4 ft Camera Video Crane Jib

Frank passes along a tip about this inexpensive 4ft. Camera Jib. 4 feet is the perfect size for a tool like this to make traveling a bit easier, and at the same time provide you with sweeping and booming shots. Adding a bit of camera movement always helps to up your production.

In a restaurant, real estate video, or night club music video. These smaller jibs are great for interior shots where an 8ft crane would just be overkill and cumbersome. Take note that there doesn't seem to be a tilt function at this size (something I rarely use anyways). The camera will stay perfectly level on it's Horizon as you sweep and move in vertical shots. This one seems to have a decent price and 100 percent feedback from a seller who makes other cam equipment. [Thanks Frank]

Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 10.48.55 AM
find-price-button Short 4ft Video Camera Crane Jib

If the above is sold out, another highly recommended 4ft. crane can be found below:
find-price-button Bargain Camera Cranes and Accessories

17 thoughts on “4 ft Camera Video Crane Jib

  1. Does anyone of you guys have their email address? i wanted to buy that jib, but i am from europe. they state in their descriotion, international bidders should contact them for pricing, but they don't allow to send them a question...

    so if anyone has the email, please tell me.

    thanks in advance

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Marshall - Yes, if you search for my Asus Wicast video, I was using the cobra crane.

  4. SkunkWorks

    I picked up one of these today...

    ... and a piece of this...

    and am going to throw one of these together when I have some time. I've already experimented today using some cardboard and figured out how to have the camera both constantly parallel to the ground or gradually tilt downward as it rises in altitude just by changing the position of where one particular piece joins another particular one... I will make several selectable spots for it to do that 😉

  5. Guys hello. This is a great product as per what some one told me the job is not only stable but really well build. I asked the guy on ebay about the video and they just make the thing and they d not make video for a living.

    We took too long to order ours and now we are waiting for the next batch.

    We are working on our own version jib. The family of a friend they manage a industrial mechanic shop here in Yucatán México and we are working on a decent design. e should be testing samples in about 6 weeks. Small, light, simple but strong. We are building it fr us but who knows if EMM will test it and like it we may produce a few to sell.

    Lets wait and see, Circular design, extendable in 3" sections up to 12", fix or tild base and all collapsible in just 3.5" core unit. We are working like crazy about this, ah, and for those using the ginirig black and red will be the colors. Hope we are not just waisting time and money but we are happy with the design at least.

    God bless you all

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @mar - I have a cobra crane in the studio and it's pretty bad. I ended up buying a cheaper crane and it works much better. Most of the time it's operator error, and i'm thinking this person didn't know how to use this jib. The weights need to be perfectly balanced so it floats, and it should be operated from the front. Technically this is a jib (operate from the front) and not technically a 'crane'. We all call it the same stuff nowadays.

  7. Did you watch the video on the listing? Its pretty horrible dude. Side to side wobbles like a drunk.

    If the video that the company selling it is showing is bad that's not good.

    I think anyone who spend even $150 or so on this would greatly regret not just saving a little more and buying a cobra crane or something.

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