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Peter writes in and shares this recently listed Telescoping Mini Jib on sale for just $159 [Thanks Peter].

Just for reference here's a video example (below) of a different Telescoping Video Jib. Keep in mind, this is not the exact same jib in the video, but hopefully you get an idea of how these systems telescope into full length Video Cranes.

Thanks to talent Joey Guila & Keiko Alingas of GearAddix

This new Telescoping Mini Jib includes a fluid panning base, which means you don't need to invest in a a strong fluid video head. The base can mount directly to the 3/8" stud of your favorite tripod, or can sit inside a 75mm bowl mount tripod (for easier leveling). For those who hate traveling with standard weights, just fill up the included sand bag once you get to your destination.

travel jib bowl panning base telescopingTelescoping lightweight jibTelescoping Mini Jib Lightweight DSLR

The stage area offers a quick release plate to get your camera on and off easily, and comes with a travel bag. Not a bad deal. Find out more info on this Portable Mini Video Jib following the link (click here).

Portable Telescoping Mini Jib
find-price-button Portable Telescoping Video Mini Jib Crane

If you're looking to really save on weight and willing to shell out a few extra bucks, the Carbon Fiber version of this same Portable Mini Jib is also available (found here).

Carbon Fiber Portable Mini Video Jib Crane Telescoping Kit
find-price-button Carbon Fiber Portable Telescoping Video Mini Jib Crane


Trex Rig
Trex Video DSLR Rig

Trex Video Crane Stabilizer RigTrex video crane rig

It's a stabilizer, it's a crane, it's umm...I give up. I have absolutely no words to describe this video rig thing.. They say necessity is the mother of invention, but who the heck would find this necessary? It's a beast! You gotta love the last photo (above) where he's taking a call with a cup of coffee - LOL. It's called the ' T-Rex™ Hand Held DSLR Rig, and there's some additional information and images following the link (click here)

find-price-button T-Rex™ hand held rig crane stabilizer for DSLR


So many people want to go with the biggest and baddest crane/jib ever, but later find out it's just too cumbersome to be useful. My advice is to get at least two cranes, and start with the smallest and lightest one for your camera. You'll enjoy using it more often, and if you need something bigger you can buy your second one later, and trust me you'll still end up keeping your smaller one. Also having a lighter setup will allow you to use dolly tracks for both rolling and vertical movements at the same time.

A majority of the small Jibs around 4ft. don't have tilt functions, but I specifically went to these cranes because I found myself not really using it. The video above from Vimeo member Meld Multimedia is another fine example of movements that can be had with a lightweight 4ft. jib. Unfortunately the version he has is out of stock, the version I have is out of stock, so the next best budget option would be from the ProAm line which has had excellent reviews for it's price. [Thanks Jason]

ProAm Cranes
find-price-button ProAm Camera Jib Cranes


Frank passes along a tip about this inexpensive 4ft. Camera Jib. 4 feet is the perfect size for a tool like this to make traveling a bit easier, and at the same time provide you with sweeping and booming shots. Adding a bit of camera movement always helps to up your production.

In a restaurant, real estate video, or night club music video. These smaller jibs are great for interior shots where an 8ft crane would just be overkill and cumbersome. Take note that there doesn't seem to be a tilt function at this size (something I rarely use anyways). The camera will stay perfectly level on it's Horizon as you sweep and move in vertical shots. This one seems to have a decent price and 100 percent feedback from a seller who makes other cam equipment. [Thanks Frank]

Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 10.48.55 AM
find-price-button Short 4ft Video Camera Crane Jib

If the above is sold out, another highly recommended 4ft. crane can be found below:
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