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For all of you GoPro Hero camera fanatics, here's a new modular GoPro Hero Camera mounting system from the team at Wide Open Camera and Snake River Prototyping. The design is simple, yet it allows mounting for all of the GoPro Hero Cameras, including current waterproof or skeleton housings available today. Watch the demo video by Jared Abrams (below)

If you want to save a few bucks, the modular system may be sold in pieces (baseplate / arms) once it's listed at their website https://WideOpenCamera.com/Products. Additionally you can find the Wide Open Camera mount for All GoPro Cameras via Amazon (here)

find-price-button Wide Open Camera mount for All GoPro Hero Cameras


Jared Abrams from WideOpenCamera gives us a sneak peek at Jag35's new Headquarters and their new motion control slider. Jag35 has been pumping out quite a bit of gear in the last few months including their inexpensive electronic and wireless follow focus systems. Find more about their products over at Jag35.com.


I was able to network with a few friends around the Bay Area and thought it would be fun to just cover NAB2011 together. Besides myself, we had Waylon from Prodigy Studios, Leo from Doubletter Productions, and Roland from Myx.TV. I played camera operator while Myx-Rated television host Olivia Speranza talked to a few of NAB's exhibitors.



We ran into Jared Abrams of WideOpenCamera.com and El SKid over at the Jag35.com booth. It's my first time meeting any of these guys, and they gave us an exclusive first look at their CrossBow Evolution Shoulder Slider Rig.

Ok, it was a joke, we were just having fun over at NAB2011, and that's pretty much how the rest of the trip went. Glad to have finally met everyone in person, great bunch of guys (and gal). Can't wait to do NAB again next year. I'll be posting more product coverage in the next few days as soon as I can coordinate with the rest of the people I was hanging with.