MagicRig Mini Rigs Back in UK

First posted in an earlier article, this particular Mini Rig is still a fairly new product. A tough one to find in the USA let alone the UK. Sometimes going under the description 'MagicRig'. There's a video along with some comments from a few people were able to grab these in that first article. For now, a few more Magic Rig mini shooters are available again shipping from the UK (click here)

magic-rig-dl-v1redrock micro nano rig
find-price-button MagicRig Mini Video Chest Mount Shooter Rig

8 thoughts on “MagicRig Mini Rigs Back in UK

  1. Francisco Litardo

    I have this rig and have used it in serious running and gunning situations. It holds up nicely. I have been very impressed. When it seems like the various joints and knobs are loosening up a simple additional twist with the appropriate size hex wrench will do the trick. I mounted a Canon 60D with a 24-70 L series lens (a heavy beast), on a jag 35 rail and mount and a D focus unit. It held up. I highly recommended. I bought two.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Bowitz - Adding two handles spaced far apart on your camera will definitely aid in stabilization. That one will work, but the handles don't lock down firmly. You would have to add something in between the handle bolts to really lock it down solid.

  3. @Bronx

    While I appreciate that I'm from the UK and so are other people on here so instead of paying £57 they might want to save a few £ and pay less...

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