Zacuto EVF with AfterMarket View Finder(s)

find-price-button Zacuto EVF Snap Viewfinder

Zacuto's got one of the sweetest EVFs (electronic viewfinders) available on the market. You could buy the 3" HDMI EVF alone which will save you a few hundred dollars, but of course, what good is the EVF if you don't have the Z-Finder Loupe to match? Having to invest in a Z-Finder loupe will run the bill up several more hundreds of dollars. According to Cheesycam reader Ray, another popular ViewFinder works fine.

Many people who couldn't afford the real Z-Finder opted in for the Seagull. If you already own the Seagull ViewFinder, they fit perfectly onto Zacuto Frames. One benefit from this clever tip is that you could buy these Z-FRM frames for about $5.00 dollars to use as as spare frames with your Seagull, or if you need to add a frame to another camera. Another benefit of course is that it should mount directly to Zacuto's HDMI EVF either 'Snap' or 'Flip' versions, saving you a few hundred dollars. I'm pretty sure the more popular VF Prime DSLR LCD falls into this same category too. [Thanks Ray]

You can find these view finders under a few different names like 'VF Prime' or Seagull View Finder. Can be found on eBay here: (click here)

Or also Available on Amazon here:
VF Prime
find-price-button VF Prime DSLR Camera LCD Viewfinder for 3" LCD

6 thoughts on “Zacuto EVF with AfterMarket View Finder(s)

  1. Joe

    and what about the dp4 from smallhd.... just released few days ago ?
    It seems a much better solution and cheaper than the zacuto evf...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Omar - They appear to be the same, but I haven't actually confirmed. If anyone has the VF Prime, they would just need to try it on the $5 dollar Zacuto frame.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Wolf - I have that View Finder, but i'm not sure if it will fit the Zacuto frames. Here's my post: httpss://

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