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Tekkeon Battery on 900 LED Video Light

I use the Tekkeon batteries to power up my 600 or 900 LED Video light panels. Great for remote location shoots where an outlet isn't available, cheaper than a Sony V-Mount battery, but Tekkeon batteries can still be a little expensive (article here).

ATC Power Bank on 600 LED Video Lights

TRIX writes in and shares an optional (and cheaper) solution for a DIY battery pack using the ATC Power Bank Black Mobile Pack (found here) to power up a couple of the new style 600 LED video lights [Thanks TRIX].

CN600SA LED Video LightLED 600 Video Light Lite Panel
find-price-button New 600 LED Video Light Panels

These Li-Polymer battery packs can switch output voltage from DC 12V/16V//19V 60W, USB 5V/1200mAh. For either the 600 or 900 LED light, you can use the 12V or 16V option. From the tests TRIX states the 600 LED Video light panels can run for a little more than an hour at Full Power. Perfect for quick remote location shoots and at half the price of my Tekkeon batteries.

find-price-buttonATC Power Bank External Battery Pack 16000mAh

The ATC Power Bank Mobile Pack comes with a few different adapters, but does not have the correct cable to work directly with the LED Video lights. You'll need to get a separate cable that has a 2.5mm ID & 5.5mm OD barrel plug on each end (one for LED and one for ATC pack). An example of the exact cable you'll need can be found on eBay (Click Here).

DC power plug Double 600 900 LED light
find-price-button 2.5mm 5.5mm DC Power Cable Double Plug

For those who are outside of the USA there's a seller available on eBay (Click Here)

600 LED Power Bank
find-price-button PowerBank Universal External 16000mah Battery Pack


The Tekkeon battery packs i'm using can vary voltage from 5V-19V DC. You've probably seen me powering up the 600 /900 LED light panels and also the ASUS Wireless HD streaming WiCast. By using a simple coupler, I can attach it to the Canon OEM AC-E6 wall adapter dummy battery and power up the Canon DSLRs. For those who want to use this on a rig, check out the video review I did on the Tekkeon Snap Package which adds on a second battery for extra capacity, and 15mm Rig mount from CPMFilmTools (here). Bits and pieces needed for this mod found below.

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery

find-price-button 5.5mm Female to Female DC Coupler

find-price-button Canon AC-E6 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter

This little battery mod is not exclusive to just Canon DSLRs. I know that even Panasonic GH2 cameras have a wall adapter (found here) that outputs 8.4V DC. The Tekkeon battery just happens to have that exact 8.4V setting too, making it perfect to use something like this for longer run times on the GH2. You just need the adapter that comes with the dummy battery.

find-price-button DMC-GH2 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter


The idea to create an external power pack was to wire up a dummy battery into the camera and connect a 7.4v rechargeable RC battery. That voltage would be the same as the original camera battery (for canon), so ideally this should work. I mentioned the idea after seeing Swintronix and posted an article here: http://cheesycam.com/a-diy-canon-dslr-power-pack/

Well Levi V. takes on the external DSLR power pack project with success. After receiving a generic battery pack that used different batteries than his T2i, he decided to hack it up to accept external power from a common RC battery. I've heard that this voltage can also be used on the Lilliput monitor, and on the Z96 LED video lights. As long as you calculate the amps in your power source, there's no reason you couldn't power them all with splitters. You can find out more information about Levi created his from the video above. If you're not into cracking batteries, you can start with the generic AC adapter for Canon cameras and just use the dummy battery terminal for your lead wire. That would make the process much simpler to attach your RC battery. [Thanks Levi]