Reminder – Libec ALLEX Show Us Your Moves Video Contest

Over at Cinegear 2014 in Hollywood, Libec reminds us to join the ALLEX 'Show Us Your Moves' Video Contest. There is absolutely no reason not to enter this contest, especially since Libec equipment is NOT required for your submission.

It's basically a less than one minute video showing off creative camera movements in your story. Actually, since the contest states you can submit an Instagram or Vine video clip, you're talking about a less than 15 second video!

Use a Crane, Slider, Dolly, Steadicam, Multi-copter, wheelchair, cable cam, balloon, DIY PVC stabilizer, or skateboard - it's all up to you to show off your creative camera movements. Libec is offering up 5 different prizes to 5 total winners, so check out the Libec ALLEX 'Show Us Your Moves' Video Contest (found here).

Libec ALLEX Show Your Moves Contest
Libec ALLEX 'Show Us Your Moves' Video Contest