Nikon D4 – Video Feature Run Through

Not impressed by the Nikon D4 just yet? Vimeo member Dan Chung from DSLRNewsShooter throws up a video showcasing more of what to expect on the recently announced Nikon D4 camera. With tons more video features than the Canon 1Dx and a lower estimated price point, Nikon has really stepped up it's game. Unless Canon has some new surprise for us with a 5D Mark III anytime soon, the Nikon D4 is a camera I could really go for.

Some people will question what the quality of HDMI output is going to be, but just being able to capture through the HDMI port to something like the Atomos Ninja, bypassing the 29 minute recording issue, and saving in a compressed format that is native to FCP (no batch conversion), is a huge time saving advantage when using DSLRs for event coverage. That's worth money already to many.

After all of this information, there's no doubt the camera will be sold out on release next month. A few retailers have already listed product specs, but the only spot I know which pre-orders are available right now is via Adorama (click here).

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22 thoughts on “Nikon D4 – Video Feature Run Through

  1. In still photography Nikon is a light year away from Canon.

    Nikon is better in control and ergonomic, menu is easy to use especially in custom menu. Button very customize and well place you can find everything you want in a second but Canon is cannot.

    Nikon metering very advanced they used color matrix since 1996 and used distance to calculated meter since 80's and Nikon Capture NX is very well software for post processing.

    Today they using thermal shield in Nikon D4 and metering can detect the face that very amazing. Last, it's a lot of detail to talk but Nikon D4 is the great still camera.

    Nikon is better and not a same class of Canon.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Brandon - Not just clean HDMI, but HDMI out w/ Display metering simultaneous, Ethernet, Wifi, https Remote (like Android and iOS), stepless aperture during recording, support for XQD media, and even a basic shutter that can start and stop video, there's huge improvements from literally dozens of other DSLRs in the last 3 years. No other DSLR on the market comes close to all these features, even Canon's 1DX which is more expensive and is still not even released.

  3. Can someone explain to me what the "tons" more video features are? Not too convinced. Sure there are notable features (headphone monitoring, clean HDMI signal, DX crop), but where are the TON that you speak of?

  4. fugenie

    I wonder if the fact that Nikon, as far as I'm aware, don't have much of a video camera line to speak of, will allow them to move ahead in the DSLR video race? Canon maybe be wary of "cannibalizing sales" of their own video camera division, so maybe reluctant to put out a tick-all-the-boxes/comparably-cheaper-than-pro-camcorder video dslr.

    Like most others, I've invested quite heavily in Canon L lenses, and I'm hoping Canon have a worthy riposte...

  5. mark london

    At present there aren't any nikon to PL adapters I can find.
    But if this and the D800 take off we'll see them. And even EOS ones I imagine.

  6. Altamiradora

    I was so pissed off at Nikon for not giving me a decent digital camera that I sold everything to switch over to Canon.

    Although this camera has a lot of nice features, I'm really hesitant to switch again or even purchase it as a "second" body.

    First, can it accept PL lenses ??? Any adapters out there? I never checked.

    I'll wait for the MKIII and see. Maybe, just maybe, if Canon is not up to par, I'll buy a Nikon...oops, sorry a Scarlet ! LOL

  7. Rabi

    The headphone out is cool, but I still think it's sort of useless if you have to dig into the menus to change your levels. Go all the way and less us assign one of the many physical controls on the camera to mic level.

    This camera is really exciting. As a stills shooter getting more and more into video, it's exactly the kind of thing I'd want.

  8. vFunct

    You guys do know that Nikon was the first to introduce video in DSLRs?

    I fully expected them to have the highest-end video features of all DSLRs. The only disappointment is the lack of Raw video codec available, which just means we have to be extra careful when shooting...

  9. I have a 550d with a bunch of glass and I've been holding out for the 5D Mark III. After seeing this video however.. I realize that I now have a pretty serious dilemma to deal with because Nikon really got it right with the D4. Since the 5D Mark II was at a 3,000 dollar price point and this is at 6k I predict that the upcoming Mark III will not come close to matching the features on this D4.

  10. pepe

    Hello Nikon !

    I would like to introduce you to the low
    budget video revolution ...

    It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

  11. Tony

    Lets us Canon shooters looking to "crossover" will have to retrain the brain for Nikon's reverse focusing direction. I shoot t3i and love the crop aka "digital zoom" video. I can shoot closeups from the back of a church with my Tamron 70-300mm VC allows me to stay in the f4-f4.5 range.

  12. mark london


    I've gotten so much good info from your blog. Thanks!

    I've used the GH2 and own a 7D, 550d and 600d so yes all these have a similar ability re crop (or leave you no other choice). I came very very close to switching to the GH2 with the Driftwood hack, but just on pure gut instinct decided not to. I think Panasonic are so close to winning this battle BTW. A slightly bigger GH3 with a clean HDMI out would be a killer camera, or just putting the GH2 sensor and processing into a revamped AF100.

    However I like that the D4 does it in a much higher spec DSLR form camera, that's all.
    I sold my 5D 2 because I needed better AF for stills, and it drove me (and my focus pullers) crazy shooting with the ultra-shallow DOF. Being able to turn that off, or turn it on, within a single unit will definitely help me. Plus being able to suddenly 'reach' for that 1 long shot.

    As for the 1DX, I haven't had a chance to try one yet, but I think the rumored 7D Mark II of about September will be the real Canon response.

    I don't think the D4 is perfect (how the hell will I get PL lenses on it?), but because Nikon haven't had to worry about selling 'pro' video cameras, they've been able to put very useful video features into a bitching stills camera.

    I also think the price is very competitive. Although if the street price was lower obviously that would be good 🙂

  13. Navigoon

    first dslr with audio monitoring?
    maybe first official one.

    magic lantern has so many functions people now praise in highly expensive cameras or monitors for free

  14. Habez

    Hi Mark,

    I'm a heavy T3i user and the x3 crop has done amazing things for me.

    On a run and gun setup for events, i can easily make my 17-55 canon lens reach all the way up to 165mm. Its just simply amazing.

    A few downsides:
    1) You have to stop recording and switch to the x3 mode before you can continue recording. Ie: You can continuously record at APSC 1920 and seamlessly get to the crop mode.

    2) It gets noisy in low light. So if you normally can pump your ISO up to 1600 for decent results, you can only go up to 800 in crop mode.

    3) The image gets soft if your lens isn't tack sharp to begin with.

    Other than that, my 17-55 f2.8 is basically a 17-165 f2.8 with IS and USM. Dont think any L lens does that right now. 😀 So basically: I cant live without it right now (for events/run and gun).

    Just my 2 cents

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @mark london - The GH2 camera has a crop video feature, and the Canon T3i does as well but only for video. The new 1Dx camera also implements this for both video and photos I believe.

  16. Having invested so much into canon glass I can only hope the 5dmk3 or whatever is next has comparable features. I know I could use adapters but I really don't want to.

  17. scottrellwi


    I thought the t3i does a similar crop factor. If so, we should have plenty of t3i shooters in this blog that could elaborate on its usefulness.

  18. HDSLR Gear

    No doubt it beats the 1Dx in video functionality, as the Canon flagship is more of a pro still shooter's camera .... but I wonder which will win in a side-by-side video quality/dynamic range/low light comparison.

    But it sounds like - for now, at least - Nikon is listening more to their video shooter customer base than Canon.

  19. Jed Darlington-Roberts

    I'm a Canon owner and use a 550D but i've used my girl friends Nikon D3000 and got to say they do put out a clean photo the D4 looks amazing, the temptation to change to nikon is tempting if they put out lower end nikons with better video mode :/

  20. mark london

    It's a winner.

    Those complaining about 8bit HDMI out on a camera costing well below $10k are either inexperienced or a bit thick. This camera is good enough for everything except major SFX work. AND it takes incredible stills.

    It's not an Epic or Alexa though. 🙂

    I'm still getting my head around how useful (and common sense) that crop trick is. That's something Canon could implement.

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