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For all of you GoPro Hero camera fanatics, here's a new modular GoPro Hero Camera mounting system from the team at Wide Open Camera and Snake River Prototyping. The design is simple, yet it allows mounting for all of the GoPro Hero Cameras, including current waterproof or skeleton housings available today. Watch the demo video by Jared Abrams (below)

If you want to save a few bucks, the modular system may be sold in pieces (baseplate / arms) once it's listed at their website https://WideOpenCamera.com/Products. Additionally you can find the Wide Open Camera mount for All GoPro Cameras via Amazon (here)

find-price-button Wide Open Camera mount for All GoPro Hero Cameras


About a week ago, I was in LA and decided to stop by the 2013 DVExpo show. I only hung out for a few hours and had just enough time to chat with a handful of vendors, and here's a couple of videos from the show.

Dracast LED Lighting
First up is Rodney from Dracast showcasing a few products from the Pro Series and Studio Series line of LED Video lights.

Product info: https://Dracast.com

Dracast - 95 CRI Rated LED Lighting

Alzo Digital
Alzo Digital displayed quite a few products, but we only had enough time for Drew to show us the Alzo Bod-A-Boom (found here), an adjustable wearable camera support system.

Product info: https://AlzoDigital.com
ALZO Video: Innovative & Affordable DSLR Gear

BeachTek Audio
Harry over at the BeachTek booth shared a a few interesting multi-functional audio products including the new DXA-SLR Ultra which is a preamp that attached directly under a camera and can attach 15mm Rails.

Product info: https://www.beachtek.com

Redrock Micro
Brian with RedRock Micro showed off a few products that can expand the use of their Cobalt Cage for the GoPro Hero cameras. A small adapter can be added to support threaded filters, and an external battery case supports (4) AA batteries to allow for longer run times.

Product info: https://redrockmicro.com