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Michael writes in and shares a clever and affordable set of rails that make mounting accessories to your rig a whole lot easier. Threaded mounts are available across the rod for adding ball heads, friction arms, cold shoe adapters, etc.

15mm cheese rail rod dslr video rig
find-price-button 15mm Cheese Rod Rails for Video Rigs

Despite having threaded mounts running across most of the rail, these rods maintain an OD (outside diameter) of 15mm throughout. This means that you can continue to use a follow focus, mattebox, or anything else with a 15mm clamp on any part of the rail without compromise.

Available in either a 6" single 15mm rail, 6" dual 15mm rails, or a rail kit with an extension adapter to stack them together for longer lengths (found here)

15mm cheese rod rail mounting threaded15mm cheese rod rail extension kit
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Announced earlier this morning via their newsletter. Here's a handy little tool that can offer flexible mounting solutions on your DSLR Video Cages / Rigs. The Kamerar Pico Plate is a small accessory mount that clamps to any standard 15mm rail. Think of it as a tiny cheese plate with 1/4" threaded holes.

find-price-button Kamerar Pico Plate Mini Accessory Mount 15mm Clamp

With a single plate mounted above the Honu Cage, i'm able to add a basic set of 15mm handles to my cage. The horizontal 15mm rail also opens up more options for mounting additional accessories.

Cheesycam Pico Plate Honu Cage Handles GH4 Video

By using two Kamerar Pico Plates in combination with a 15mm rail, you can attach one to any DSLR Video Cage and create a simple yet solid tilting accessory mount. Available in a single unit or combo (2 pcs + 15mm rail) following the jump (click here).

Kamerar Pico PlatePico Plate PNCGear Accessory Mount
find-price-button Kamerar Pico Plate Mini Accessory Mount 15mm Clamp



Anyone have access to this clamp? Unlike those ugly common worm gear clamps (like these), this metal band has a bolt and a pass through (on the other side). From the looks of the design, it shouldn't be very hard to drill out the old bolt and swap it out with a standard 1/4 x 20 threaded bolt making it easy to mount accessories to your 15mm Rails. The range for these clamps vary, but there's a few that fit 13mm-16.5mm and some that fit 15mm - 17.5mm. I'll probably pass by a local auto store to see if these type of clamps are on the shelf, and hopefully they work out since you can get a pack of 10 for under 6 bucks.

find-price-button 10 pack Hose Clamps Effective Diameter Range: 15/32" - 41/64" (13.5mm - 16.5mm) for 3/8" Hose