Clever 15mm Cheese Rod Threaded Mounting Rails for Video Rigs

Michael writes in and shares a clever and affordable set of rails that make mounting accessories to your rig a whole lot easier. Threaded mounts are available across the rod for adding ball heads, friction arms, cold shoe adapters, etc.

15mm cheese rail rod dslr video rig
find-price-button 15mm Cheese Rod Rails for Video Rigs

Despite having threaded mounts running across most of the rail, these rods maintain an OD (outside diameter) of 15mm throughout. This means that you can continue to use a follow focus, mattebox, or anything else with a 15mm clamp on any part of the rail without compromise.

Available in either a 6" single 15mm rail, 6" dual 15mm rails, or a rail kit with an extension adapter to stack them together for longer lengths (found here)

15mm cheese rod rail mounting threaded15mm cheese rod rail extension kit
find-price-button 15mm Cheese Rod Rails for Video Rigs

13 thoughts on “Clever 15mm Cheese Rod Threaded Mounting Rails for Video Rigs

  1. Reggie

    Awesome, I'm in the market for some rails, thanks for this!

    This might be a long shot but I don't suppose anyone would know of a similar (price/design) baseplate that would bring the Black Magic Pocket with a speedbooster up to near the standard height?

    I was thinking something like this, but there is no hole in the bottom middle of the riser part for tripod/shoulder rig etc

  2. Mike C

    Levis, I'll try to put something together. I still need 1 more 90 degree railblock to complete the full task with 4 of these rods. I'm using 2 for the vertical support, and 2 as accessory mounting points across the top.

  3. Levis

    can someone maybe post a link to a page that demonstrates how to put together a cage with 90degree railblocks and the cheese rods.


  4. Mike C

    Can't expand the WC models, they force you into a $60 price bracket for each size you wish to purchase...ridiculous for a simple piece of aluminum. These rails are a standard 15mm diameter, but with an M12 inner threading to expand in height if needed.

    As for the link, an eBay search for '15cm cheese rod' will do the trick.

  5. Mike C

    They should work great with it. Instead of having to buy a taller cheese rod to fit various setups, you could just get this standard 15cm size, and use the micro rods with the M12 screw adapter to have it fit your particular rig as needed. Some cameras without battery grips work just fine with the rod by itself, others like my setup needs a taller profile, so I use the extension rods.

    I'm just using 90degree railblocks rather than a proper cage, but as long as a clamp takes a 15mm rod, it'll work with this.

  6. Mike C

    There are also a variety of other micro-rods in sizes like 1", 2", 3", 4", etc. with an M12 tap as well, and can be added on to these rods. I use 2x2" micro rods, one at each end of this cheese rod for my Canon 60D w/ a battery grip.

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