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The Aputure MagicRig (sometimes listed as Polaroid Rig) is a mini 15mm rig used to stabilize small or lightweight video cameras comprised of a chest pad, one handle, and quick release plate. Amazon has just added this little stabilizer to it's Cyber Monday Deals (found here).

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First posted in an earlier article, this particular Mini Rig is still a fairly new product. A tough one to find in the USA let alone the UK. Sometimes going under the description 'MagicRig'. There's a video along with some comments from a few people were able to grab these in that first article. For now, a few more Magic Rig mini shooters are available again shipping from the UK (click here)

magic-rig-dl-v1redrock micro nano rig
find-price-button MagicRig Mini Video Chest Mount Shooter Rig


dslr video rig

I'm all for traveling light, shooting with small cameras, and using Mini Stabilizer Rigs, but I don't know about this new one. It's being offered from the same guys selling the inexpensive single filter DSLR Mattebox (found here).

This new Mini Rig is a two handle flat folding design, that can be reconfigured for an offset. Looks cool, but things just seem out of place. The shoulder pad to handle distance is way too short, and the camera will probably sit too low (no riser). Nice try fellas, but I don't think this mini rig configuration is going anywhere. (Nevermind. Looks like sold at least 10 already).

Filmcity shoulder padScreen shot 2011-09-21 at 10.46.59 PMScreen shot 2011-09-21 at 10.47.16 PM
Mini Video Camera Rig