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Jason shares this new 3-Way stabilizer product from GoPro [Thanks Jason]. It's an articulating extension arm with a handle, and folding legs to be used as a tripod. Unlike your basic telescoping pole, the new 3-Way offers a lot more flexibility, articulation, and camera angles. At $69 dollars the new 3-WAY is far from cheap, but available now at the GoPro website found under the Mounts category. Visit GoPro website (here).

GoPro 3-Way Camera handle Extension Tripod
find-price-button GoPro 3-Way Handle Extension Tripod


For all of you GoPro Hero camera fanatics, here's a new modular GoPro Hero Camera mounting system from the team at Wide Open Camera and Snake River Prototyping. The design is simple, yet it allows mounting for all of the GoPro Hero Cameras, including current waterproof or skeleton housings available today. Watch the demo video by Jared Abrams (below)

If you want to save a few bucks, the modular system may be sold in pieces (baseplate / arms) once it's listed at their website https://WideOpenCamera.com/Products. Additionally you can find the Wide Open Camera mount for All GoPro Cameras via Amazon (here)

find-price-button Wide Open Camera mount for All GoPro Hero Cameras