the subject. The softbox lights were also mounted to the dolly to give consistent lighting as the camera tracked around the subject. The catch lights tracked with the camera, not the subject. It looks like they mounted a kicker below the camera in this video.

  6. Emm,

    Do you have any updated tools for the lazy susan you built? I know you said that it was quickly thrown together, so was wondering if you had fine-tuned it with more specific items.


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