Tekkeon to Camera AC Wall Adapter

The Tekkeon battery packs i'm using can vary voltage from 5V-19V DC. You've probably seen me powering up the 600 /900 LED light panels and also the ASUS Wireless HD streaming WiCast. By using a simple coupler, I can attach it to the Canon OEM AC-E6 wall adapter dummy battery and power up the Canon DSLRs. For those who want to use this on a rig, check out the video review I did on the Tekkeon Snap Package which adds on a second battery for extra capacity, and 15mm Rig mount from CPMFilmTools (here). Bits and pieces needed for this mod found below.

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery

find-price-button 5.5mm Female to Female DC Coupler

find-price-button Canon AC-E6 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter

This little battery mod is not exclusive to just Canon DSLRs. I know that even Panasonic GH2 cameras have a wall adapter (found here) that outputs 8.4V DC. The Tekkeon battery just happens to have that exact 8.4V setting too, making it perfect to use something like this for longer run times on the GH2. You just need the adapter that comes with the dummy battery.

find-price-button DMC-GH2 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter

31 thoughts on “Tekkeon to Camera AC Wall Adapter

  1. younes

    sorry i'm littel too late for this comment !! but pleas do u still use this setup & is it worth to spend the money for this setup instead buying multiple batteries !!

    ps: how much ~the battery last

  2. Sorry to revive an old post.. but i'm using the Tekkeon 3450i R3 to power my 5d mk3 for time lapse shots. I use my iphone as an intervalometer with the trigger trap app but when I plug them both into the Tekkeon, the iPhone starts charging but the camera loses power.

    Is this normal? Hard to believe the 5d on the dc line and iphone on usb draw too much power. Has anyone tested this out?

  3. In case anyone else is interested, the connector tekkeon uses is made by Kycon and is the KPPX-3P connector. You can buy it from Mouser here:

    I read Nick's post above about the center pin breaking, and decided to just cut the barrel plug end off and solder on the KPPX-3P to plug the dummy battery directly into the tekkeon. Works great, and gets rid of extra connection points that could come lose. Of course, then the dummy battery can only be powered off the tekkon and you lose the ability to run it off the AC brick. As long as you don't plan on using the AC brick, it's a cleaner solution.

    @laughingcrows – you could use the T2i dummy battery this way.

  4. If anyone is interested... The only way to power the zoom off usb is to use the barrel, not the usb port. I had to do some trial and error to match up the barrel for the H4n. Even zoom support couldn't give me diameter size.
    The one that fits is 4.0mm. You can ebay search for USB 5V DC to 4.0mm

    Super cheap and allows me to run the zoom off of Emm's no name 12v / 5V usb battery

  5. Al

    Hi Emm,

    any chance you could try this in a battery grip situation with another standard battery?
    Do you think this would give you backup power where the cable to become disconnected?

    Thanks in advance

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  7. Emm

    Post author

    @James Booba - The power adapter drops the voltage down to 8V, you shouldn't power it directly with 12V.

  8. James Booba

    hey guys,
    is it possible to power canons with 12V? since the original power adapter has 8V and the battery supplies 7.2, guess there is some kind of limiter?


  9. I bought this setup for a 10hour shoot tomorrow for a reality tv pilot. What I've found is that the while canon dummy battery can fit into the 5mm female to female barrel, it is not made to fit it. In fact if you notice in the video, he has a bit of a struggle getting it in on the dummy end. After doing this I see that one of the pins in the barrel is broke off, and even though it looks like a female end, the dummy battery has a small pin in the center making it a male NOT a female. This may be what broke the pin in the barrel, but it still works with an occasional short if you twist the barrel.

    My question is this safe? I have a all day shoot tommorow and the battery will be on my rig right next to my face. I'm a little worried what were to happen if Tekkeon blow up right next to my face from improper electrical connections.

    Has anyone in fact used this for an extended period of time?

  10. Hey Emm, you should check out the Energizer XP18000. I recorded\ran a zoom h4n for 11 hours on one. AND recharged a gopro hero2 and my cell at the same time. Great battery. And you don't have to worry about setting the wrong switch like with the Tekkeon.

    As for me making my own cable for a dummy battery ... I don't think so. I don't trust my electrical skills when it comes to my camera.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @laughingcrows - From the photo, It looks like the dummy battery has a DC input? If so, then you can still make your own cable to run from the Tekkeon (with coupler) to another cable that connects to the dummy battery. You just have to figure out the right size of the end plug.

  12. Rasmus

    This Tekkeon solution looks really good and versatile, and is exactly what I've been trying to find for some of my timelapse ideas. The only slight problem is that I use a Nikon D5000, and it seems that Nikon are hellbent on having a proprietary plug thats different for every single camera house. 🙁 Have anyone heard / know of a adapter from the Nikon dummy battery to something a little less esoteric?

    Cheers Rasmus

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @laughingcrows - I'm not exactly sure until I test it out, but there is also a simple USB to barrel connector that can power it through the AC input like this. (i'm not exactly sure what the barrel size is just yet, but this is an example) USB to 5V DC Barrel Jack Power Cable (click here)

    So technically you can still use the Tekkeon to power both camera and Zoom.

  14. randomher0

    Okay, too bad then. I'm working on a battery grip that takes more than two LP-E6 batteries and figured hooking it up to the AC-E6 would mean that the battery level could still be displayed on the camera

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @randomher0 - Actually I don't think it can meter that way, but there's a meter on the Tekkeon. You press a little button on the Tekkeon and it shows you the life with blue LED lights.

  16. randomher0

    I got a important question does the camera show battery remaining on the Tekkeon battery through the Canon AC-E6 dummy battery? Say that the Tekkeon battery is at 50% will the camera then show 50% ? I need to know this for a project i'm working on.

  17. Thanks guys.
    Can anyone confirm that the Zoom h4n can be used as an field recorder when powered through the usb? The only way I have to check it by plugging it into my computer - and then it just gives me the option to use it as a audio interface or a storage device.
    It would be sweet if this works...

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @fugenie - On the advice of legoman36, I tested the battery with DC output + USB power. They are on at the same time. So if the Zoom H4n can be powered via USB, you will be able to power both units at the same time from one battery. Very cool.

  19. Thanks emm. I think the V mount solution is slick, but isn't suitable for the way I like to shoot (I don't have a cine style, shoulder mount rig and I like to be as discreet and low key as possible), but I guess it's the only sensible "one battery" solution. I think your suggestion of powering the zoom externally is the most logical step - at least in theory I wouldn't have to worry about the zoom dying on me all day.

    Thanks again for your advice.

  20. legoman36

    Isnt the zoom h4n also able to be powered through the usb cable alone?
    And I think the tekkon can output its main DC line at the set voltage and still output 5v from its usb port, at least there is a picture of it doing that. Emm could you test this? Run the 7D on the tekkon, like in the video, and then just plug the zoom h4n(without batteries) into the takkon's usb port and see if it works.

  21. Henry

    @HDLR Gear
    you can get a ruff estimate using these figures:

    ≈ 4,800mAh @ 12V
    ≈ 11,600mAh @ 5V

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @HDSLR Gear - Not sure, but someone mentioned the Tekkeon battery is rated at 58 Wh (watt/hour).

  23. HDSLR Gear

    Any guess as to battery life in a situation where the Tekkeon is continuously powering the 7D?

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Fugenie - The Zoom H4n uses 5V DC which is different than the Canon LP-E6, so it's not as easy as just splitting the cable. The easiest way is to just get a separate battery just for the Zoom H4n (doesn't need to be another Tekkeon). If you want to manage several different power requirements all from one battery, you would need a very strong battery and some type of voltage management like this httpss://cheesycam.com/5d2-v-mount-battery-shoulder-pad/

  25. This is awesome emm...

    Is it also possible to run multiple accessories at the same time from the same tekkeon battery pack? That's the Holy Grail for me - if I can run my Zoom h4n of the same battery that runs my camera, it would take a lot of the stress of worrying about how much juice I've got left on all the stuff I'm running. Juggling AA batteries is not fun.

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