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If you follow this blog, you've probably heard of those Tekkeon battery packs that are used to power our 600 & 900 LED video lights. Here's another helpful Tekkeon tip from Rod Guajardo who uses the Tekkeon Battery Packs as external power for the Canon 5D for super long run times [Thanks Rod]. This solution would work with any camera that uses LP-E6 such as the 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, and 60D. In order to send the power to the camera, he's using the Canon LP-E6 DC adapter found below.

find-price-button Canon DR-E6 DC Coupler Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 7D, 60D

He combines the LP-E6 dummy battery with his Tekkeon MP3450 for longer run times, but another good tip he didn't mention was that there is also an Extended Battery (seen here) that can be combined to double the capacity of that Tekkeon solution. There is an example of what that extra capacity battery looks like in one of my older videos (here).

You can find Tekkeon Battery solutions via B&H following the link (Click Here).

find-price-button Tekkeon Battery Packs + Tekkeon Extended Bundle


The Tekkeon battery packs i'm using can vary voltage from 5V-19V DC. You've probably seen me powering up the 600 /900 LED light panels and also the ASUS Wireless HD streaming WiCast. By using a simple coupler, I can attach it to the Canon OEM AC-E6 wall adapter dummy battery and power up the Canon DSLRs. For those who want to use this on a rig, check out the video review I did on the Tekkeon Snap Package which adds on a second battery for extra capacity, and 15mm Rig mount from CPMFilmTools (here). Bits and pieces needed for this mod found below.

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery

find-price-button 5.5mm Female to Female DC Coupler

find-price-button Canon AC-E6 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter

This little battery mod is not exclusive to just Canon DSLRs. I know that even Panasonic GH2 cameras have a wall adapter (found here) that outputs 8.4V DC. The Tekkeon battery just happens to have that exact 8.4V setting too, making it perfect to use something like this for longer run times on the GH2. You just need the adapter that comes with the dummy battery.

find-price-button DMC-GH2 AC/DC Power Wall Adapter


Here i'm showing gear from CPMCameraRigs.com. They sent over the extended capacity battery kit along with the Tekkeon Snap Package. This Snap Package provides an easy way to mount these variable voltage batteries to standard 15mm rigs. Here i'm using it with the Express35 Event rig, so that I can carry around a much more functional counterweight. Especially now that i've found a way to use the Tekkeon battery with the Asus to stream HD Video. You can find my earlier reviews on these Tekkeon packs (here), and more information about the Snap Package from CPMCameraRigs.com.

find-price-button Tekkeon Extended Battery Kit and Snap Package mount for DSLR Rigs


Just received my other two batteries. Now I have a nice 3pc LED light kit on all battery power. These will work on either my 600s or 900 LED panels (Video Test Here). These batteries won't work on the 1200 LED Panels (found here) because those run on 24V.


Besides using these for the 600 / 900 LED light Panels, there are several people who use them to power up accessories on their DSLR rigs. I'm waiting for some special mounts from CPMCameraRigs.com. They design a snap package that mounts to standard 15mm rails. Coupled with a special secondary battery. You can check out some of the mounting options over at their website (click here).

CPMCameraRigs.com Tekkeon Battery Snap Packages

Literally just two days after posting about the Tekkeon back in stock, it was sold out and back on backorder status. Today I just checked (while writing this article) and it's back in stock again! These things are hot, and they'll be sold out again very quickly. Cheapest place i've found them is at B&H (click here).

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery for 600 / 900 LED Panels


This test is in reference to my eariler post (found here). So I charged up the Tekkeon overnight and setup this Timelapse test. The reason I used a Timelapse method was to determine if the light output would change during the duration of battery use. I locked the exposure on the camera to 1/25th F/4 and ISO 100 to see if the light output would dim towards the end. The big 900 LED light was set to full power.

It was interesting to see that the Tekkeon remained at a full 14 Volts during the entire test, and when the indicator was down to the last bar, the battery just shut off instantly. If there was a voltage drop during the test, the 900 LED light would start to dim (it didn't dim). Total run time in this test was about 1 hour 6 minutes (1:06). Keep in mind this is a larger 900 LED light on full. If performed at lower output, or for smaller lights like the 600 LED, or 312 LED at only 12 Volts, it would probably run for several hours.

find-price-button Tekkeon myPower All Plus Battery 5V-19V DC

600 LED 900 1200 Video Light Panel
find-price-button Dimmable LED Video Light Panels