DIY Build 32 Bit Version CAME 7000 3 Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal Stabilizer

For those who may still be intimidated about tackling a DIY 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, I am working on a video series sharing my step-by-step build instructions for this new 32 Bit version 3 Axis CAME 7000 Gimbal Stabilizer using the latest official Alexmos and Basecam controller. In the video you can see where i'm at just 1 day after receiving the product.

I haven't spent a lot of time with the new gimbal, but already I know this is going to be a much more stable product over the previous 8 bit version. So far i'm able to get my GH4 + 12-35mm lens balanced on the system, but i'll need more time fine tuning my PID settings.

The good news is that is working on providing default PID settings for many popular camera + lens combinations. As soon as you get your Gimbal assembled, you would basically upload the profile into the gimbal via USB and you're up and running. Let's hope we see those profiles soon! I currently have 5 videos started and just a few more before I can start uploading the series which i'm hoping could be a good reference for other builders.

Since some of you have already received your gimbal, here's a video tip that's part of my build process on mounting a project box to the gimbal. It's a simple way to create a template for drilling out holes that will align perfectly with your mount.

The new 32 bit 3 Axis Gimbal is available now via (here)
Cheesycam Gimbal-3
find-price-button New 32 Bit CAME 7000 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

47 thoughts on “DIY Build 32 Bit Version CAME 7000 3 Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal Stabilizer

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Giovanni - Not sure what you mean by not smooth, but if YAW is not working well, I would double check the YAW balance. You need to slide the top post forward or back.

  2. Giovanni

    Just upgraded to 32bit. Using with a 5D mark3 24-105 and having yaw problem. Camera movement not smooth on this axis. Any suggestion?


  3. Shelby Kunz

    Not sure if anyone is still reading this or the new page, but I among others wanted to upgrade to the 32 bit version after buying the 8bit version weeks/months before the 32 bit came out. This is the email I got back from them about wanted to upgrade:

    It's ok for you to upgrade the 8bit board to 32bit board. The 32bit board with the correspond sensors cost price is USD124, the 8bit board cost price is USD56.

    But your 8bit board is still under the one year warranty, so we will only charge you the difference USD68(USD124-USD56) for the 32bit board with the correspond sensors, and you do not need to return the 8 bit board back. And you also need to upgrade the new joystick as attached photo, it cost extra USD15. (and then they asked to send it to paypal with an order # etc)

    So to go from 8bit to 32bit if you have the 1 year warranty still is only $83, comes with new wires and both sensors as well as the new joystick.

    Such a relief, was super worried it was going to cost much more!

  4. One more note for people thinking about upgrading.
    The upgrade includes both IMUs AND the mount for the 2nd IMU.
    I know this because.....mine just came in the mail 😉

  5. Nahua

    @Nick Bicanic - Thank you for the CAME upgrade info! I'll email them right now. Funny thing is that I have my 8-bit working just fine after tweaking if for a month. I think the only thing I really look forward to is flipping the rig upside down so I can float the camera at eye-level. That is the biggest improvement.

  6. Philip

    Thanks for the great videos.
    I have mine and almost there.
    Can you let us know the link of the project box you are using.
    Tried a few from Radioshack and didn't work.

    thank you.

  7. Dusan

    Just tried Emm's 32 bit PID profile on my GH3 with 14-42 Wide + angle adapter and it works! Thanks so much Emm!!!

  8. I'm very disappointed to came-tv. I bought the CAME 7000 less than one month ago and paid U$ 950,00 for it. They didn't tell me nothing about an upcoming version (32-bit) costing just U$ 30,00 more. I didn't receive my gimbal yet and it's already costing U$ 100,00 less on their site (U$ 850,00). I sent an email for them asking about it and I hope they change my item as I feel it was not fair to just don't let me know I could wait some days to get a newer 32-bit version for almost the same price!!

  9. i remember reading the varavon post during NAB - however I didn't see the price until just recently.
    Also didn't see the comment you made (until now) about it being Alexmos.

    Are the motors used in the Varavon Birdy also off-the-shelf

    I wonder if eventually CAME will lower the price of the 7000 - or keep the price the same but start including

    1. Stand (which can't cost that much)
    2. box for board with on-off switch (likewise)
    3. slightly better tool-less adjustment

  10. Hi Emm,
    I think I worded my last question poorly...
    In the video where you talk about the 32 bit update to the Came 7000, you have something supporting the Came 7000 so it is up right. What did you use as a support? A modified light stand?


  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick Vicario - I have a video here for Varavon: httpss://

    Also they stated they will increase the price to under $2400 as they have made some additional improvements.

  12. @emm - Thanks! I just discovered one of the motor wires is cut halfway. I think it happened during production or packaging. In my package i found a wire with four threads. I guess it's the wire that would connect to the sensor in the 8 bit version. But with the 2 sensor setup, the wires are pre-connected to the board. I was thinking on replacing the broken wire with the one with the four threads and just remove one wire. Just want to make sure i don't need the 4 threaded wire, do you know? Thanks! sorry for the noob question 😉

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Luis - I am out of town until Monday. I will be posting more stuff when I get back.

  14. Luis

    @Emm can you take a pic of the IMU sensor mount on the YAW arm so I can send to CAME to get the part.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick Bicanic - Well i'm always creating new articles, but if you want to subscribe to comments for one particular article (like this one) you could subscribe to this RSS: httpss://

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Floris - Yes all three axis is on one board. Previously the third axis was on a separate board.

  17. Floris

    Hi Emm,

    I just received my 32bit gimbal package. I am looking forward to your videos. I was wondering though. Does the 32bit version only contain one board opposed to the 8bit version which seem to have 2 boards which connect.

    - Floris

  18. Tom I found a bunch of other similar looking gimbals for $400 or so also - (seem like the same motors although not quite the same carbon fiber pieces )ideally somebody would buy all of these things and see what happens.

    Like literally have a gimbal shootout

    32 Bit alexmos with $500 chinese vs $1000 chinese vs Silk vs. Movi

    and then see what happens.
    I'm happy to stick with Emm's recommendation and continue tweaking the CAME 7000 setup. I've got it now anyway. But if I was buying again I'd be tempted with the $300 just cause I'm a glutton for punishment.

    I've never asked CAME about warranty issues - but I have asked them support questions - and in all cases they've responded within 24-36 hours - which frankly is more than I expected.

    e.g. I recently asked them for PIDs for the new 32bit setup (like the one Emm has) and they sent three files over.
    Amusingly they are named with chinese characters so I can't quite tell what they are. 2 out of 3 of them are 5Dm2 files. Third one - no idea.

    If anyone wants the files lemme know.

    hey Emm - how about a threaded system where we get notified of responses...

  19. TOM

    This exact gimbal is available for like $500 on eBay now.. and a 32-Bit board costs $150.

    Does CAME offer a warranty or any incentive to pay the extra $350?

  20. Luis

    @emm and others,

    I've contacted CAME regarding my order that came with 8bit they pretty much offer me a reasonable upgrade price of $124 for the 32bit board which is the cheapest I have seen it so good luck to you other that have the same situation as me.

    Keep in mind it's been over 30 days since I owned my Came-7000 so I couldn't complain for the upgrade look at it this way I can build another system with the 8bit board

  21. Here's some news about people who have the 8 bit version (including me and a few other posters in this thread - Nahua, Raphi)
    CAME replied to my email offering an upgrade price

    $124 is what I was quoted - this would include the 32 bit board and the two new IMUs. (includes delivery to California)

    This is easily the cheapest price I've seen so I ordered it right away.


  22. shan

    I'm really struggling with the configuration, assembly was easy. But this configaration is hard. Camera start vibration . I can't wait for your video guides. Please save us Mr. Cheesy cam. Be our God

  23. Mark Serrano


    1)I just got my 7000 last week. I think its the 32bit version but not really sure, how can you tell?.

    2)I was wondering, how you secured the top motor (the one that is attached to the handles) with the bottom ( 2 Axis + camera). There are only two tiny screws on the top motor shaft holding the bottom part of the rig. Every time I pick it up, I get worried that it would slide of and fall to the ground. Did you keep it stock or did you add additional support?

    Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

  24. Brad Coleman


    Thank you so much! Your profile helped a bunch but didn't fix the problem totally. I am posting this just in case anyone else is having the issues I was having because I fixed it.

    I'm sure this is a rookie mistake I made but I feel it is an easy one to make. When you are watching the assembly videos and putting it together the guy tells you multiple times to make sure the screws are tight, so that's what I did. Turns out the screws were too tight! The 6 screws on top of the Yaw motor were too tight on my rig which was binding the motor and causing it to not have a smooth motion. Where I really noticed this was when I switched directions or tried to move from center of the axis.

    So if anyone has this issue make sure those 6 screws aren't too tight! They are part of the housing that holds the 3 handles and you can still tighten the screws that are closest to the handle and it won't mess with the motor.

    Thanks for all the posts you are doing on this, I am looking forward to future posts!

  25. Paul N.

    @Raphi. Same thing happened to me. The 32 bit version started shipping a week after I ordered mine. I emailed them and asked if they could do a swap. The best they did was offer me the new board at wholesale price which was around $115. I even tried to return the 8 bit and have them send the 32 bit and they wouldnt do it. Im curious to know what they say to you.

  26. Nahua

    I also bought this two months ago. I've been successful in tuning it, but I too would like to find out if there's an upgrade path. @Emm please let us know if CAME will help us in that regard. Thanks!

  27. Nahua

    @Brad Coleman I had the same problem. Reduce "I" will help. It's very sensitive, so reduce by 0.1 increments until you see it smooth out. I think YAW is the biggest hurdle to tune.

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Raphi - Speaking of mounting project boxes, I just added a video to this article. Some people had questions about drilling out holes to align properly and this is how I make templates for such a task.

  29. Raphi

    smh I knew this was gonna happen. I got mine a couple weeks ago (8 bit version) and have been working so much that I've barely had any time to finish my build. I built the structure but hadn't mounted the board yet as I was waiting for my little project box (purchased separately) to arrive. I was planning on tackling it this weekend.

    Now boom Came is shipping the 32 bit version and for the same price!! I can't believe I missed it by literally a matter of days. Being that nothing has been mounted, wired or soldered I'm gonna contact Came to see if MAYBE I can send them the 8bit boards, imu, & wires to swap with the 32bit. I know its a long shot but shoot since they're not charging extra for the 32 bit version its worth a shot.

    I was already considering buying the new board elsewhere after seeing the better performance with extreme angles as well as just as just a more stable software. Most places are either sold out or about $250-300. Cheapest I found was about $150.

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick Bicanic - First, the kit is slightly different. The YAW motor has a wider shaft to run the wiring through. Also, I don't think the old IMU will work on this particular board through the way it's physically plugged in. I'll try to at least take a few closeup photos of what I have so far.

  31. Cool. Looking forward to videos - I got the mechanical balancing down pat on the original 8bit that I bought...

    but the PID stuff was always a pain. worst was the Yaw axis it just never really worked for me.

    PID settings would be awesome to receive from CAME directly.
    Question for you Emm.

    1. I second the question about new kit...I looked at the CAME website and it looked like nothing else has changed mechanically (same motors etc). Is that correct?

    2. I've asked CAME if they're willing to offer discounts to original 8bit purchasers for an upgraded 32 bit Alexmos board.

    3. LAstly - on the subject of IMUs
    (a) will the original IMU work on the 32 bit board?
    (b) are 2nd IMU's for 32 bit already available (last I recall they are NOT the same unit as the primary IMU and were not available yet)

  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Luis - From what I know you can use any of these motors with any of the boards. In the software you specify how many 'poles' each motor has and then set the power settings and PID settings. If you cannot get the board separately from CAME, they sell the boards from many retailers. I think the official one that most companies are using is the Basecam 32 Bit boards with dual IMU.

  33. Luis


    I have the previous model does Came or other sources sell the board kit separately to install and will it still perform as good with the older motors?

  34. Brad Coleman

    I have been waiting for you to do a post on the 32 bit! I have the exact same camera/lens combo as you but I can't get mine to act like yours does. The roll and pitch axis work great but the yaw axis is giving me trouble. It's very smooth in follow mode and moves as I want it to except for every time I change directions. Whenever I am going one direction and then start turning the other way the motor gives a very slight shave back and forth for a split second. It's hard to tell its there but when you look at the footage it's obvious it isn't setup right. Anytime there is any direction change with the yaw it gives a little shake.

    Please please please let me know what settings you are using! I have a project starting tomorrow and really want to use this but won't use it with the shake it does.

    Thank you for all the videos you do, you rock!

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