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Here's a short video review from Shuttertastic.com highlighting a few features for Fuji's latest X100s camera. The X100s is a major upgrade from the popular X100. These fixed focal length rangefinder-like cameras cater to a niche audience, but dig a little deeper and the X100s packs some very useful features.

Aside from already being one of the best imaging cameras, the 910403 Fuji X100s built in ND Filter is enough to keep the aperture wide open at F/2.0 during mid day shoots, but another very interesting feature with the X100s is the ability to shoot high speed sync flash direct from the hot shoe. These two features combined may appeal to portrait photographers who want to work with a smaller more simple solution.

FUJI-x100s-3768 FUJI-x100s-3767

Actual sample images from this video along with a more informative article about the Fuji X100s can be seen at Shuttertastic.com.

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Quick post. I'll have a more interesting one in a few minutes. You know what this is, and it's a tough cookie to find (especially online no sales tax). Usually sells out in the first day blogs start posting it back in stock. Find it following the link (Click Here).

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[Update] Nevermind. Out of stock again within a few hours...


For those who have been eyeballing the Fuji X10. Last time I posted about the X10 in stock, it sold out in the first hour. You still won't find one available at standard MSRP with Amazon and over on eBay they'll have auctions running as high as $1300 dollars (here). Best bet is the ones in stock right now at B&H before it's gone. (Click Here).

[Update: Sold out again in a few hours]

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The Fuji X100 has been a very successful camera, and they've followed up with a smaller version called the X10. The X10 is all the buzz right now for the Fuji lineup. If you haven't been keeping up on the X10, this new 2/3" sensor sized 12MP camera has a zoom range from 24-112mm F/2.0-F/2.8. That's pretty amazing specs. To compare the latest Canon S100 (which I just bought) has a 1/1.7" sensor size and zoom range from 24-120mm F/2.0-F/5.9. The camera also offers a hot shoe if you want to expand with a larger external flash.


So far B&H shows out of stock, Amazon is still accepting pre-orders, and eBay has some as high as double the asking price. I've seen one auction going for $200 dollars above MSRP (and people have paid that price). Poking around the web a bit more, I happened to see BestBuy Online showing the X10 in stock in their warehouse and ships in 1 day. Doesn't say it's available in stores, but the warehouse shows ready to ship. Might be worth looking in to if you've been eyeballing this camera. Find it following the link (click here)

FUJIFILM X10 120-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black
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Fuji X100 hood
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You know what this is. It's in stock if you care..like now..

You missed it. Wow that was fast. Oh well, if you're still on the hunt, there seems to be a ton of them on auctions.

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Fuji X100

Hopefully I won't regret my recent purchase as I opted for the Panasonic GF2 recently as my small camera since it was cheaper and still allows for interchangeable lenses. Though i'm expected to receive that GF2 today, I've been following the Fuji X100 for some time, and periodically check out Flickr galleries for the latest snaps. If you haven't seen the stuff this camera has been putting out, you can check out some of the images being upload here: https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=fuji+x100&s=rec. Yeah, amazing stuff in a retro style camera...

Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 8.07.54 AM

The Fuji X100 has been hitting the US shores lately, but very spotty on inventory. If you really want one, you can find them on the auction sites, but for a nice markup of over $1500 dollars. Oddly, the retail price was set to $1199, but B&H is one retailer that has now raised that number by a few hundred dollars. This makes you wonder if other retailers will follow with this significant price increase, but if you still have your heart set on one, Amazon's been shipping them out as they become available and is still taking orders at just $1199 (for now).

Fuji X100 hood
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I've been shopping for a smaller point and shoot type camera and was really leaning towards Fuji's sexy new rangefinder like X100. The disaster in Japan delayed inventory on the Fuji, and to my benefit has given me more time to think about this next camera. I've come to realize that the Fuji X100 is just too high priced and comes with a fixed lens that I might outgrow quickly. Instead, I went for Panasonic's latest GF2 Micro Four Thirds camera. Sure it's technically NOT a point and shoot, but i'll be working mainly with a Lumix 14mm f/2.5 Lens, the LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7 or if I could ever afford the Voigtlander 25mm F/0.95.

Shown with optional EVF - Electronic View Finder

The GF2 is a replacement for the popular GF1, and carries the label as the smallest interchangeable lens camera with a built in flash. Even with the built in flash, there's a hot shoe to support an optional EVF, or if I wanted to mount a bracket to support a Zoom H1 and Rode VideoMic. The GF2 comes in with quite a few new specs over the GF1 including full 1080p Video and touchscreen controls. (The video above should give you an idea of it's capabilities)

As soon as it comes in, i'll give it a good run through. After many weeks of research and checking out all the reviews and samples, i'm pretty happy with my decision. Especially because it comes in at half the price of the Fuji X100, and I still have the ability to interchange and adapt just about any lens on the market.

Panasonic GF2 Micro Four Thirds
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One the most hyped cameras finally reaching the market and yet there hasn't been as many reviews as there has been eBay auctions. The sheer scarcity and exclusiveness of this camera is commanding prices twice the original retail value. $2400 dollars is one of the highest it's sold for so far, but we'll see if that record will be topped this week. BTW, not a single one on auction right now is coming from U.S. (mainland) soil.

Sure it's a fixed lens on what some might call a Point and Shoot camera, but if you're an avid cell phone snapper (with no zoom) you'll come to realize this camera has it's place. In fact, images from the iPhone is one of the top 'cameras' on Flickr above all other DSLRs. There is definitely a confirmation of shortages with the X100, but they are still estimating last week of March to early April, so hopefully we'll see prices drop on this little beauty. For now prices are driven by bidding wars for those that just have to have it now. Check it out:

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