Fancier Small Camera Ball Head Mount

I've been asked to recommend a good small ball head that would work well with the Pico Flex Dolly or a good one for small sliders. I tested out a few, and the one that seems to fit the best is the Fancier FT6691. It's larger than the Giottos mini ball head, but still smaller than the larger Fancier Ball head I often use with the Konova Slider. For the price, it's a perfect little head for even DSLR cameras giving you extra stability with your sliders or table dollies.


All metal with strong clamp force to keep the camera in position and a quick release plate (with safety latch) so you don't have to spin your camera off. So far I haven't found anything else that offers this type of bang for the buck. If you've got suggestions for a good similar feature ball head, let me know. Floating around $24 dollars, you can find them over at eBay (click here)

find-price-button Fancier Small Positionable Locking Camera Ball Head - via eBay

Cheaper and available for Prime shipping over at Amazon below (click here)

find-price-button Fancier Small Camera Ball Head - via Amazon

18 thoughts on “Fancier Small Camera Ball Head Mount

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @facteur kaloun - You won't remove anything from your ball head. You would place this quick release on top of the ball head quick release.

  2. Emm, thank you very much.
    I was willing to buy a few of these but i just wasn't sure if i could fit them on top of a ball head.
    Are you saying that i can remove for example this Fancier 6691's baseplate and replace it with those P&C baseplates in your link ??
    That sounds good to me, thank you 🙂

  3. Hello,
    I just received my Pico Dolly a few days ago, and as you said, with the articulated arm, i get subtle vibrations when filming with my Sony A33 DSLR. The camera weights nearly 1Kg with some lenses). So as an owner of the 717AH tripod, i would like to know if the 717AH QR plate would mount on this Fancier FT6691 ball-head, even if the plate of the 717 is longer than this FT6691 QR plate.
    If not, then do you know any ball-head that could take this 717AH QR plate and still leave enough room for the Pico Dolly Wheels ? Thank you for your help.

  4. Georgia

    I have the same question as mh above. I'm using the Manfrotto QR 577 with the 501PL plate on my Glidecam HD-4000 and Manfrotto 701HDV head. I just got the Pico dolly to play around a bit, nothing serious, so I don't want to sink a ton of money into it. Does this head's QR support the 501PL?

  5. J Taylor

    @Emm thanks for the reply. The clamp knob on the side won't move. It is just stuck in the vertical position so I can't adjust the ballhead in any way.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @J Taylor - I'm not clear on what you mean by turning for adjustments. The knob on the side of the ball head just locks the ball in place. If it is not locking in place, there could be something wrong with the ballhead?

  7. J Taylor

    Thanks for this advice, I ordered the recommended ballhead to use on the Pico dolly and it does indeed seem very strong, but I can't get the clamp knob to turn for adjustments. I even tried loosening the screw that holds the knob and the thing won't budge. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. mh

    Would be great if it is possible to show how QR base is removed from FT-6664H and replaced by manfrotto 557 or calumet QR base -> ebay sellers are promoting this possibility. I'm searching for a solution where the same QR system will be used on my fluid head 501 HDV, slider, skater etc. Manfrotto's ball head with the same QR system is to expensive.

  9. Scott

    Where do you get that little setup screw adapter thing?
    I need that to make it work. I just got the Pico Flex Dolly. I love it. works great with my iPhone I want to try it will my dSLR now.

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