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YouTube member MattsMacintosh throws up a review of the cheap Polaroid target shooter style rig [Thanks Matt]. This little rig popped up a few months ago, but it's still a decent buy for small camera shooters. If you have to travel with a small gear bag, the unit breaks down to just a few pieces. Prices on this unit have been steady at just under $60 bucks via Amazon (click here).

Target-Shooter-RigPolaroid Magic Rig Aputure
find-price-button Polaroid Rig / Aputure Magic Rig Target Shooter style Stabilizer


First posted in an earlier article, this particular Mini Rig is still a fairly new product. A tough one to find in the USA let alone the UK. Sometimes going under the description 'MagicRig'. There's a video along with some comments from a few people were able to grab these in that first article. For now, a few more Magic Rig mini shooters are available again shipping from the UK (click here)

magic-rig-dl-v1redrock micro nano rig
find-price-button MagicRig Mini Video Chest Mount Shooter Rig