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Here's a clever way to get a semi-permanent CarrySpeed Vfinder view finder to mount to your camera. The LCD glass protector was an old trick to permanently glue a sticky frame or even the DSLR LCD view finder itself, but they aren't available in all camera models. If you don't have this protector available for your camera model, this DIY mounting solution could work for you. Here Aron from TrinityFXMG.com takes just the eyepiece portion and fastens it to the VFinder. I'm sure you guys can figure it out from the thorough video tutorial. [Thanks Aron].

Glass LCD Screen Protector
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Zacuto's got one of the sweetest EVFs (electronic viewfinders) available on the market. You could buy the 3" HDMI EVF alone which will save you a few hundred dollars, but of course, what good is the EVF if you don't have the Z-Finder Loupe to match? Having to invest in a Z-Finder loupe will run the bill up several more hundreds of dollars. According to Cheesycam reader Ray, another popular ViewFinder works fine.

Many people who couldn't afford the real Z-Finder opted in for the Seagull. If you already own the Seagull ViewFinder, they fit perfectly onto Zacuto Frames. One benefit from this clever tip is that you could buy these Z-FRM frames for about $5.00 dollars to use as as spare frames with your Seagull, or if you need to add a frame to another camera. Another benefit of course is that it should mount directly to Zacuto's HDMI EVF either 'Snap' or 'Flip' versions, saving you a few hundred dollars. I'm pretty sure the more popular VF Prime DSLR LCD falls into this same category too. [Thanks Ray]

You can find these view finders under a few different names like 'VF Prime' or Seagull View Finder. Can be found on eBay here: (click here)

Or also Available on Amazon here:
VF Prime
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I bet you guys didn't know I had a Varavon Profinder Low Angle DSLR View Finder for the Canon 5D Mark II. I've actually had this on the shelf for several months, and haven't had the chance to use it. I got it shortly after posting this article here: http://cheesycam.com/varavon-profinder-angled-lcd-view-finder/

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It's a larger LCD View finder because of it's niche ability to get low angle shots via a sliding cover and a series of mirrors. Something I don't really use very much, so I decided not to mount it after all this time. After receiving the Gini Rig, I wanted an LCD View Finder that wasn't held on with magnetic frames. I wanted it to stay put when I told it to, but yet still be able to remove it when I wanted. The larger form factor of this design actually works out in my favor and is quite nice when using it on a shoulder rig. The base plate on this LCD View Finder is fat, and made completely out of machined aluminum. I can mount a QR Adapter to the Varavon view finder base and quickly connect the camera to the shoulder rig. It also has an LCD View Finder quick release knob on the base plate if I wanted to take the view finder off of the camera. This thing will probably have a permanent life on my new Gini Rig that i'll be building around the Canon 5D Mark II.

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The Letus Hawk VF also has a fat base plate and a quick release system for anyone looking to get a solid mounting LCD View Finder that doesn't use the magnetic sticky frames. The Letus Hawk VF can serve the same purpose for all my needs, but currently it's the only LCD View Finder that's working on the Canon 60D. Let's get back on track about the Varavon DSLR Low Angle LCD View Finder. It's something that I already had here and is now working nicely into the new Gini Rig configuration i'm building out. Varavon's ProFinder is not at all a copy of any other DSLR view finder design on the market. It's their own innovation and every piece of it is well made, showing that as a company they could have a bright future.

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Two things to point out about the Varavon View Finder product. First the mounting is very solid, but can't be adjusted. It fits perfectly for the camera you purchase it for, and that's it. There is a different base plate to attach to the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and Canon T2i so it's not very versatile. Another thing to point out is the "Low Angle" feature. This feature definitely plays a role in the entire form factor design making it larger and possibly adding to the cost of manufacturing. Whether there's a market for this particular unique 'Low Angle' View Finder, that remains to be seen.

Should Varavon continue in the DSLR accessories market, they should at least have another View Finder without the low angle feature, and something more adjustable to different DSLR bodies. This would open up a whole new audience to a single product. They are definitely a company to watch for if they decide to continue in the DSLR market, as their current ProFinder shows attention to detail and well manufactured with quality materials. Unless you've fallen in love with the Low Angle feature of this LCD View Finder, there are other options on the market. You can find some of the Varavon products following this link: Varavon LCD Viewfinder for Canon EOS 5DMK2 with Loupe

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