GoPro 3-Way – Extension Arm Camer Handle Tripod

Jason shares this new 3-Way stabilizer product from GoPro [Thanks Jason]. It's an articulating extension arm with a handle, and folding legs to be used as a tripod. Unlike your basic telescoping pole, the new 3-Way offers a lot more flexibility, articulation, and camera angles. At $69 dollars the new 3-WAY is far from cheap, but available now at the GoPro website found under the Mounts category. Visit GoPro website (here).

GoPro 3-Way Camera handle Extension Tripod
find-price-button GoPro 3-Way Handle Extension Tripod

One thought on “GoPro 3-Way – Extension Arm Camer Handle Tripod

  1. brian

    Seems WAY overpriced, even by GoPro's marked up pricing standards. Why not just get a few extension arms and make this same thing with an existing handle. I guess if you're really trying to save weight and space the "hidden" tripod is a benefit, but I'd rather carry a small and light Gorilla Pod style knuckle tripod if that were the case. I'm sure they'll sell (all the accessories do), but the people who have a need for this likely already have enough solutions.

    The "new" bodyboard mount looks better, but there's already some of these out there, as well as a Kickstarter version that adds a leash slot.

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