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Here's a short video review from Shuttertastic.com highlighting a few features for Fuji's latest X100s camera. The X100s is a major upgrade from the popular X100. These fixed focal length rangefinder-like cameras cater to a niche audience, but dig a little deeper and the X100s packs some very useful features.

Aside from already being one of the best imaging cameras, the 910403 Fuji X100s built in ND Filter is enough to keep the aperture wide open at F/2.0 during mid day shoots, but another very interesting feature with the X100s is the ability to shoot high speed sync flash direct from the hot shoe. These two features combined may appeal to portrait photographers who want to work with a smaller more simple solution.

FUJI-x100s-3768 FUJI-x100s-3767

Actual sample images from this video along with a more informative article about the Fuji X100s can be seen at Shuttertastic.com.

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